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Langley Castle retains many of its original features, and all of its magnificent ambience. On checkout, you will get to select your preferred DM from among the following inimitable line-up:. Dave Walters is a motivator and storyteller. Alcuin Gersh - A veteran Game Master and Actual Play Twitch streamer, Alcuin Gersh brings his background in the visual arts and passion for storytelling and mythology in to the games he runs.

And good luck trying to get out of one of those. Reserve you place at the castle with a deposit now, and we will invoice you for the balance of the registration, which will vary depending on your selections at check-out. Note, all dietary requirements can be accommodated. Deposits are refundable within 24 hours of registration. The balance of payment is payable 90 days before the event. Once you register, you will be contacted to begin building your character.

When you arrive at the castle, you will receive a custom player pack, with all gaming supplies. Each DM will run their campaign for 2 of the 3 gaming sessions each day, and during the remaining session, there will be one-offs and other activities to join in if you wish. Select your accommodation from the options given on check-out. The Encampment is a fantasy glamping experience all of its own. Our luxury canvas tents are kept cosy with their own wood-burning stoves, and there are hot showers and indoor and outdoor toilets for use of our guests.

All prices are for all 4 nights and include all taxes and fees. Guest rooms and suites are either in the castle, or overlooking the castle in the coverted outbuildings on the castle grounds. All rooms are en suite. Rooms are priced per room, and there is no additional charge for extra guests, though capacity is limited to the number listed.

Since rooms vary in size and luxury, they are booked separately. Leading up to the retreat, we will work with you to develop your character and prepare for the game. When you arrive, you will receive a character kit, including swag from our sponsors. There are no hidden fees and no additional costs. Transportation from Stoke on Trent to Caverswall Castle will be made available to all guests. Will there be anything for me to eat? We can accommodate any and all dietary needs as long as we know about them in advance.

Pride Mates

Just let us know about them when you register. Options may be limted if we don't know your needs well in advance. You can share your room with your partner, or with a friend. You will be given an option for that upon checkout, and your invoice will reflect that. Registration itself cannot be split. Can I stay in a nearby hotel and just come for the day to play?

Registration is part of the accommodation package, and not available separately. No unregistered guests are permitted in the castle during the retreat. Early on I knew that Rod possessed the right qualifications. I love Rod as much as anything, for his fluffy french-toast — a substantial helping of which I consumed the next morning. With this business out of the way, Steven and I got to rapping about his passion for finding and identifying lost Canadian literature — books that few others know about.

You can learn more about it by listening to our conversation here:. We talked about Thomas James T.

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As a result of a dispute over the rights to the Doves Type, Cobden-Sanderson famously threw them, along with their punches and matrices, into the Thames. Listen to my conversation with Will here. Several weeks ago I came into possession of about twenty of them thanks to a very satisfying biblio-transaction with Pradeep Sebastian , a fellow bibliomaniac who has written extensively on our shared affliction. As a result his shelves are packed. He kindly responded in the affirmative, and took most of what remained in the car. As a result I came away with several coveted items, including.

Here ends my very successful book-trading and interviewing safari to Southern Ontario, undertaken in the late Fall of The adventure began in my book-filled storage cave in Ottawa. This picture was taken after twelve boxes full were removed and crammed into my car. A local bookseller, Bill Cameron, had told me about Attic Books several years ago. Owner Marvin Post likes to move books — buys and sells lots of them — turnover is good for business he says. Marvin — depending upon what you bring him of course — will take a whole whack: ten boxes worth this time round.

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Now granted, my books were pretty good, but most booksellers just wont do what Marvin does. I arrived late. Of the many I listened to that afternoon, perhaps the best was with Diana Athill. Absolutely delightful. She talks of Andre Deutsch, and of her experience publishing books over many decades. So glad I bought a signed copy of her Life Class a few years ago from Dan Mozersky she died recently at the age of And the episode on Simone de Beauvior?

He and I met at a table near the Books on Books section on the 2nd floor of his building. This is one of my favourite spaces in all of Canadian bookstoredom. Where else will you find a run of Big-Little books. One of the best parts of our conversation, to my mind, is when the book elevator kicks-in, accompanied by chiming hot water pipes.

It was off-season so nothing was on. I met up with my friend David Monkhouse who, being the renaissance man that he is, in mid-life was completing his second year of study at the Stratford Chefs School.

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We headed off to the only two used bookstores in town. Owner, Manfred Meurer — who looked remarkably young for his 80 years — told me he planned to close shop in the Spring of That evening Dave and I went out to eat at the School. The menu was fashioned after one developed by chef Grant Achatz whose Chicago restaurant Alinea had earlier in the year been voted the best in the world! Canadians sure are pathetic when it comes to valuing their dead authors.

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Gallant is outstanding. A signed edition of hers should be worth way more than this. All I can say is that there are a lot of very decent used book dealers plying their trade in Canada today, including John Poag here. Make a point of getting to know some of your local bibliopoles.

D&D in a Castle - Round 4

You wont regret it. We engaged in a good discussion about Jack, A Life with Authors. Here I offered up what remained of my books to owner Lyn Barlow. More on this later. To be Continued. Literary Tourist in Madrid We flew into Madrid. The former is lined with vending stalls, most of which sell books — albeit not that aggressively. Quarry Bank Mill, now a heritage site owned by the National Trust, is a great example of what a working cotton mill was like during the time of North and South.

Located about 12 miles outside of Manchester city however, a day out exploring the cotton mill and estate will give you a great background into the history of the cotton industry. With many of the machinery still in the working spaces, the cotton mill gives you a chance to watch and feel the power of the cotton machinery at work, demonstrated by the technical team.

Haunted Locations of Victoria, Vancouver Island

You can also see inside some of the homes of the mill workers, read about some of the workers who lived in the village, and learn more about the domestic practices of those who worked at Quarry Bank. There is also an apprentice house on site, where you can experience where as many as 90 children lived and slept away from their families whilst working at the mill in exchange for food, clothing and a place to stay. For example, tour guide John Aiker of Walk Manchester, gives a tour to explore the warehouses, mills, schools and markets during the Industrial Revolution called Industrial Walks.

September cannot come fast enough. How exciting is it that the whole cast is coming back for the movie? But, I digress. Unsurprisingly, there are several different kinds of Downton Abbey tour groups. Do your research on trip advisor to find the right kind of tour for you, with transportation and costs you are comfortable with. Because Highclere Castle has a real history of its own, things like the gift shop and many of the displays are focused on the family that lives there and the furnishings that has been collected by them.

People expecting to come home with scores of Downton memorabilia at Highclere Castle will be disappointed, most of their merchandising is focused on Highclere itself. Whether you are driving by yourself or in a tour, the walk to the castle is not a short one, and there is little wheelchair accessibility around the grounds. Highclere Castle does not allow photography inside the house, but places around Bampton and Cogge farm do! Though it is disappointing not to be able to take pictures inside Highclere castle, its totally understandable when it comes to preserving artifacts.

The quaint town of Bampton allows pictures wherever you venture around! It was a treat to be able to take pictures inside St. Hughes and Mr.

Carson got married. Bampton is mostly just a quiet, small town in the Cotswolds. As it is a real town, there is not much more than the church or library to see and the exterior of the Crawley home. But its well worth it just for a walkthrough, its absolutely adorable! The farm has memorabilia from Downton Abbey scattered around the farm, and a short film to show you the process of filming that went on. There is a small gift shop and seating area for a cup of tea, and plenty of ponies, sheep and chickens to visit with for a more relaxed afternoon.

Highclere Castle is not always jam packed, but just be aware there can be long lines, sometimes in the rain to get through the front door. Make sure to pack an umbrella or raincoat if the forecast is looking dodgy, just in case there is a wait outside before you go in! If you are from the UK, or are renting a car, you can go to these places separately, and Bampton is completely free to drive through. Some of the tours will also include accommodations and meals, which can be worth it compared to paying expensive prices at the cafe in Highclere Castle.

You can just as easily get tickets to these places separately and read up on trivia, but sometimes making new friends on a tour is more fun! If you go with a tour, doing specialty events like Afternoon Tea at Highclere castle may not be feasible with the time constraints of the tour. It seems like every other day there is something new on Netflix. Most nights, the average introvert struggles to want to leave the house after her brain has turned off for the day.

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  • Mémoire sur le paupérisme Suivi de : Second mémoire sur le paupérisme (texte inédit).: édition intégrale (Documents) (French Edition)!
  • Every summer, this traveling company of actors travel around the UK and perform a different play by William Shakespeare in a temporary, open-air theater with a relaxed atmosphere with an audience on blankets and lawn chairs. Nothing is more surreal for a period drama lover than being able to see an open-air Shakespeare play in traditional costumes inside none other than a freaking British castle!

    Most people bring there own food and drink and eat before the event begins. Along those same lines…every year these plays get more popular, so make sure and get there early to get the best seat as things are first come, first serve! Though the group were mainly known for their performances around the city, they did pack their stage up and tour when plague would threaten the theaters.

    For more history of the LCM , click here. Today, the resurrected company is around half a dozen men, give or take the current production, who switch between a multitude of characters in colorful costumes befitting the Elizabethan era. Their website details all the different castles and outdoor venues that the LCM perform at during the summer. Filled with some of the most beautiful landscapes, beaches and historical locations in the UK, North Wales often gets overshadowed by England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    But I tell you, it has some of the most spectacular views. Oh and did I mention castles? Wales has some of the best fortifications in Europe that have lasted for thousands of years. Since I live in North Wales, I am going to focus on these. Some of these views will have you realizing you should be taking a left the second you get out of Heathrow. This impressive castle is located in one of the most charming UK towns I have walked through. With a massive courtyard on the inside, and several towers to explore around, you can easily spend several hours taking a guided tour or walking through a massive Prince of Wales Chess board or Eleanor of Castile carousel exhibit.

    The castle also includes a Royal Welch Fusilier Museum that gives a unique look at the history of the Welsh military from its existence to present day. As one of the most symmetrically built castles in the world, the site is a great place to see how the stone structure of a castle is built and still survives. Beaumaris Castle is a nice place to come and see medieval fighting, archery, cooking and clothing. Once you enter into the town of Conwy, you can walk to the castle atop the long town wall. With much of its town walls still intact, Conwy gives a unique view of the town from above the historical buildings.

    The shops within the town are well worth a visit, with quality artsy products and restaurant establishments. Across from the castle you can fill your fantasy of being a knight by visiting a weapon replica shop filled with medieval swords, bows, axes, and armor.

    Dan Cruickshank - 'The Secret History of Georgian London'

    In the summer, Cowny holds movie nights and traveling Shakespeare plays, where you can grab a lawn chair, picnic and blanket and be entertained inside the castle and under the stars. Unlike the other castles, the inside of Penryhn is completely furnished, with expensive artwork, furniture and interior design.

    Built during the peak of the slate mining industry by Richard Pennant, the castle serves as a bitter reminder of the inequality in wealth between the owners of the mines and the hardworking Welsh miners. Outside of the castle, there is also a railway museum that features beautifully restored engines and locomotive cars. With a large estate attached for exploring, picnics or Saturday runs, Penrhyn is a perfect location to feel like a Grantham for the day. Chirk Castle is proof of that, with its rock garden, meticulously cut hedges and maze courtyard.

    Built for Edward I, the fortress has been converted into a grand living space for the influential Myddleton family. At the entrance, there is a lovely gift shop and tea room, as well as a large used book collection with interesting titles. The largest privately owned home in the United States, it was built in and is situated over almost 7, acres.

    It has over rooms, and has some of the most amazing artifacts, furniture and artwork in America. Currently, the Biltmore Estate is as much a brand as it is a historical home, as it has hotels, restaurants, a winery, riding stables and all sorts of segway and land rover tours. So going to Biltmore is a day long adventure, and for locals like myself, the Estate does an amazing job at changing out displays and tours every season, bringing in new and interesting things to experience year after year.

    One such exhibit is period movie costume displays all throughout the house. Starting in , The Biltmore House had costumes from Downton Abbey from characters throughout the show, and being able to look at the costumes of the characters I was watching on tv for many seasons was a pretty surreal experience! The displays also had artifacts from time periods of the movies, such as this First Edition Peter Pan book by J. It is so neat to be able to see some of the elaborate dresses from period films, to look at the details, the tiny waists of the actresses or the height of the actors.

    The costumes perfectly match the rooms in Biltmore, like this dress from The Golden Bowl which was worn by Uma Thurman in The artistry of costumes like these that are made personally for the actor bring the film to life, like these dresses that are featured in the Breakfast Room from the film Twelfth Night.

    More recent films were also featured, including the version of Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska. My personal favorite was being able to see the costumes from the version of Pride and Prejudice. Looking at the costumes that Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle wore for the film right there in front of me was so exciting, and made me feel as if I was right there in the movie with them.

    These types of displays normally run for several months, but if you happen to not be in North Carolina during this time, the next display is the costumes from the Titanic from February 9 to May 13, There were acrobatics, performances, reenactors, jousts, amazing food and artisan crafts and gifts. Walking around, there was all kinds of workers and attendees dressed in different times in history, some even in elaborate Halloween costumes and Steampunk cosplay. As I went around to the different shops, I realized how many unique things I was interested in, and how great some of these gifts would be Christmas time!

    Most fairs are from around August to November, so a perfect time to plan before Christmas, though they happen all year long in different locations. This was one of my favorite stalls at the fair. The store has many different options of sizes of documents, framed or unframed, or things like hand stitched embroideries and crest rings if you want to wait for the items to be delivered.

    This fun stocking stuffer is a great gift to give to friends who love hot drinks or just want to decorate their portable mug!