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The movement was suppressed in , and Saldanha, condemned to death for his activities, became an exile. Lilly Library: Miscellaneous mss. It grants a safe-conduct for the Portuguese ship St. John "of 80 tons or thereabouts" of Lisbon, manned by a Portuguese and Spanish crew, "whereof is Master Peter Fernandes, Spaniard," freighted for a voyage to Bahia in Brazil, to load a cargo of sugar, brazilwood, and other commodities. The passport afforded protection not only against interference and seizure by any English privateers and men-of-war, but also earnestly desired all Dutch "and other places being in good league and amitie with her Magesty" to do likewise.

The safe-conduct includes the ship's return voyage which may be made to London, Flushing, or Hamburg. A very interesting example of the importance of Hanseatic merchants in the Brazil trade.

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Figueiredo's navigational works were the first to include pilot guides for the routes to Brazil. Such guides provided directions for ships involved in the triangular trade between Portugal, Africa, and Brazil. The edition shown is an enlarged version of the edition. Following the discovery of diamonds in Minas Gerais in the early part of the 18th century, the Portuguese crown attempted to control diamond mining and trade by various restrictive regulations which were never completely satisfactory.

In , a series of contracts were initiated, providing for the mining of diamonds on a monopoly basis. Rodrigues, Also shown is an original share certificate of the Companhia de Pernambuco e Paraiba, issued in January Rocha was a Portuguese secular priest whose book discussed the subject of the duties of a slave owner to his slaves, and criticized both the institution of slavery and the African slave trade.

It was written for circulation among Brazilian sugar planters and is very rare today. Bishop Coutinho, a prolific and controversial writer, expressed himself on many contemporary subjects, such as the slave trade, the gold mines of Brazil, and church-state affairs. His work on commercial relations of Portugal with her colonies, shown here in its first edition, has been translated into English. This edition also contains a revised version of his "Memoria sobre o preso do Asucar" first published by the Academia Real das Sciencias in This broadside proclamation signed by Manoel Moreira de Figueiredo announces the decision of the Prince Regent to offer prizes and other emoluments to those who introduce the cultivation of spices and other useful plants.

Prior to the publication of this volume on the production of milk, cheese, and butter, Veloso had issued a series of ten volumes, also translations of foreign works, on the cultivation of various plants. The translations issued under the protection of the Prince Regent were intended to help improve the status of agriculture in Brazil but unfortunately were received with little interest.

Cabral, Annaes da Imprensa nacional , no. Folio, unbound. The political alliance between Portugal and England was not an unmixed blessing for the Braganza regime and had special implications for Brazil. England first demanded special concessions in the matter of trade and commerce and, after abolishing its slave trade in , turned its efforts toward forcing Portugal to do the same.

Father Daniel was a Jesuit who spent 18 years as a missionary in the Amazon region. The manuscript for the first five parts is in the Bibliotheca Nacional of Rio, and that of the sixth part in Evora. The first edition of the fifth part is shown. A native of Minas Gerais, Costa was graduated from Coimbra in law. His book presented ideas for the economic development of Brazil and the abolition of the slave trade — ideas which were unusual for the times.

Folio, in wrappers. Wishing to have a means of expressing his gratitude to those British subjects who had been instrumental in the escape of his court from the French invasion of Portugal, the Prince Regent proclaimed the revival of the Order of the Sword on his arrival in Rio de Janeiro. This order, to be known as the Ordem da Torre e Espada, was a nonreligious Portuguese order of knighthood. This justification of the Portuguese declaration of war on France following the French invasion of Portugal in outlines the circumstances leading to the declaration and the conditions for a peaceful resumption of relations between the two countries.

The royal decree, dated October 12, , concerns the circulation and processing of gold dust in Minas Gerais, and the text of the regulation gives provisional laws on the minting of coins and the conditions for the circulation of Spanish coins in specified areas of Brazil. With the coming of the Portuguese court to Brazil, a period of institutional reform and the creation of new institutions for improvement of cultural and economic life was initiated. In Rio de Janeiro, Carlota received a delegation from Buenos Aires, but her unfavorable reaction to the idea of a constitutional regency and her own husband's opposition brought her negotiations with the Spanish colonists to an unfruitful end.

Materials in the Lilly Library relating to the Carlota affair include the page expediente which is shown, and a selection of printed pamphlets in Spanish and Portuguese expressing the viewpoints of those concerned. This curious and little-known work is an account of their voyage in the Portuguese ship S. The transfer of the Portuguese court to Rio de Janeiro signalled the end of the Portuguese trade monopoly and the opening of Brazilian ports to all friendly nations. Great Britain, as Portugal's ally and protector against the French, was quick to demand a privileged trade relation with Brazil.

The document shown, a convention signed by the Conde de Linhares and Lord Strangford, authorized the establishment of the first packet line between Great Britain and Brazil. This memorial, a personal justification of his conduct in office, is also useful for its insights into the political life of the times.

The copy exhibited has the owner's stamp of the Duke of Palmela on the title page. Needless to state, this important step along the road toward separation and independence was not favorably received in Portugal. In this letter to an unnamed friend, Dom Pedro expresses his views regarding the Portuguese constitution and the relations between Brazil and Portugal. In these letters to his father, Dom Pedro expresses obedience but points out the dissatisfaction in Brazil with political events in Portugal and the growing sentiment for independence.

The Brazilian deputies were treated with scorn, however, and their demands were not heeded. This Portuguese periodical notes with satisfaction the departure of the Brazilians, printing the word deputados upside down to demonstrate disdain for the Brazilian representatives. The final page of number 4 is shown. As sentiment for independence grew in Brazil, Dom Pedro created a council of representatives of the various provinces.

When Pedro signed a decree taking this decisive step it only remained for independence to be declared by his famous cry of "Independence or death," at Ypiranga on September 7, Although Brazil is noted among nations for the relative ease with which independence was achieved, the movement was not entirely without controversy and apprehension, particularly in the provinces. Baluarte constitucional , a pro-Portuguese periodical published in Bahia, is representative of the Mendel Collection holdings of pamphlets and periodicals issued by the dissident press.

A reprinting of an issue of the Diario do Governo which describes a session of the General Assembly of the newly formed Brazilian empire Imperio do Brazil. When it was learned that the mission was not empowered to recognize the independence of Brazil, their ship was seized and the members of the group were forced to return to Portugal immediately. Lilly Library: Stuart mss. The recognition of Brazilian independence by Portugal was the final phase of the Brazilian independence movement. It was the vital step toward nationhood which allowed Brazil to normalize its relations with the rest of the world while permitting the stabilization of its economic, social, and political institutions.

The last bond between Portugal and Brazil was severed on August 29, , when Portugal, through its English negotiator, Sir Charles Stuart , recognized Brazil's independence. The document is from the Stuart manuscript collection. The Reverend Mr. Walsh accompanied Lord Strangford to Brazil as chaplain of an embassy seeking to heal the breach between Portugal and Brazil by arranging the marriage of Dom Pedro's brother Miguel with his daughter, Maria da Gloria, Queen of Portugal.

Lilly Library call number: M G63 G U7 R5. Lilly Library call number: QK P17 B2. Lilly Library call number: DS S79 The materials exhibited are from the Mendel Collection, the Manuscripts Division, and the general collection of the Lilly Library, with the exception of several books in the Literature section, from the personal library of Dr.

Heitor Martins, and several manuscript items from the personal collection of Dr. Boxer, which were graciously loaned by the owners.

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The exhibit was prepared and the descriptive notes for the catalog were written by Mayellen Bresie, Mendel Collection Librarian, with the advice and assistance of Dr. Martins, Dr. Boxer, and the Lilly Library staff. Beginning with Discovery, exhibit catalogues and other publications from The Lilly Library are numbered consecutively. A list of the unnumbered publications most are out of print issued prior to this numbered series follows:.

Designed and edited by the Indiana University Office of Publications, one thousand copies of this catalogue have been printed. The text was set in point Baskerville; the stock is pound Carnival Offset. Introduction Catalogue Supplement. Brazil from discovery to independence : An exhibition commemorating the th anniversary of the declaration of Brazilian independence on September 7, : A machine-readable transcription Lilly Library Indiana University, Bloomington Transcribed from: Lilly Library Indiana University, Bloomington.

Brazil from discovery to independence : an exhibition commemorating the th anniversary of the declaration of Brazilian independence on September 7, Lilly Library, Bloomington, IN 48 p. Copia der Newen eytung i. Zeytung ausz Presilg Landt. Venetia, Stamperia de Givnti, Lilly Library call number: G G vault.

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Madrid, Imprenta del Reyno, A vault. Paris, Chez Cardin Besongne, Historia de los descvbrimientos, entradas, y redvccion de naciones. Paris, Veuve Pissot, S74 vault. C61 H Felipe II. Lisboa, J. Rodriguez, Lisboa, V. K4 B4. Lisboa, Officina de Pascoal da Sylva, O69 M Lisboa, Miguel Rodrigues, F99 D Diccionario portuguez e brasiliano, obra necessaria aos ministros do altar. Primeira parte. Lisboa, Na Officina patriarcal, Lilly Library call number: PM Lisboa, Paulo Craesbeeck, Lilly Library call number: BX B8 A Lisboa, H.

Valente de Oliueira, V33 vault. In his Sermoens. Lisboa, V6 S Dated at Bahia, 10 August Signed and dated Ms. Coimbra, Real Collegio das Artes da Comp. B15 C Lisboa Occidental, Officina da Musica, B82 M Lisboa, Nova officina Sylviana, V65 B2. Ulyssipone Lisbon , Ex typis Michaelis Rodrigues, A5 M Anvers, Christophle Plantin, Lilly Library call number: E T4 vault. Madrid, F. Martinez, Rodriguez, ]. Rervm per octennivm in Brasilia et alibi nuper gestarum, sub praefectura illustrissimi Comitis I. Amstelodami, J. Blaev, Primera parte.

V65 C Galram, F8 N9 vault. Parte I. Entrepresa e restavracao de Pernambuco Lisboa, A. Craesbeeck de Mello, Behelzende Al het geen op dezelve is voorgevallen Beneffens Een bondige besch-rijving van gantsch Neerlants Brasil Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs, Les campagnes de Duguay-Trouin. Lilly Library call number: DC D9 C Colophon: [Lisboa, Iorge Rodrigues, ]. Lilly Library call number: DP Printed document, completed in manuscript. Dated Recife, 22 August, 1 1. Dated 17 March Quimper, Jean Perier, [ ?

B3 M Lisboa, Occidental, J. Lisboa, Francisco Luiz Ameno, Lisboa, Typografia da mesma Academia, Batavorvm, apud Franciscum Hackium et Amstelodami, apud Lud. Elzevirium , Lilly Library call number: QH Lisboa Occidental, M. Rodrigues, ; and, Lisboa, Manoel da Silva, Lisboa, Joze' Antonio Plates, ; and, Exame de bombeiros. Madrid, Francisco Martinez Abad, A45 E M67 Lisboa, Typographia chalcographica Lilly Library call number: RM I7 G Lilly Library call number: RA J62 Q3. Hei por bem. London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, etc. Paris, Delaunay, Frankfurt, H.

W64 vault. Lindauer, Lisboa, Officina de Henrique Valente de Oliueira, Lilly Library call number: BV J8 S Practicas pregadas no Collegio da Bahia Lisboa, Officina de Ioam da Costa, Lisboa, Officina de Francisco Luiz Ameno, V65 V Lisboa, Officina de Francisco da Silva, Lisboa, M. Sollano, Lisboa, Offic. Lilly Library call number: BJ P4 and Lilly Library call number: F P4 Coimbra, Officina de Luiz Secco Ferreira, Poema heroi-comico A46 D II : Lisboa, Typografia Lacerdina, Lilly Library call number: PR A1 P8 H4 P7 O92 P Coimbra, Imprensa da Universidade, Signed and dated, London, 24 January Lilly Library call number: VK F47 De ll de agosto de P85 L3.

Lilly Library call number: HF C7 I5. Lilly Library call number: HT Lisboa, Oficina da Academia, Dated at Rio de Janeiro, August 7, Lilly Library call number: SB Lisboa, Typographia. Lilly Library call number: HD A25 Lilly Library call number: TN Diario da Viagem de S.

Madrid, Emprensa de D. Miguel de Burgos, C2 D5. Rio de Janeiro, Imprensa Nacional, Folio, in decorative wrapper. A9 A3. Sou portanto Servido, e Me Praz Ordenar o seguinte. Dated and signed January 28, Magestade o Senhor D. Pedro de Alcantara. Lisboa, Imprensa Nacional, P37 C O Contra-Censor pela Galeria: Semanario politico.

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Baluarte Constitucional. Bahia, Typographia da Viuva Serva, e Carvalho, Extracto do Diario do Governo do Rio de Janeiro. Assemblea Geral do Imperio. Reimpresso em Pernambuco [] Folio, unbound. Lilly Library call number: J6.


Relatorio dos Commissarios enviados por S. P85 R Dated November 22, Boston and New York, London, for T. Cadell and W. Davies, London, J. Carvalho Rios, E. Muller da Fonseca, A. The "Byne Disease" or Eflorescence. Tarasconi, J. Guimaraes Prado, A.

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From: La Palma 40 Madrid, Spain. Published by Pinacoteca, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Condition: Very Good. Text in Portuguese. Clean and tight, pages, color reproduction on almost every page, small stain on bottom page edge, else fine 0 Size: 30cms X 23cms.