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He introduces the reader to the sources, to the literature on institutions, associations and organizations, on the cultural literature and editorial , on specific and regional aspects and finally gives the reader a historiographical overview. The very interesting one of the Spanish linguist Francisco Caudet follows the contribution on the national mystification of Spain in the exile journals and newspapers of Caudet is picking up on a very new trend in the Republican exile studies that attempts to ground the former research and to demystify many of the collectively constructed myths, especially around the intellectual exile.

He is analyzing the exile journals from the perspective how the exiles from the very beginning were constructing a heavily national discourse on Spain that was partly responsible for the disability and reluctance to integrate into Mexican society.


Sure enough, the perspective on how Mexico in general has influenced the Republicans and their work is one of the few research perspectives that remains almost not researched. Though her contribution is the only one that chose a broader and comparative perspective and furthermore is very interesting by itself, it does contribute little to the comparison between Mexico and Argentina.

Maybe it is less for the title but for the content, that the chapter is thus placed within the Mexican part of the anthology. The second section of the book on Argentina deals with a very different exile situation. While the Mexico the refugees arrived to was multi-ethnical, indigene, overwhelmingly agricultural and political authoritarian, Argentina was more European, had very view indigene people, and was marked by the first political very restrictive "peronism" that didn't allow critical cultural engagement.

Due to a restricted immigration policy Argentina didn't take a lot of Spanish Republican refugees, thus their exile situation was very different in these two countries.

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She focuses on editorial work that due to the industrialization favored a general increase of editorial work already before the s but kept flowering with the impact of the Republican editors as has been the case in Mexico. As opposed to the next contribution by Fernando Larraz Elorriaga that also focuses on the editorial work of the Republican exile in the time frame from These years were called the "golden age" of editing because a number of collections were initiated, established, directed, written, translated, corrected, illustrated and produced with the influence of the Spanish.

That went so far that these were even called the "editorials of exile". Another aspect of the Argentinean book marked is addressed by the contribution of Patricia Willson who focuses on the aspect of translating.

"El adiós del exiliado: Las rutas de la memoria en Pilar de Zubiaurre" by Iker González-Allende

He also founded, along with fellow Spaniard Lorenzo Luzuriaga, the magazine Realidad. Thus, besides the last articles the majority of the contributions on Argentina dealt with different aspects of publishing, writing and editing newspapers or books and therefore provides more of an introduction into one cultural area than a general perspective on the Republican Exile in Argentina which would have been welcome. Furthermore the last articles concentrated as opposed to the title of the anthology that is dedicated to the Republican exile on the exile before Another element that is missing in the contributions, as is the case with the Mexican part of the book, is the reciprocal approach to the Republican exile.

El exilio republicano español de 1939

All authors analyze the Republican influence on their exile countries, but never the reverse case. Either the contributions themselves are offering a comparative approach or the editor has to provide the comparative reading of the single contributions in an extensive introduction and synthesis.

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In this anthology none of the articles provides a comparative perspective on the respective exile in Mexico and Argentine. Thus the editor should have supplied the comparative view and a way of reading the differences and similarities of the special exile situation in the respective countries.

Unfortunately this is not the case. The very short introduction is not sufficient for a comparative undertaking, neither by placing it into the historical, social, cultural background of the different exile situations, nor by researching the research background or providing the reader with the theoretical background of comparative working.

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