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Overall though, this was a really fun contemporary story involving travel, one of my favorite things! Since I don't travel a lot myself, I adore reading books about others venturing out in the world. This was a cute story that would be perfect for a day at the beach.

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A quick, easy read. And just look at that cover!! I tend to really enjoy travel, road trips, and other stories of discovery on audio. I feel like I'm right with these characters, taking in the sights myself. I had the opportunity to listen to this audiobook, as well as read the physical copy, and I enjoyed both formats quite a bit. Whether you want to go the audio route or the hardcopy, this is a cute story to add to your Summer tbr!

Thanks to Razorbill and Penguin Audio for the review copies! Find this review and others like it at Lost in Literature! May 01, Cortney rated it liked it Shelves: book-of-the-month-club , bio-physical. This was mediocre at best. There was not a lot of depth to the characters and the relationships between them did not seem genuine. I expected a little more from the mother.

The characters just seemed to be written and not well developed. The story itself was sufficient. I didn't feel the need to pick the book back up as soon as I put it down, but it help my interest enough to be curious as to what would happen next.

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I truly felt like there was going to be a HUGE deep dark secret from the mother t This was mediocre at best. I truly felt like there was going to be a HUGE deep dark secret from the mother towards the end, so that was a bit of a let down. The ending was neatly tied up in a nice, quick little bow that left me feeling "eh".

I was really hoping that this would be a book that made me feel like I was traveling with Nora, but it didn't. Looking back at the length of the book, I should have known that it would be lacking in details and everything that happened, happened fast. I might recommend it as a light, quick read. I will typically read books like this when I have a book hangover because my expectations are minimal and I am not looking for something comparable to my previous read.

But as a high recommendation for a "must read' this would not come close. Jul 29, Maude VM rated it really liked it. The MC was a bit annoying and selfish sometimes, but I liked the story very much! Oct 24, Anisha rated it liked it Shelves: ya , contemporary. Jun 11, Hannah Bierwirth rated it liked it Shelves: botm.

A cute little young-adult read about a high schooler and her mother trying to find themselves in a summer trip to Europe. Some typical teenage angst clouding the narrator's judgment that also allows her to find personal growth. Easy but nothing super special. I didn't dislike this book but I certainly am not going to be pushing it on people. Plus, that ending. It does not ever work that way.

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  8. Full review to come soon. By looking a 2 stars from me. By looking at the cover of this one, you would expect this to be about an epic road trip throughout Europe stuffed full of adventure and self discovery. Well, that is what I expected anyway. That is not what lies between the covers. What you will get is an very angsty teenager and a mother with secrets. He has given her an all expense paid trip to travel through Europe and then three weeks to train at a very selective art school.

    Everything changes for Nora when her mother chooses to tag along on her trip at the last minute. I struggled with this book. I mean, really struggled. I believe the biggest obstacle I had was Nora herself. She was so self centered, selfish, and stubborn that no character in the book, other than her grandfather, could get through to her.

    How am I, the reader, supposed to root for someone like that? I had hoped for some growth from her character, some small twinkle that told me she was maturing, developing, or maturing in some way but that never happened. I could understand how much it hit her and hurt her that the mother that has always been so distant suddenly wanted to tag along on a trip to Europe. But instead of trying to talk to her mother about it rationally, she yelled, screamed, threw temper tantrums, and let it affect her entire trip. What made that even more annoying was how Nora kept screaming about how this trip was supposed to be about her becoming an adult and experiencing life.

    Well, how about you act like an adult and talk to your mother like a civil human being instead of a spoiled brat? That was apparently too much to hope for from this protagonist. The constant bickering, yelling, and nitpicking got old read quick. Now there is a character with a subscription to her issues. She was negative, self-centered, and rather delusional the entire time.

    I can sort of see where she was coming from but in the end, she was projecting her fears and regrets from her own life onto her daughter. Not a very original storyline but it made me strongly dislike her even more. It also made me struggle with the mother-daughter relationship. Their relationship was more of two roommates living together, not one of a mother and a daughter.

    What mother would do that? This story is categorized as a contemporary so there are some boys involved. There are two, actually, one back home who Nora fooled around with and one in Ireland. Callum is the new one in Ireland and Nora moved super fast with him. It bordered on instalove.

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    He was the smart one of the two! The ending pissed me off. When will authors realize that they cannot solve everything in the last five pages of a story? The way this author tried to tie everything up with a pretty bow was unrealistic. There is no way any of that would happen in real life and it made me dislike the book more.

    I would have liked this story so much more if the author had picked one topic: either a coming of age story or a mother-daughter working through their issues. This story proved that both cannot work together. The characters also needed so much more development than what was presented here.

    I feel like this book should have been edited a few more times before it was released. There is so much work that should needed to happen to make this a good story. What we were given was not a good story. May 17, Allison rated it did not like it Shelves: summer You know when you're making cookies and don't mix the dough well enough so there are pockets of flour and chunks of rock hard brown sugar?

    This book feels like that. I was so disappointed after finishing this because all of the scrumptious ingredients are in there: Europe, an author with a hilarious online presence, mother-daughter bonding. Somehow it never fully comes together. Even as a former Tumblr queen, I struggled to sympathize with the main character. There were some funny first person POV You know when you're making cookies and don't mix the dough well enough so there are pockets of flour and chunks of rock hard brown sugar?

    The pacing of the book fluctuated between too slow and "blink and you'll miss it. The overall story arc felt more like seeing a movie through a View Master toy than a continuous video. I've followed the author on Twitter for awhile and while her nonfiction and character nuggets of commentary are great, this missed the mark.

    There's no doubt that Dana can craft a story; something just feels half baked with this book. I wish it went through one more draft to thoroughly mix the ingredients together. Apr 26, Kara added it Shelves: releases , dnf. I read about half of this. I'm DNFing because it's pissing me off. Both characters are insufferable and annoying, plus this is really triggering for me as my mother and I did not have a great relationship when I was this age. I understand Nora being pissed off because her mom is being selfish and sabotaged her trip, but at the same time, you're traveling through Europe for the first time, and all she does is complain about how horrible everything is.

    I hate both of them.

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    The writing is fine. I st I read about half of this. I still think this would be a great book for the right person, but I am not that person. Jun 21, Riley rated it really liked it Shelves: travel-books. If you're looking for a fun summer book, read this!

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    Don't expect a intense or meaningful story, but it's a perfect "fluff book. There were elements I loved, but the plot itself was too intriguing I've seen it described as "compulsively readable" and that's perfect. Good short summer read! Aug 19, Mary Clare rated it liked it.


    Full review! Format: Hard Copy Nora's mom doesn't really understand or support her passion for art, which is all the more bewildering to Nora considering that her grandfather is a world-famous artist with painting hanging in the most famous museums all over the world. So, she hasn't been getting along well with her mom. Luckily, Nora has her grandfather's support when it comes to art. When Nora is accepted to a prestigious art program in Ireland one summer, her grandfather offers to expand her tri Full review! When Nora is accepted to a prestigious art program in Ireland one summer, her grandfather offers to expand her trip so she can stop off and draw in a few more cities in Europe.

    Just one problem: Nora's mom decides to tag along. This book is not really what I expected and that's good in some ways but not in others. For the good, I really enjoyed reading about Nora's travels and I thought that some aspects of her relationship with her mother was interesting and good. I also loved Nora's story arc when it came to figuring out how to think of herself as an artist and her struggle to find confidence in her work. I think it's a really common thing for creator to go through, that really profound doubt of whether pursuing your passion would actually contribute anything positive to the world.

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    But Nora is just a teenager so of course it's all mixed in with her "not like other girls" mentality and her desire to rebel against her practical-to-a-fault mother. Basically, I thought a lot of Nora's development was spot on, interesting and realistic. To be somewhat strange, crazy, or awkward. Often used with "a bit" or "a little. Leave, depart, as in I'm off to the races; wish me luck.

    This phrase, first recorded in , was once commonly used as an imperative, meaning "go away"-as in Be off or I'll call the police -but today is rare in this context. Be in poor condition; be stale or spoiled; not work properly. For example, This milk must be off; it tastes sour , or The kitchen clock is off by at least five minutes. Be free from work, school, or some other regular occupation, as in The secretary is off today, but perhaps I can find it.

    Decline, as in The industrial stocks are off 50 points today. This usage, nearly always applied to securities or other prices, was first recorded in , the year of the great stock market crash. To have left or been removed from a surface: The crows have flown away; they're all off the roof now. The snow is off the roads, and it should be safe to drive now.

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    To leave or have left: I was already off to the airport when you called. To be disengaged, not currently functioning, especially through lack of power supply. Used mostly of machines: It's dark now that the lights are off. Before I leave the house I always checks to see if the stove is off.

    To be no longer connected to or broadcast by some communication system: How long have you been off the phone? May 02, Minutes Young Adult. I loved it! The only catch? Nora has to create an original piece of artwork at every stop and send it back to her grandfather. That this will be the first book in a long line of delightful literature from wunderkind Schwartz seems inevitable and lovely. A fun debut with a superb voice. I want to travel with Dana, and after reading this, so will you. Dana Schwartz truly knows what it is to be young and talented.

    The up-to-the-minute details about travel in Europe make this an engaging, enjoyable, and even informational read. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book!