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Committed to creating long-term value for our partners and the companies we invest in, Silverpeak uncovers unique opportunities and supports them with targeted capital and market expertise. Built on a culture of collaboration, commitment and integrity, we depend on these core values to attract and retain employees as well as partners.

Relationships last—consistently generating market insights, industry knowledge and ongoing access to investment opportunities. Today we comprise more than employees with primary offices in New York, Atlanta and London. Three sectors, one investment approach: A disciplined, collaborative and seasoned approach to deploying investor capital and managing risk.

We work to create long-term value for our investment partners and the companies we invest in. Silverpeak seeks to find value in assets that have unique or non-traditional characteristics. What the market may undervalue, we often judge worthy of our attention. We invest in industries, sectors and locations where we believe our experience provides unique understanding and our expertise and relationships create competitive advantage.

We have a history of scaling new and emerging investment platforms, and we tailor our support to meet their particular needs. We offer seed or working capital, as well as infrastructure and operational resources.

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Our integrated team has experience investing across market cycles, industries, asset classes and all levels of the capital structure. Our senior investment team members average 15 years in the industry. Rigorous due diligence, thoughtful underwriting, deep strategic analysis and an abiding emphasis on capital preservation guide every step.

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Our investment team moves quickly and carefully to identify opportunities that show the greatest potential to generate strong, risk-adjusted returns. We maintain a network of direct relationships with operating partners, financial firms, brokers and lenders, and our mutual knowledge and respect continue to generate a robust pipeline of deal flow, including first-look and off-market investment opportunities. Simply put, our partners like working with us. Applies advancements in automation and machine-learning to power a self-driving wide area network that gets smarter every day.

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Silver Peak delivers a software platform that powers a self-driving wide area network, so IT leaders can tell the network what the business wants, then use automation and machine learning to just make it work. Las Vegas Harley-Davidson deployed EdgeConnect to connect its employees to the business applications that fuel business growth and customer satisfaction. Nuffield Health deployed EdgeConnect across more than sites and now provides the bandwidth required to deliver an exceptional quality of experience at a lower overall cost.

The performance increase is dramatic.

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Learn how to orchestrate app-driven security policies using EdgeConnect. Try Demo Now. As new applications emerge, demands on WAN throughput, efficiency, and reliability increase. Download the eBook.

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Careers Contact Us Leadership Events. Use Cases Silver Peak gives enterprises and service providers the flexibility to securely connect their users to their applications via the most cost-effective source of connectivity available. Learn More. Language English French German Japanese.

Download Solution Brief. Bottoms-up approach that starts with the device Not built for the cloud era Manual, slow delivery and change cycles. Lack full orchestration or lifecycle automation Limited to automated templates Encrypted VPN overlay, lacks end-to-end segmentation.

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Go beyond basic zero-touch provisioning to an automated business intent driven model. Continuously enforce end-to-end segmentation. Go beyond encrypted VPN overlays to centrally enforce end-to-end zone-based segmentation. Self-learning capabilities. Go beyond automated templates to an outcome-oriented model that continuously adapts.