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Halberdier , steamship, torpedoed and sunk by U. Perthshire , water tanker. RND, Howe Battalion. Strathurie , hired trawler, minesweeper. Monday, 7 January Bellona , light cruiser. Melbourne RAN , light cruiser. Osmanieh, fleet messenger, lost 31 December Tuesday, 8 January Dee , old destroyer. Egmont , Naval Base, Malta. Wednesday, 9 January Bourne , hired paddle minesweeper. Naval Anti Aircraft Corps.

Racoon , destroyer, wrecked off N Ireland. RND, Drake Battalion. Topaze , light cruiser. Unity , destroyer. Thursday, 10 January Cornwall , cruiser. Mereddio , steamship , sailed Bilbao on 7th and then from Quiberon on 10th, disappeared ; naval casualties:. RM Labour Corps. Friday, 11 January China , hired trawler, Auxiliary Patrol. Crescent , depot ship Grand Fleet, ex-cruiser.

Cyclops , repair ship Grand Fleet. River Crake, steamship. Steam Pinnace no further information. Trent , fleet messenger. Saturday, 12 January Caradoc , light cruiser. Cyclops II , Scapa Flow. Narbrough no survivors. Opal one survivor. Stour , old destroyer. Venerable , harbour service, Portland, ex-pre-Dreadnought battleship.

Whorlton , steamship, sunk by UB. Sunday, 13 January Mischief , destroyer. Pekin , Auxiliary Patrol base, Grimsby. RNAS Dunkirk. Monday, 14 January Karnak, steamship. Research , Auxiliary Patrol depot ship, Portland. RND, Portsmouth Battalion. Tuesday, 15 January Arrogant , submarine depot ship, ex-light cruiser.

Cyclamen , fleet sweeping sloop. Eurus, steamship. President, Headquarters Ship, London. Rodino may be spelt Rodina , hired trawler, minesweeper. War Song , steamship, sunk by U. Wicklow, steamship. Wednesday, 16 January John E Lewis , hired trawler, minesweeper, mined and sunk in North Sea.

Wolf , old destroyer. Thursday, 17 January Hyacinth , old light cruiser. Kingsdyke , steamship, torpedoed and sunk by UB. London Belle , hired paddle minesweeper. Powerful , harbour training ship, Devonport, ex-cruiser. RMA Eastney.

Windsor Hall , steamship, torpedoed and sunk by UB. Friday, 18 January Gambri , hired trawler, minesweeper, mined and sunk in English Channel. RND, Plymouth Battalion. Saturday, 19 January Canada , Dreadnought battleship. Diana , old light cruiser. St Clair, steamship, damaged by U. Trocas , Admiralty-chartered oiler, torpedoed and sunk by UC. Sunday, 20 January Euraylus , cruiser. Louvain , armed boarding steamer, torpedoed and sunk by UC. Raglan , monitor, sunk. Royal Naval Air Service, flying in Sopwith Baby tractor biplane seaplane, carrying out attack on Goeben, shot down in flames.

Mechanician , commissioned escort ship, torpedoed and sunk by UB. Monday, 21 January Hindustan , pre-Dreadnought battleship. Locust , old destroyer, all drowned. Louvain , armed boarding steamer , lost on 20th. Raglan , monitor , lost on 20th. Royal Naval Air Service, flying in Sopwith F1 Camel tractor biplane scout, taking part in general engagement, collided with German Albatros scout, locked together and crashed near Staden, Belgium. Tuesday, 22 January Centurion , Dreadnought battleship. Pelican , destroyer. Sapphire , light cruiser.

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HMS Narbrough and Opal, killed and died, casualty lists, January

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Naval History and Heritage Command

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