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His dam JA Gabriella was a color champion herself. Big boned, very dense but fine crimpy fleece. As he is maturing he is getting more fine and really starting to fill out. All of our Providence offspring are showing AFD's of between Prophet did not show as he was away breeding, but look for him at the California Classic in the Mature Male class!

And you decide if he will be perfect for your herd. Brightness and Fineness for his age. El Dorado Blog Visit us on Facebook. Home Alpaca Sales Sold. Our Auctions 3. Herdsires Huacaya 8 Suri Foundation Females Huacaya 8 Suri 7. Following their example, Muslims of today continue to do the same.

There are several proofs that make us know that seeking benefit from the traces of the Prophet tabarruk is permissible. He shaved the right side of his head and gave his hair to Abu Talhah al-Ansariyy; then he shaved the left side of his head, gave the hair to Abu Talhah, and told him to distribute it among the people.

Some received one hair, others two, and so on.

The Prophet personally handed some of his hair to people near him, including Umm Sulaym one of the female Companions and Abu Talhah, for them to distribute among the people. In this way, the hair of the Prophet was spread in the Muslim countries. The Prophet distributed his hair among the people in order for them to seek blessings barakah from it. Likewise, the Prophet distributed his nail clippings among the people, as stated by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad. These actions clearly indicate the permissibility of seeking benefit from the traces of the Prophet. The Companions sought blessings from other traces of the Prophet as well.

The Companions sought the blessings from this jubbah of the Prophet by using the water in which it had been soaked to treat the sick and cure his illness. Hadhyam said to the Messenger of Allah: "I have sons and grandsons, some of whom are pubescent and others still children. Handhalah would place his hand on that part of his head the Prophet wiped, then touch the swollen part and say "Bismillah," and the swelling would be cured.

This practice of the Companions clarifies two matters. The aperture of hindsight enables us to review the birth of a new old religion and the Eternal Return of the old new god.

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In the same year, Friedrich Nietzsche was born in Prussia. No actual gods were hurt, but many people were. The burden of this Essay is to expose the bones. Finally, behind the deconstruction of Questions, we analyze the triangulation of Religion with Art and Science. People are fickle; belief is rare and has a melting point. Thereafter, persecutions intensified. In the detention, divine revelations began with a vision of a Maiden. He was never freed again. To tell the truth and to aim straight -- that is the first Persian virtue.

Am I understood? The overcoming of morality through itself—through truthfulness, the overcoming of the moralist through his opposite— through me — that is what the name Zarathustra means in my mouth. They never met, but as two sources of creative theophanies and poesia, they changed the world. What moved these men, and how do they continue to touch us? Not surprisingly, many Questions ask themselves.

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Questions are created creators, they guide and ignite, twisting between reason and passion. Language is what we resort to after becoming impatient with howls and gestures—with throwing our hands up into the air, for example, to express our daily despair. The first problem with Questions, of course, is that there is no one to ask. We are faced with noise, distraction, political posturing, or a silent Monad. And of course, we are also faced with the weeping. The naked fact remains that for , years of burning torches in the caves of lamentation, tears, and begging, no god has answered a Question.

Rhetorical questions are useful, and often gracious. Secondly, by what authority does anyone speak of authority? Who speaks for the People? What citation can I bootstrap to my paper, to my claims, to my Messianic dispensation? Is there any resolver of difficulties, save God?

However, even freed from traditions or fears, how sufficient are metaphors and parables in the face of unexplained facts? One of the precious things that is at stake is a vision of what it means to ask, and answer, the question "Why?

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The cave artists did not depict a single god, pantheon, or any forms of subordinated worship. No bowing to a post or a direction. However, he suggests that our forebears had supernatural beliefs — they clearly prayed, hoped, and feared. They could think abstractly, conceptually, and had the ability to craft objects of no immediate utility: Flutes, string skirts that do not conceal but only reveal , pipes, wall paintings! They held hands dancing—we boldly infer their hugs, holdings, and rhythms from their footprints! Apparently the arrival of Gods and Priests must await the hierarchies of development of post-agricultural Cities.

Religion was not invented in Nature, but in its opposition. It appears that artists and drug-users created the cultural amenities for human life. Amanita Muscaria Christo. Abundant evidence points to abundant fully-actualized Arts, and the sciences of Chemistry, Ceramics, and Fire, all preceding all gods by millennia. We start with Questions, not because they give birth to Science and Arts, and even Language, and not because they ever have satisfying answers.

Really ever. And they are still unescapable. In other words, even science comes with baggage on board. Fractious questions are resolved by resort to Scripture to avoid disunity. Interestingly, the atheist functionalist Daniel C. Dennett also adopted what appears to be this nonconfrontational approach. But what about Questions which clear the air?

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What about investigating phenomena by interrogating their polemics and manifestations? And unless one has questions, one may not be conscious. Indeed, having confusion, may be a test of consciousness. Even, and especially, for God. Perplexity, which is an invitation to the questioning dialogue, is a test of wisdom.

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Put another way, Beliefs barely exist; it is Doubts which last. Is this not curious? He provides writings. Offered by him to all his contemporaries, and to us, just like the Cave Painters who crawled into caves and painted their scripture on the walls in the alphabet of bears, buffaloes and cows.

Even those who were jealous of his ability regarded him as "an enchanter". Technology saves us from the redactors, the scribes and the insufferable saints with polemics on their shoulders. So the question becomes, Why did the authorities persecute a man who wrote Scripture? Some experts hold the Book of Job is the most well-crafted beautiful theopoetic literature in the Tanak, telling the story of a righteous man suffering terribly.

Self-sanctifying scripture is the proleptic tank in which Religion is digested, converting chunks into broth. This description is not itself proleptic— anticipating objections or questions—that would be like trying to repurpose a water cistern to imprison alleged heretics awaiting a trial they will never receive. Religion is an art-form intended to unite. And writing really requires Wording — a language system. Explanations abound, but are they valid? Alastu Bi-Rabbikum.

All forms of life come forth in a loving dance, and the dance is the only reply they will ever receive that is not another Question—remember the theophantic theodicy in the Book of Job? But the dance is enough, because the Arts are always "Yes!

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He resigned his own lucrative pulpit, and in his private journals of Emerson inscribed such passages as these:. The profession is antiquated. In an altered age, we worship in the dead forms of our forefathers. Stockman at 31, quotes from Gleanings " God, the unknowable Essence Clearly, we have Scripture — really all scripture from all times and places — because of Incomprehensibility. Quoting Psalms , and The mysteries of generative doubts.


And so writes Scripture. This candor coupled with acts of language is resonant with some of the work of Derrida and Foucault who sort out and write through the lack of certainty, or even an ability to write in a fixed language with meaningful semantics. To eff the ineffable, as it were.

Is there any idea or movement which can unite individuals? Or to put it politically, can hardened selfish people led by greedy idiots find graceful unity across ancient tribal feuds, religious fanaticism, and racial prejudice? Videography — Prayers sung by Nabil and Karim, for example:.

I want to spread love like a wild fire. Thus, the Arts supplant the empty forms offered by priests who are not even holding food in their hands or pretending to dance. And an assigned text is authored by Doctor Esslemont who is a musician and married to one. The roots of the Bahai religion are in the Arts and Sciences — feeling and observing, and prayers of work.

It is a post-modern inflected style of theological and perhaps liminal discourse without the always slippery slope of pessimism which leaves people with no ability to say anything. And in the face of the silencing Orthodoxies. And where are we but on the familiar methodological terrain of science, the comforting assurance of dialectics invitation, disputation for philosophers, and all thinkers who have devoted themselves to formulating questions.

With Art and Science enthroned, the stage is set for the second great principle, Unity. It appears to be his understanding that Nature is so beautiful , and humans so worthy , that we should stop destroying everything.