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But we could live by the foot of the mountain We could clear us a yard in the back Build a home by the foot of the mountain We could stay there and never come back We could stay there and never come back. But we could live by the foot of the mountain We could make us a white picket fence Build a home by the foot of the mountain we could stay there and see how it ends We could stay there and see how it ends.

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Mikayekel27 January 31, Report. Perhaps a less goth version of Depeche Mode. It didn't hurt their exposure that they were on the forefront of music television back when said channels actually played videos , beaming their sound across the globe.

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But like the rest of you, I grew older and kind of lost track of these Norwegian guys. Musical tastes change. Through the years they have been productive however, releasing numerous albums that failed to have the impact of their early years. To this day mention A-ha to anyone from the 80's and undoubtedly the first response you'll receive is the video from Take On Me. Which brings me to this album. Like the previous commenters have mentioned they seem to have returned to their old sound. Synth pop through and through with gentle sounds and Morten's almost impossibly high voice.

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Unfortunately I find it difficult to connect with these newer tunes as most of them sound disposable and easily forgettable. Gone is the gravitas and in its place are light, fluffy confection. It's their niche, their sound, but even for them this is sugary sweet.

Sunny Mystery is the standout track here with it's drive and attention to detail, but unfortunately it's placement near the end of the album is disappointing. They get back to their wheelhouse with Shadowside and Mother Nature Goes To Heaven, but the vast majority of this album is light on depth and a far cry from their greatest material. I look forward to their latest album with the hopes that they can recapture their former brilliance, but at this point they remain a nostalgia act for me.

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This album is a mixed bag though. It should be totally synth oriented. Orchestral arrangements and real instruments on some tracks sparks quite a lot of the same material "Analogue" and "Lifelines" have.

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Doing what they are the best at. They've always been great story tellers through their music and this is a synth pop gem. This is a return to form without being too obvious. More of an update to the A-ha sound.