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Fig 1.

Also, you are cautious when it comes to relationships Fig 1. Especially, you have a strong resistance to disease and self recovery ability after illness.

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In addition, you usually can receive additional strength and support from family members. Please find out the ages on the life line from the picture. Divide the life line into two equal parts, the middle place indicates the age of Then connect it to the middle place of the ring and middle fingers. Draw a parallel line to the first line from the middle place of the index and middle fingers to the life line.

The intersection point is marked as the age of Draw a parallel line to the first line from the middle of little and middle fingers to the life line. The end of the life line is usually marked as the age of They are approximate ones.

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Fig 4. Fig 3. A broken life line represents an unexpected accident, danger, disaster or illness during the life. The greater the interval is, the longer the illness will last.

Fig 8. Fig 6. Fig 7.

Realism in the United States

Sure you are still going to hear the things that you know and love about The Lifeline, but with much more depth and sincerity. I think that this is one thing that will never change from album to album with The Lifeline.

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Then there are then bands like The Lifeline who take everything to a whole new level. On their latest effort, "For All Who Triumph," this Chicago based band seems primed and ready to break through and find huge mainstream success and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see a major label swipe them up in no time.

The Life Line, 1884 by Winslow Homer

The first thing that will grab your attention is that a violin, provided by Rebecca Faber, is one of the more prominent instruments throughout the album and acts as a perfect companion to the well delivered vocals of Ryan T. Hope, which bring the lyrics, dark at times, to life.

Homer steered away from these dark marine subjects at first, preferring sunnier seaside vignettes see Fig. Versions of the new American girl appeared repeatedly throughout his work of thes and s, playing croquet, yachting, or walking on the beach, alternately appearing as a stylish pin-up, a wholesome country maiden, a play shepherdess in Bo-Peep costume, or a factory girl see Fig.

The scale of this maritime tragedy, which would not be surpassed until the disaster of the Titanic in , was enlarged by the shocking loss of every one of the women on board and all but one of the children.

Without life jackets, adequate life boats, or any equipment for carrying passengers to shore, all the weakest passengers drowned. Many women were found, like the figure in The Wreck of the Atlantic, frozen in postures taken while clinging to the rigging, awaiting a rescue that never came. Lost in a shipwreck just as she is returning home to join her childhood sweetheart, the innocent Virginia is discovered drowned on the beach in an angelic pose that inspired numerous paintings and book illustrations as well as a tidal wave of ceramics, textile, and wallpaper designs.

In the winter of , fresh marine tragedies that could have been mitigated by rescue operations finally inspired federal appropriations that injected new life into the coastal defenses. Beginning in , brigade houses were built from Maine to Florida, and new technology was imported from England and improved by American tinkering. The breeches buoy-a cork life ring with a set of breeches attached to make a seat that could carry people from ship to shore-rapidly became an important tool in the arsenal of lifesaving.

Using a small cannon, a brigade would fire a rope out to a ship in distress, establishing a life line that could carry passengers to safety on the breeches buoy. The new life brigade watch house in Cullercoats, where anxious fisher folk gathered to watch the progress of a storm or rescue, became the centerpiece of many of his drawings and watercolors. In October Homer witnessed the wreck of a ship off the mouth of the river Tyne and recorded the launch of one of the state-of-the-art English lifeboats in a large watercolor,.

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He probably witnessed the regular drills of the local brigade in Cullercoats, and upon his return to the United States he befriended. The members of the lifesaving station in AtlanticCity, where he observed practice with a breeches buoy in the summer of These sessions informed The Life Line, which may have taken shape in his imagination as an opportunity to bring the lifesaving subjects he had seen in England to an American context.

Homer returned to the UnitedStates to an audience that had been primed with stories of the reform of the young American lifesaving service. This policy saved many lives and much cargo by intercepting distressed ships or warning them away from danger, and it earned the United States a reputation as the most efficient and progressive lifesaving service in the world. It also launched public awareness of a new American hero, the coast guardsman, whose character and exploits were illustrated in numerous publications after This new hero, cousin to the famous English volunteer brigade man, was also the brother of a slightly older popular figure of rescue, the American fireman.

Celebrated in Currier and Ives lithographs beginning in the s, when urban fire companies began to shift from volunteer associations to paid professional brigades, the American fireman responded to the worst-and most common-peril of city life. From a tradition of rowdy ethnic fraternity, the fireman was transformed into a figure of strength, courage, resourcefulness, and selflessness.