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There are tons of books out there that appeal to girls, but not so much for boys.

Book I – The Three Body Problem

Keep up the good work! I really wanted to reach mothers of boys, Liz, as we have a difficult time finding books that specifically appeal to our sons. Thank you for this awesome list! I have 3 boys and we read every night. I read this book over and over when I was young, but anyway! I too hope to be reading to my boys until they are far too old for it! They got me into reading years ago and my sons have followed suit. We are both loving it!! My 9-year old recently read Escape from Mr. There was a puzzle to be solved at the end and the author invited you to email him if you did.

My son solved it and emailed the author. Within a day or 2 the author emailed him back a very nice note. My son was absolutely thrilled! Girls will love these books too! Teaching 4th grade I did many of these as read alouds. Great literature engages boys and girls. We need our girls to hear stories of bravery and our boys to hear ones of tenderness. Sounds like the mom compiling the list has boys. Lucky kids to have a home with such great books! Awesome list! They were terrific. Blair, and most girls like the Boxcar Children and Judy Bloom.

I hope some of these suggestions work for you! Great list. I would suggest parents preview the books first as some have content they may find unsuitable for their children. Yes, Kim, I was thinking the same. Although the majority are probably squeaky clean, I think there are a couple in the list that have some sexual content. It would be great if the books with some sexual content would be marked with an astrix just so we know. Tim Green has awsome books for boys or anyone who likes sports.

My son loved them, and he even has contests on his Web page to have your name used as a character name. He was a football player for Atlanta Falcons and now he writes and visits schools promoting reading. Awesome guy and awesome books! The Mysterious Benedict Soceity books are fantastic as well.

And, I agree with the others who have said this is a good list for everyone, not just boys. My 12yr. Dean Hughes has some great historical fiction pieces! He goes back and forth between the siblings that are serving and the family at home. Some marry during the series and a German family becomes involved in the stories. Definitely fiction, but lots of great facts. His book are full of adventure with great values. Thank you for a great list! My boys got interested in reading once they tried the Gregor the Overlander series by SuzAnne Collins.

A teacher recommended it, and they read them all! And its a great openingconversation book for boys. Or that other things are not for boys. Such a beautifully-written book. It was my favorite book as a young girl and read it more than a couple of times. I read it to my son when he was about 8. Now my 7-year-old daughter is asking me to read it to her.

Two more books in the Little House series to finish first. One devoured C. Lewis and the other Roald Dahl. My boys love Rick Riorden. Most of these authors write fantasy and adventure stories. My eldest 12 is also discovering the delights of Terry Pratchetett and his Discworld series. I am sorry, but the simple fact that you have never read any of the Chronicles of Narnia books negates all credibility for the ability to suggest a list of books to read to anyone.

Tough crowd at times;. Thanks so much for the list! Thanks again! The Rangers Apprentice is rhe series which helped my son at the age of 16 begin to read. Prior he was second grade level as he has learning disabilities. His teachers were floored. Itwas all about interest! He loved Hugo also which my now 9 yr old is reading. There are three in the series surrounding a girl named Eva 9. Really good science fiction. Light reads. He read all seven that we have in about a week. More teenager in style than Riordan. And finally, a series called Dreamhouse Kings by Robert Lipardo about a family that moves into an old house where doors take them to other places and time.

He is an advanced reader but is he too young for the content? Grateful for some advice. As an upper elementary school teacher for many years, my students always enjoyed The Indian in the Cupboard series. I believe you can search by age and gender there. Kara, I would love to help you find the perfect books for girls! These books are amazing and are certain to please.

If you are interested, email me at ubambrittj aol. Thanks for the suggestions, James! So glad your boys have also enjoyed many of the books that my guys have! Here you can find some book list for girls. You can also check whether the books are available from you local library. Best Picks for Girls.

Jevic and the Stone is an amazing book for boys! Such a great story. Highly recommend. Great books for boys! May I also offer a book to your list? It is a new series just came out Oct called Zane the Brain, for ages It is about a boy-genius and his experiments that lead him into many misadventures. Volume 1 is available on Amazon. Thanks for the suggestion! Hi guys!! I was beginning to wonder the same thing. My son and I read several of these.

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We also plowed through at least a dozen of the Redwall books. Another fantastic book is The Phantom Tollbooth, a story that likely turned me into the editor I am today. Am just so glad to know that you read TO your children till they were much older. My 8 year old asks me everyday to read to him. Thank you so much! I am so happy to think that this post has made such an impression on you, Kejal. Yes, I read to my boys well beyond the age of 8. The years fly by so quickly. As an adult, I find it lovely to be read to also.

As a mom with an 18 year old voracious reader, and as a teacher, never stop reading to your child as long as they will let you! Great opportunities to know what your child is thinking. Enjoyed the blog, through a link posted on Facebook by my sister-in-law in Colorado. How fun to read the Farley Mowat bit and realize we live in the same town! My boys have quite a few of these.

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I will definitely add more of these to their list during the summer break. Good for him! Crazy that my boys never got into Harry. Thank you for it. I also highly recommend The Boxcar Children for ages My son was reading Red Badge of Courage in grade 4. His teacher was in shock.

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My son was an avid reader from age His vocabulary skills and correct usage in Kindergarten amazed his teachers. My son is all grown up now. He started reading Nate the Great series. Then read the entire Box Car Children series. And the Hardy Boys. I have enjoyed and always recommended. All good! Thank you so much for the great list! My son and I will be sure to check out some of these. Thanks again for the post and for the work you put into it. It was too low of grade level when I was in school so I never read it.

My son is in 4th grade and has never been an avid reader. My son loves sports and basketball, so that sparked his interest and the storyline has had him hooked from start to finish of each book in the series. Recommended for readers age year olds. My 12 year old grandson loves them as much as his grandpa and grandma do. Very exciting!! Any non-fiction suggestions? My 12 yr old is not a big reader but he gets sucked into non fiction.

It was the one time that a feminist side came bursting forth. Why just for boys! Am I not supposed to read it because I am a girl!! Definitely recommend! One of my eight yr olds loves Tom Gates series — he has finished 4 in the series. The other loves Big Nate. Thank you for this list. Help parents identify books for their young readers that are sufficiently challenging from a Lexile score perspective yet age-appropriate — that I would love to see!

Two are sequels and one is a prequel. Fantastic books! I cried my eyes out while reading it to my son and he had to finish reading it out loud! Love your list!!! I would add The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. My children loved reading these as did I. And the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia—all seven. Thank you for sharing your list!!! For the younger ones, the Borrowers series by Mary Norton is outstanding. This is a great list! Thanks, John! My guys somehow completely missed out on that one! It may not have the book sales of these other great books for boys, but it certainly has the same draw.

Thanks for your suggestion, Adam! Gosh there are so many good books out there that my boys missed out on. I love hearing about the ones you guys read and loved! Thanks for starting a nice conversation with these. I have to say that the caption as it gets shared online came off as less subjective and more authoritative, which makes me want to challenge these. But the important thing is that you and your kids read and do it together Saying that, probably a bit more diversity could be a good thing. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your list. My daughter 9 also liked it and did a book review for school on it.

We have that book, Rachael! My son got it for Christmas. So glad to hear you loved it. Any recommendations for younger boys? We have not ventured into fantasy and suck like you say your boys really enjoyed other than The Magic Tree House books. My son is 5. Of course there are plenty more of those to read but looking for other ideas too. We have read some of the Flat Stanley ones too which he also liked. And started a series about a young boy with shark in it some how which was pretty funny and had a hidden word puzzle on each page which he really liked. Though any ideas of any classic books he might be able to read himself would be awesome too.

He is a beginning reader and I want engaging things to draw him in to reading for himself also. We have not ventured into Star Wars, partially because I liked the original movies but never was a Star Wars junkie like some are. Barbara Brooks Wallace is a wonderful writer who my 12 year old son just loves.

Sparrows in the Scullery is perhaps his favorite, but he has read ten or so of her books and devoured them all. Mostly mystery stories, although the Claudia series about a girl called Claudia my son also loved. Another fabulous author is Morris Gleitzman. Bumface is hilarious, and the Once, Now, Then, After series is insightful and gripping.

My 9 year old daughter likes many of these books, especially Diary of a Wimpy kid. My son read it when he was 10 and loved it so much that I decided to read it too. It was fantastic, I laughed, I cried. Every single kid needs to read that book! Also Fablehaven, I read that to my daughters last summer and we adored it. If your child loves magic and fairies, this series will be devoured! Lastly, someone recommended Ready Player One by Ernest Cline for my reluctant reader that loves video games. I started reading it and could not put it down. I would say this one is more appropriate for Middle or High School age.

He hated reading until he read this one! I am wondering, are the age ranges you have recommended based in reading level or content? I am wondering, are the age ranges you have recommended based on reading level or content? An amazing read for even adults! Both on the damaging effects of bullying. So great for boys, all boys. Everything a young boy needs to know to become a great man. Thank you for such a fantastic list! We read aloud every day.

He reads, I listen. Thank you again! I have been looking for a list like this! I was amazed to see that apparently you did not include any sports books in your list. As a boy growing up, when the library would have book reading contests during the summers, I would always load up on lots of sports books that were available. At age 75 I have to admit that those books back then might be considered very juvenile today when you look at the content of books these days. I would have been around My 9 year- old has the whole collection of Wimpy Kid and Nate books, that he read last year.

That he should be reading Harry Potter or something else, but the one that he likes are totally inappropriate. He has a 11 year old, advanced reader, super smart boy. Made me feel like a bad mother. I am a teacher and read Ummer of the Monkeys to my students every spring and they love it! Thank you for creating this list! I have two little boys and want to continue encourage their love of reading! We listened to all of these on audiobook in the car as we drove around town.

Sometimes a great book is just a great book, whether you are a boy or a girl. Absolutely, Jennifer! If I could go back, I would choose even more novels with strong female leading characters. Thank you so much for compiling this list! I am always on the hunt for books that my son can enjoy. I would have to say the age group for these are years old and they are definitely more tailored to little boys! These books are not scary at all and the monsters in the tales do all the gross, funny, and lovable things you would expect a sock-eating monster to do!

The books also teach really great lessons and I have been recommending them to all of my friends. I hope Mr. Cosmo will make it on a future list of yours. Thanks for the list… that is great…There is a great surf fiction that appeals to all ages but several schools here have recently put it on their study plan for 14 plus boys and girls.

My 9 year old has all the Roald Dahl books and is currently crazy about Wimpy Kid books too. But thanks for all the ideas of other books to try. Lots of our favorites are there and a few new ones too! The only part that made me sad is that you said you stopped reading out loud to your kids! I know… it breaks my heart too, Christy. On the upside, my 14 year old studied Lord Of The Flies this year in Grade 9 English, and yep… I read it to him — about an hour or so every night because it really is a rather difficult read.

Kindle Edition , 1 edition , pages. More Details Santori Trilogy 2. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Santori Reborn , please sign up. When is this out? Amira Caleb It came out April 1st. See all 3 questions about Santori Reborn…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 14, Lyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: mmr-dark , alpha-hero , amazing-narration , favorites , lgbtq , xxx-steamy , favorite-narrator , addictive-series , suspense-mystery-and-or-thriller , push-pull. Story - 4. I have no idea when book 3 will be out. The ending of book 2 left me with the impression that things are about to get crazy real!!

I just hope the author delivers big!! I'm ready to be blown away by Michael "Kage" Santori's transformation. As for Jamie, I have mixed feelings about him. For the most part, I like him, but he can be a bit of a drama queen. I feel for him because Kage isn't telling him "everything", but still, some of his decisions aren't well thought out. Needless to say, there is trouble in paradise, but the love is there. I think it's fair to say that Kage and Jamie share a love that borders on obsession, and I can't get enough of it.

On a side note: Compared to the Kage series not only is the story line much improved, but so is the writing. It's always great to witness the growth of an author. View all 22 comments. It's too bad book 3 isn't out in Audible yet because the narration is excellent. But I must go to book 3 now. Can't wait. View all 3 comments. This series keeps getting better and better! I love it when a story puts me under its spell and this certainly did that and more. The Kage-Jamie situation has gotten to a head with. Kage needs to do something urgently in order to salvage his bond with Jamie.

Also, Theo Brown needs someone to put him in his place. As usual, Peter and Gio stole the show with their little page time and I shudder to think of what might have happened for all of that to fall apart. A special shout-out goes to JF Harding This series keeps getting better and better! A special shout-out goes to JF Harding for bringing these characters to life awesomely through his narration!!

View 2 comments. My heart broke for both Kage and Jamie for different reasons here. Kage is struggling so much to do the right things where Jamie is concerned and nobody is making it easy for him. He is trying so hard to protect him first from the bad side of things he is dealing with, and then from the various threats that seem to be coming from every angle. Jamie is struggling as well, with the communication breakdown that seems to be growing between them and feeling as though he is being pushed aside.

Meanwhile, Kage loves Jamie so much it hurts to watch everything he is dealing with and going through. That storyline has become a very important part of this story and watching how it all played out feels like it will play a very integral role in how this story will end. It is easy to imagine how Kage feels reading the journals as we all learn what happened in those early years. They reveal some interesting twists, and I have a feeling a few more will be revealed in the finale.

If you are waiting for them to all be available before diving in, I suggest you get ready to dive in as soon as the last one is available. Review written for Love Bytes Reviews. Apr 01, Readlife rated it it was amazing. Please allow them a HEA. Black sure knows how to keep me on edge!

I don't even know what to say. Ms, Black took me right to the edge a couple of times with this book, pulling back just in time to keep me from completely going over. I actually had to turn it off at one point, because it was too much for my heart to handle! But then I had to turn it right back on to make sure it wasn't really going to go in the di Audible Review: Overall 4 out of 5 stars Performance 5 out of 5 stars Story 4 out of 5 stars Ms.

But then I had to turn it right back on to make sure it wasn't really going to go in the direction I thought it was. My love for Kage and Jamie is still going strong, but Kage is once again driving me a little crazy! I know why he's keeping things from Jamie, but again What is he thinking, doing some of the stuff he's doing?!? I did like seeing Jamie stand up for himself. He loves Kage so much, but I can't blame him for how he's feeling.

Best Books for Boys – 40+ Fantastic Reads for Boys ages 8-16

Agh, I need book 3 now! The narration by JF Harding continues to be perfection. He really does give it his all with these characters, especially now that we're getting 3 points of view and all the extras. I love how you can really feel the emotions coming through from him. Just completely outstanding.

His characterisations are spot on, each voice [and even accents when needed] is distinct, and when emotion is called for, JF is there with bells on. Tremendous stuff, and providing the author is someone I read [and like], he will be an auto-buy for me from now on. You can't trust that guy as far as you can throw him Kage!!

Jamie for clearly not anticipating the possible repercussions of his MMA 'scoop' [including pics] with Rodriguez s. He knows how jealous and possessive Kage is, and yet still pushes those buttons I do believe however that they'll be together at the end of the trilogy Peter for living in cloud cuckoo land, and not believing that Gio doesn't have blood on his hands. If he ignores it, it will go away Your 'love' with Gio doesn't alter the fact that he's a mob boss, and has the blood of many on his hands regardless of whether or not he actually murdered them. I hate that Aaron gets to blackmail Kage into doing his dirty work, using Jamie's involvement in the death of Santori as leverage, but it is what it is.

How else will the government discover all the dirty details of who's involved in the seedy and sordid world of Las Vegas crime?? Will the end justify the means?? Oh God At least Aaron has a reason to try and keep Kage alive I despise Theo Brown, both as a flaky teenager and now as a vengeful older man. The archetypal pantomime villain Apr 13, Ivy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-story , beautiful , romance-mm , favorite , favorite-autor , favorite-character , hot-sexy , daddy-kink , mm , suspens. Jamie wants to be the man Kage needs, but how can he help him without knowing the truth?

They are in a very difficult situation with lots of secrets and lies, only their love for each other can help them…but is it enough? Santori: Reborn is book two of the Santori trilogy. The story starts at the end of book 1, and we keep following Kage and Jamie in their new life together. Kage tries to understand what really happens with the Alcazar and the inheritance from his uncle, and the only way is to be close to Theo Brown. So Kage, without really wanting it, and forced by Aaron the bodyguard who helps them must work with Theo, even if it means losing Jamie and himself in the process.

I wanted to beat Kage more than he already was. I do believe that Kage is stronger with Jamie by his side. So I refused to beat him and try to understand him. I admire him for that, and I was proud of him. Then comes Peter, young Peter. I love this one. His story is interesting to read along with his journal with Kage. I want a fedora! Apr 07, Dana rated it it was amazing Shelves: m-m. Reviewed for Rainbow Gold Reviews. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. I need to start with this amazing crazy cover. Crazy because seeing Kage with a gun in his hand made me freak out a little bit.

I was so excited to read this book. Kage and Jamie are one of my very favorite couples. As they start this new journey of running the Santori business, it is a bit rocky. Kage has always had a protective streak with Jamie. Trying to keep him from the less savory aspects of the business is leaving Jamie feeling isolated and alone.

It really comes to a climax in this book as Kage tries to get close to a crooked business partner for reasons unknown to Jamie. His intentions are well and good, but the position Kage puts himself in is not. All the drama makes my stomach clench in worry, but pulls me into the story even deeper. I think it is a mark of a good storyteller when I am so invested.

There is a secondary story that runs through this book. Kage reads the diary of his late uncle, the hated Peter Santori. Hated, until I read some of the story through his point of view. As Kage reads the book, my thoughts were that he would identify with Peter and how he was pulled into this world of running a casino and trying to control his career. Kage maybe subconsciously? This trilogy has parallel stories that focus on how men can become monsters.

John Wick 3: Parabellum: Ending Explained + Spoiler Talk Review On The Movie And Continental Series

This book is heavy as Kage struggles with living this new life and trying not to lose his heart and humanity. He needs Jamie, but trying to keep him while juggling his secrets is difficult. Things look kind of bad at the end of this book, and I desperately need the next book so I can see how the author pulls our heroes out of the mess their lives have become. If you like a book with a lot of emotion and a suspenseful plot I definitely recommend this book and the series. Apr 02, Mildred rated it it was amazing.

Suspenseful and Emotional As a huge fan of the Kage trilogy I was thrilled when the Santorini spinoff came out. Marie Black did not disappoint with Santorini Reborn. We get a clearer picture of what went on with Peter Santorini while Kage struggles to find his way in the crazy world his uncle lived in. His relationship with Jamie is failing due to all of the secrecy. Can they make it through this?

Kingsbane (The Empirium Trilogy Book II) - Claire LeGrand Book Review – Idlestuff

I cannot wait for the next book. Apr 06, Tracy Perry rated it really liked it. I'm heartbroken Kage's personality issues are difficult to bear in this book - boy's got issues to put it mildly and I can totally see some readers not wanting to deal with him anymore. On the other hand, as a reassurance, Jamie finally starts to show some amount of backbone. Kudos to him, even though he's clearly still a bit of a masochist. Gio is only 37, but made to sound much older.

Feb 15, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobook.