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Lawrence, Kansas. U of Kansas P , The New York Times. Retrieved May 16, Wish We Weren't Here". Ghost Towns of Kansas 6. The Daniel Fitzgerald Company, Census Bureau. Archived from the original on July 21, Retrieved March 6, Kansas: a cyclopedia of state history, embracing events, institutions, industries, counties, cities, towns, prominent persons, etc.

Chicago, Illinois : Standard Publishing Company. The Manhattan Mercury. Riley County Historical Society. Retrieved 31 July Lost Kansas Communities. State of Kansas. Topeka capital. Seal of Kansas. List of ghost towns in the United States by state. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: Archived copy as title Articles with short description. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. White Cloud [5]. Ray [5]. Most of the houses were demolished or moved in the s. The old Co-op remains and still bears the town name.

Large berm south of the co-op is what is left from the demolition Iowa Point [5]. Eagle Springs [5]. Geary City [5]. Doniphan [5]. Four Houses [5]. Rising Sun [5]. A Kansas River access point is near the location and named after the town. Was a Lecompton satellite community. Hickory Point [5].

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Location of the Battle of Hickory Point , a skirmish between pro-slavery and free state forces. Arrington [5]. A small population resides along K Kennekuk [5]. America City [5]. Juniata [5]. Pottawatomie County. Pawnee [5]. Was the territorial capitol until when it was moved to Shawnee Mission. Randolph [5]. Moved two miles west when Tuttle Creek Lake was built. Irving [5]. Alcove Springs [5]. Was never an official town but was a stop on the Oregon Trail.

Numerous carvings in the spring's rocks feature traveler's initials and other things. A member of the Donner Party is buried nearby. Trading Post [5]. A small population remains just off of U. Near the site of the Marais des Cygnes massacre. Centropolis [5].


A small population remains on a county road about ten miles northwest of Ottawa Centropolis Christian Church and Centropolis Baptist Church are open. Minneola [5]. Was the territorial capitol briefly in Not to be confused with Minneola in Clark County. Silkville [5]. Several buildings remain including an old house and a stone school southwest of Williamsburg. Black Jack [5]. Santa Fe Trail wagon swales, a roadside park, cemetery and the well-preserved battlefield site remain and are open to public. Franklin [5].

Nothing remains of the town except two small neglected cemeteries and Franklin Road off of K Big Springs [5]. A small population remains along U. Calhoun [5]. Calhoun was also the name of a county that was made up of northern Shawnee County, most of Jackson County and half of Pottawatomie County. When Shawnee County's northern border was extended, Calhoun ceased to be. Indianola [5]. Sumner City [5]. Was mainly a paper town that was supposed to be an all-black community east of Topeka. Uniontown [5]. Townsite is now located in and around the Green Wildlife Refuge southeast of Willard.

Uniontown was a trail stop and a place where the Pottawatomi would spend money. A cholera epidemic killed 22 Indians and they were buried in a mass grave. The grave is located in the center of the cemetery. Not to be confused with Uniontown in Bourbon County.

Peterton [5]. Bushong [5]. Volland [5]. Located about ten miles southwest of Alma. Former store building currently in the process of being restored. Newbury [5]. A small population and a huge Catholic church remain three miles north of Paxico. Army City [5]. Any remains of Army City are currently on Fort Riley property. Diamond Springs [5]. Empire City [5]. Any remains are currently maintained by Galena. Wilsonton [5]. Ladore [5]. Octagon City [5]. Octagon City was a social experiment where the settlers of the town vowed to eat no meat.

The town was so called because the main streets were laid out in an octagon. Cofachiqui [5]. Mildred [5]. Bassett [5]. Belmont [5]. Neosho Falls [5]. Guilford [5]. Cave Springs [5]. Cave Springs was established as a "health" resort. The resort failed in the s when people starting questioning the springs' healing properties. The town was officially vacated in Elgin [5]. Chautauqua County. Midian [5]. Oil Hill [5]. Minersville [5]. Waconda [5].

The site lies under the waters of Waconda Reservoir. Located near the Waconda Springs , a natural aquifer used by Native Americans. Dispatch [5]. Smith and Jewell Counties. Webster [5]. A small community still exists near the Webster Lake dam. Long Island [5]. Brookville [5]. The population was once near 2, in the s but after the turn of the century, the population began to decline. The city was also the site of the Brookville Hotel until when the hotel moved to Abilene. Sveadal [5]. All that remains is the octagonal foundation of the original building. The townsite is on private property, located on the west side of the Smoky Hill River, two miles south of the southwest corner of Lindsborg.

Beach Valley [5]. Dubuque [5]. Russell and Barton Counties. Rome [5]. Rome was co-founded by William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Chetolah [5].

Hunnewell [5]. Runnymede [5]. Freeport [5]. Ash Valley [5]. Achilles [5]. Achilles was the site of the Battle of Sappa Creek in , it was one of the bloodiest Indian battles fought in northwest Kansas. Mina [6]. Mingo [5]. The townsite become the private property of Pat Reilly, who plowed some of it under, until when it was sold to the Brown brothers.

Voltaire [5]. Blufton [5].

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Sidney [5]. Amy [5]. Farnsworth [5]. McAllaster [5]. Sheridan [5]. Coronado [5]. Nothing remains but some older buildings in Leoti are from Coronado. Colokan [5]. Lexington [5]. Cash City [5]. Beersheba [5]. Ravanna [5]. Battled with Eminence for county seat of Garfield County.

In , Garfield County was annexed to Finney County and the feud was over. Eminence [5]. Terry [5]. Hartland [5]. Chantilly [5]. Coolidge [5]. Kendall [5]. Trail City [5]. Ulysses [5]. The old Ulysses townsite is currently on private property but the "new" Ulysses site has an estimated population of 5, as of In , Ulysses moved three miles down the road to a new location in an attempt to avoid paying bonds that had become due.

Santa Fe [5]. Fargo Springs [5]. Springfield [5]. Springfield was located at the intersection of U. Palermo [7]. A small population still remains eight miles southeast of Troy near the Missouri River. Bendena [7]. A small community remains along K Kickapoo City [7]. Leavenworth County. Bain City [7].

Bain City was annexed to Leavenworth in Quindaro [7]. Six-Mile House [7]. Six-Mile House, so called because of its distance from Wyandotte Kansas City on Leavenworth Rd, was the headquarters of the Free-State 'Redlegs' who guarded the border of Kansas from pro-slave incursions. Padonia [7]. Ash Point [7]. Neuchatel [7]. Blaine [7]. Louisville [7]. Afton [7].

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Bigelow [7]. Bala [7]. Monticello [7]. The old school house, cemetery, and a few houses from the s remain south of Shawnee Mission Parkway in west Shawnee Shawnee and Lenexa. Paris [7]. Moneka [7]. Lone Star [7]. A community existed in the area before Lone Star was organized. A post office was formed in under Bond, then Gideon.

The name Lone Star was chosen in the s. Potwin Place [7]. Auburndale [7]. Willard [7]. Richland [7].

Nothing remains of the townsite, it is on private property. A Santa Fe Trail marker marks the general location along U. Arvonia [7]. Fostoria [7]. Strawn [7]. Miller [7]. Dunlap [7]. Skiddy [7]. Freedom Colony [7]. In , most cabins were burned down. Frank Cotton discovered that the boards on his house were soaked with kerosene. Cotton saved his house but the remaining cabins burned to the ground. Rollin [7]. Nothing remains of the townsite except Delos Johnson's the town founder house and a neglected cemetery.

Cato [7]. The old school has been restored. Cato Christian Church is in good repair, but closed. A community reunion is held yearly. Farlington [7]. Farlington is located just southwest of Crawford State Park on K Croweburg [7]. Monmouth [7]. Treece [7]. Due to years of mining in the area, the land in and around Treece is unstable and contaminated which had led to the citizens wanting the government to buy their land so that they can move. Le Hunt [7]. Montgomery County.

Some ruins remain east of the Elk City Lake. The town was fairly bustling thanks to a central cement factory in the center of town being the biggest employer. During the Great Depression , cement sales dropped significantly and went out of business, so the town died. Most remains are now on private property. Votaw [7]. Votaw was an experimental colony founded by African-Americans. The Cimarron Hotel was built in and was allegedly used as a tuberculosis sanatorium during the 's. Clay Center. Those who became afflicted with the illness were brought to the top of the hill to be buried, some while still alive.

Investigators report hearing disembodied moans, cries, and screams, as well as witnessing mysterious glowing orbs and apparitions. Others report feeling a strange presence at the location. Others report feeling a strange presence in the area, as if something is watching. Brown, the Mansion is said to be haunted by two of Mr.

Brown's three children, both of which died during their early childhood years. Guests report witnessing the disembodied sounds of music and a party coming from the ballroom on the 3rd floor, and the spirit of a man wearing a jacket is often seen. Employees report hearing the disembodied sounds of people bowling in the basement, which was once a bowling alley.

The smell of tobacco is also smelled in the old smoking room. The mansion is open for public tours, and functions are sometimes held in the ballroom. Residents report hearing disembodied moans and screams, and doors often slam shut by themselves. Others report feeling a strange presence in the cemetery. Investigators report witnessing shadow figures and experiencing other strange phenomena, such as cold spots and disembodied voices. According to visitors the air feels deathly still, and disembodied screams are often heard. Dodge City. Others report witnessing objects moving by themselves, and doors being opened and closed by an unseen force.


Mary of the Plains College is a four-year liberal arts school. The old church on campus is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former nun, who was killed after falling down the church stairs. Students report hearing disembodied moans coming from the abandoned church. El Dorado. Investigators also report experiencing technical difficulties with electronic devices around the headstone of a woman named Clara Wiley, who was murdered sometime in the early 's. Cold spots are felt randomly throughout the school, even in the summer. Investigators also report hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, and music in the upstairs area of the building, and a strange presence is often felt.

What makes this incident even more scandalous is that her husband, Pastor Bird, was a priest at a nearby church. Locals report witnessing the woman's disembodied screams at night, and her apparition is often seen emerging from the river and walking towards the shoreline. Locals also refer to this location as "Bird Bridge," named after it's victim.

Irwin Community Hospital is said to be haunted by the spirits of the sick and wounded soldiers who passed away there. Leavenworth, Kansas. The barracks, as well as many of the surrounding buildings, are said to be haunted by the spirits of prisoners who were executed. Officers often report witnessing shadowy apparitions, and strange disembodied noises are heard. Guards on duty often receive phone calls from a phantom guard, located in one of the prison's abandoned towers.

Riley is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman, whose spirit is often seen wearing shackles and chains. Soldiers who witness the two men report that they become enraged if their game is interrupted. The field was once used as a Polo field. Scott, named after General Winfield Scott, was constructed in Visitors report witnessing the shadowy apparitions of former soldiers, especially in the courtyard and jail cells. Visitors report witnessing apparitions at night, as well as disembodied voices and other strange sounds. Garden City. His apparition is often seen by investigators at night.

The control tower is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former pilot who was killed in a tragic accident. Since his death, employees report witnessing the man's apparition at night, as well as hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, and other sounds. Others report witnessing doors slamming shut by themselves.

According to local historians, the home was once used as a funeral home during the 's. The car was placed on display at the side of the road near the scene of the crash as a warning for reckless drivers. Although the legend may not be true, locals still report hearing the disembodied screams of the teens who were involved in the crash. Doors are often seen slamming shut by themselves, and many visitors report experiencing cold spots throughout the abandoned hospital.

Many also report the feeling of being watched by an unseen presence. It remained active until , and was an important frontier post during the American Indian Wars of the late 19th century. According to legend, Ft. Hays is haunted by the spirit of a woman named Elizabeth Polly, who died in while taking care of American soldiers during a cholera outbreak. She was given a full military funeral, and buried atop a nearby hill where she often went to be alone. Her apparition is often seen walking near the hill, wearing a long blue dress.

Her pale spirit is often seen in the park or on the bike trails nearby. According to legend, she died after falling down a well at a family gathering. Location Needed. The house is said to be haunted by the spirit of Nancy Clutter, who was only 16 at the time of the murders. Employees report hearing disembodied cries and other strange sounds, and lights frequently turn on and off by themselves. Others report feeling a strange presence, as if being watched, and cold spots are felt. Employees working at night have reported finding candles burning in rooms that were previously empty, and files and other objects being moved around unexpectedly.

Her spirit is often seen lurking in the library basement, where many employees report feeling a mysterious presence. Schebel, who was killed after being crushed by a freight elevator in January of He is described by residents as a friendly, benevolent spirit, who has been nicknamed the Candy Man. His apparition is often seen and felt throughout the building which is currently a private residence.

The spirit is known as the Hamburger Man, due to his ghastly, disfigured appearance. Location needed. His apparition is often seen wandering the halls at night. According to legend, their spirits are said to return to the site on the anniversary of their deaths, forever repeating the fatal accident. Harker was used as an active army base from November , until October of Visitors report witnessing apparitions, shadow figures, disembodied voices, footsteps, and other unexplained paranormal activity.

Kansas City. Sauer Castle was lived in by five generations of the Sauer family, which has a long history of tragedy. Anton Sauer died of tuberculosis in the 2nd floor bedroom i n , and his wife Mary is also said to have died in the house in One member of the Sauer household allegedly committed suicide in the house, and Anton's son Julius was killed in a horrific train accident during the early 's. Locals report witnessing mysterious glowing orbs on the property at night, and the apparition of a woman is often seen in the lookout tower.

Residents of the home report hearing disembodied voices, laughter, crying, and footsteps, and the apparition of a young boy is seen throughout the mansion. Sauer Castle is currently a private residence. The hospital has a long history of patient neglect and abuse, and is said to be haunted by the troubled spirits of the patients who have passed away over the years.

In the hotel was burned to the ground when Lawrence was razed by a group of Confederate soldiers. The hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of Colonel Eldridge, whose ghostly presence is often seen and felt on the 5th floor. Many also claim some type of portal to the spirit world exists in Room The school is said to be haunted by the spirits of the young natives students who died as a result of abuse and neglect over the years.

According to legend, the skeletons of children were found buried in the walls. Investigators report witnessing the apparitions of native children, as well as hearing disembodied voices and cries, and Pocahontas Hall is said to be haunted by the spirit of a female student who committed suicide in the basement. Former employees report witnessing lights turning on and off by themselves, and props or other objects being moved by an invisible force. Investigators report feeling a strange presence, as if being watched.

The Sigma Nu Fraternity House is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who committed suicide. United Kansas Portland Cement Co. According to legend, the man was killed after being buried alive in concrete. His friends and coworkers embedded a shovel and wheelbarrow into the wall where he died. Some locals claim that the site is used to perform magic rituals. According to legend she was buried just outside the southern fence of the cemetery, and so she is not at rest. Her apparition is often seen walking with a spectral dog, named Shep.

Little Caney Township. Visitors also report hearing disembodied voices, laughter, and other unexplained sounds. His spirit is said to roam the halls at night. The apparition of a lady in white is also seen, who is said to be morning the losses of her husband and son. According to legend, the cemetery is haunted by the spirit of a witch and warlock who are buried there.

Visitors report witnessing the apparition of a man in a top hat, and the apparition of a woman in a black dress is often seen. The Wolf House is one of the oldest buildings in Manhattan. According to legend, it once was used as a brothel where a man was killed, and one resident is said to have committed suicide in the home. Employees report witnessing dishes and other objects being thrown by an unseen force, and disembodied voices are often heard.

The Gamma Phi Beta sorority house is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who was killed by the house cook, and the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former student who was killed during a hazing incident.