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So as she got older, I got less neurotic, and that seemed to work fine. My husband, however, would definitely prefer she not crawl on the floor! Good for the immune system! It puts something between her and the environment and the poor environment and her! We found so long as she was thoroughly wiped down, she was fine. So there was no transporting a baby tub or stressing about bath time.

If we had a tub, great. The older she got, the more frequently she needed to be bathed as she explored the environment, but still at 13 months we bathe her a couple times a week at most. Common sense would dictate if baby is stinky or visibly dirty…perhaps a bath is in order! Otherwise, no worries. Easy flights are worth spending a little more on if you can afford to. They can get insanely expensive, so book well in advance. Either way, try to minimize connections and the length of the journey itself. Move around less. When we traveled without a baby it was two days here, a night there, three days here, and so on.

Now we pick a place that we know we love or will love, one that maybe has a few day trips in the vicinity, and simply park ourselves there. I find that makes for a much more relaxed trip when you just really soak up a destination instead of trying to cram it all in. Introducing food at 6 months on the road, a bit of our experience. Once we did introduce food, we let her try things at her own pace and we really let local norms guide us.

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If local children ate it, we let her eat it. That said, I make an exception for fruit with skins and things that can be peeled. Breakfast time at Okonomi in Brooklyn. Get recipes, guides, and tips for elevating the everyday delivered straight to your inbox—Plus our exclusive monthly newsletter, "The Art of Slow Living"! This is a great post! Wish it had been there when I had my first child 8 years ago. But then again I mostly travel abroad on my own. But no. Such a great point. Sometimes you just have to let it go. I think the key is to just adjust your expectations.

And yes! And I find travel really means we spend a TON of time with her! How timely for me! Thank you! Love all these shots of your darling baby girl! I like Imogene Willie…. Thanks for putting all of this together — super helpful! I have the Pipa by Nuna. Unless you intend to travel a lot then I would get something I knew would clip into a travel stroller. I find the stokke to be very large but very nice.

Thank you so much for sharing all of this incredible knowledge and experience, and for demystifying the concept. We felt the same. Tiring at times…but we are pretty much constantly on the road. Loved this post, ironically I just did the exact same post on my blog but my son is only 6 months old and has been to 3 countries so maybe we will catch up by one year lol.

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I love the photos and glad to see we have a lot of the same ideas! This guide is awesome, Beth! We have to get a NoseFrida asap. We have started bringing a few compact things with us for entertainment. I find wearing her, even at this weight, to be easier than a stroller. I hate pushing strollers. And she pops down to walk for bits now too of course, which is helpful.

I personally prefer mei tais and woven wraps. I might pop in with more later. Getting a bit carsick driving in the algarve right now, speaking of travel! Oh forgot two things. We found that the available rental car seats for her weight were always forward facing, NOT an option at six months and still not an option for us at 19mo. We plan to rear face as long as possible.

This may be a fluke for our particular itineraries and that our starting airport is almost always Tel Aviv, but with the timing and everything else we generally opt to take a layover in Europe we usually need to get to Miami first when flying to the states and can check bags through if we stop in Europe whereas a long flight to JFK then a flight to Florida means customs, getting bags, rechecking bags, etc etc etc. Sometimes business with a layover has been the same price as coach direct and has been worth having the space. See: giant baby. See: privilege very much checked.

So many gorgeous pictures! Amazing how changed she looks throughout the journey of your pictures! Curious about the babysitting services you use. Thank you!!! This is wildly helpful! Great suggestions! We traveled with our daughters who are now grown and living in another state all the time and I think they developed a worldly sensibility because of it. When I would drive carpool, some recollection of or connection to one of our trips always seemed to come up in conversations with their friends. I realized that the traveling we did had a profound impact on who they are, what they value, and the openness with which they regard choices, solutions, and ideas.

They know that there are beautiful people and places all over the world, so they care about the needs of others in faraway places. Traveling also helped them to define who they are as women, Americans, and Los Angelenos. We traveled to lots of other states camping and hoteling as well as other countries, as I believed it was important and fun! It can be troublesome as you have pointed out, and is as much work as it is play sometimes. So seize the opportunities when they are young!

Over 40 flights and to at least 10 countries! Woah, her achivement is greater than me! I like the picture she sit on the beach, looks she really enjoy it and sunshine. Great post! Glad to have it to send to friends. Two more things to add to the list: 1. Baby or regular Tylenol. Friends had a baby get a high fever in the air. No need to stress there. Extra shirt. Same couple recommended this to me as above. Baby blowout and husbands shirt majorly suffered.

Frustrating for him but luckily a quick flight. Such an interesting post. Not for lack of wanting to, more for financial reasons. I would love to show my kids the world. I would love to hear more about how you handle traveling in countries without easy access to potable water and with safety standards that are more lax. Did you worry about her drinking the bath water, did you take her in tuk-tuks or rickety public buses, that sort of thing?

I lived breifly in India and dream about taking my kids there someday but it also seems like such a potential minefield. I have never been anywhere without easy access to potable water. I have friends whose children drink the water simply filtered and are fane.

2. Give up your need for control

And yes, we take her everywhere the local children go. Tuk tuks and public buses included. Such a great round-up! I love reading what other traveling Mamas keep in their kit. I must admit that I always over packed with my little ones! This is a great post and I have shared it on my facebook page. Love this.

Everything about it. Our friends thought we were insane taking our little lady everywhere with us. Loved this blog post! Makes me feel a bit better about traveling to Europe with my 6-month old in 4 weeks. Been doing a lot of research, but I feel like you can never been too prepared to travel so far from home with an infant.

So now even the redesigned one has a warning to not use for babies under 1 year old. There is nothing in the tent they could potentially suffocate on. In any case, wanted to see what your thoughts were on this. Obviously, you felt it was safe enough for your at the time 4-month old to use. Great tips! I have three kids. Though they are growing at this moment, I still recalled those days when I was packing their stuff and I had to bring three big luggage for only a one-day trip to other city.

It was tiring, though I tried hard to enjoy my quality holiday with them. Thanks for the great post! We were hoping to just travel with the Ergo, no stroller. Thank you so much for sharing this! Your daughter is really cute and I love her. Brilliant tips. Good to know that packing light is possible! Did you use the cot for outdoor as well? We were thinking it might be handy for the beach. Any advice in terms of clothing? Thanks for sharing your experience.

Totally handy for the beach! I would say pack layers for clothing, so you can adapt! I always pack sizes slightly bigger than she wears so she can grow into things! Husband and I split time between Europe and U. Expecting our first in September. Thank you so much for this post! I will be traveling to a few countries this summer when my son will be 14 months. Can you provide any insight to traveling with a toddler now that your daughter is older? What toys to pack to occupy a toddler?

Nice blog. Really helpful guide for traveling with kids. I think it makes mom traveling easy and comfortable. Thanks for this amazing and helpful information. Traveling with a baby really taught. I think every mom agree with me especially for the new mom. Baby travel gear really essential for mom. I have to travel with my baby most of the times. I am searing best one for my baby. Thanks for sharing best baby travel gear. I recommend every mom to use it to make traveling easy and comfortable with the baby.

Love all the hats Eula wears!

35 Baby Travel Tips: Infant to 1 Year Old + Minimalist Baby Packing List - Local Milk Blog

Where do you buy them? The bunny hat in particular is so adorable and it seems to be unisex — my boy would look great in it I think. Traveling with a baby really tough. To make travel time comfortable baby travel gear is really essential. I have to travel with my 1 years old baby max time. I know how it makes my travel more easy and comfortable. I think all mom should use it. If we are having a baby while traveling, we have to take a lot of care. They do not have any kind of problem, so all their things should be taken with us. I read your blog and i get the some valuable information on this blog.

I found this much useful tips for baby travelling. Thanks for sharing the great information. Good Luck! She had neglected some of her basic bills such as the septic system and the vet bills for the dog in pursuit of all kinds of stuff. I used to be a sort of a pack rat but nowhere near the morbid level of my half-sister who makes me look like a minimalist in comparison. Had we been close, I would have tried to get her help but alas we were not.

She kept me at arms length. I had this issue when my mom passed away. My dad decided to move out of our old house and we had to decide on the spot what we really wanted to keep of hers or not. It was a really upsetting and stressful day because I felt like I had to decide what of hers to keep right then and there and ended up taking more than I REALLY wanted. My boyfriend has a lot harder time getting rid of his things.

He keeps going back to this logic of well I only have this amount of stuff, even though his stuff is making everything else cluttered. Oh I struggle with this so much! Some things seem to have so much meaning to me. For example — I had a great time at Mardi Gras in Mobile with my friends and came away with a ton of beads.

For the longest time, I sat with them in a bag in my closet. Then, one day, I glued them to a black canvas and features the medallion that had the year on it. I like my stuff. I get a lot of enjoyment out of most of it.

But when I die, I know that much of what makes me happy will not make my kids happy. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks this. While I would not like the idea of useful items being thrown away I hate waste I hope my kids will hold a massive garage sale and only take what is precious to them! I agree with Candice above. I too like my stuff and cleared out a lot clutter. No one should think or expect their children to keep all of their stuff.

My fear? I feel it would be a sad waste in a landfill. Of course, I am dealing with 30 yr. Ruth, I love this post! When entering college, I definitely had to learn to part with things to sell to pay for school. Now my husband says I throw too much away! But I recently just blogged about learning to say no, which goes along with being content and appreciating what you have! I would get rid of so much but my husband is a hoarder. He retired from racing cars and now feels the need to have every tool available.

Our apartment building has garages available to rent for tenants- he has 7. My daughter has become a minimalist but my son is his father but with techno stuff. No one will listen to me about getting rid of. We have trash scrappers at our building so somebody gets it. A garage sale is not feasible. What can I do? His memory is good so if I move or get rid of something he notices.

Hoarding is not just being a pack rat with a bit too much stuff. Some communities have hoarding disorder support groups and therapists that work with the people and their families. There is a lot of information online about the problem. This is a very eye opening article. We also struggle with this in our family. I recently started going through our garage and I had to do it by myself because my husband tends to hoard belongings.

It is so hard to get rid of things when you are emotionally involved in some way. I am so sorry about your losses. God Bless. Awesome points! Very good a lot of information. That is something that is hard for several of us to deal with I like recycle or giving to the needy. Thank you for all the information. Thanks for the reminder. Retirement and aging have made me realize I must get serious about the clutter in my home. I am trying to go through one room at a time but as others have mentioned it is difficult to let go. Your article and comments of others is very helpful.

I am looking forward to the freedom and peace that comes with a less cluttered life. Thank you for your article. We had from my late grandfather, hundreds of vintage camera equipment and parts. Expensive names such as Leica were there. All of the camera gear had fungus and was almost worthless. What would have sold at auction for tens of thousands of dollars… could have helped our son with college… was practically worthless. We were lucky to find people who were collecting either for quantity or spare parts.

But the lenses in particular were basically gone. I am not trying to boil this down to intense practicality, but what would have been better for the family would have been to handle it quickly and efficiently. Now the son still has student loan debt and living with parents. I will not burden my future family with a house-full of junk and bad emotions that go with it.

My biggest problem is keeping things because I think I may have used for them in the future. How can I change my thinking? Thank u for giving me permission to throw stuff out. Finally yesterday I dragged all that stuff out of the garage and threw it in the trash. It felt so good I went through my kitchen and living room and trashed a bunch more stuff.

Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard? - Jon Jandai - TEDxDoiSuthep

The big release was when I threw out my dollar mbt I will tone your butt sneakers that I barely worr that I have tried to sell and no one would even take for free. It was such a relief to just throw them in the trash. A dumpster came by later in the day and I noticed he left empty handed. Thank you. Thank you Ruth for posting this. I now see how my feelings of guilt have kept me and my house overloaded.

I will use these techniques to start clearing out my clutter, which will make my husband bery happy. She asked me to set her affairs in order and being disabled I knew where everything was in her house. I was able to alert her family to the high value and sentimental items. Exactly the kind of things I try to get across in my own blog.

Best Travel Quotes: 200 Sayings to Inspire You to Explore The World

Traveling is the best thing in the world, and you can never have enough experiences or meet too many friends when on the road. I absolutely agree regards you are never alone. I was shy when I started travelling and people asked how I could travel alone to new countries all of the time. The truth I told them is that you are always with other and new people.

You stay in the local youth hostel and within minutes are already talking to new fellow travellers. There is always a great community to become a part of. When the first time you travel alone, your entire purse is stolen… you quickly learn most of the above.

Met a girl named Mel, who kept me entertained and my mind of my troubles and helped me get money from overseas. We exchanged info. Turned out, we were both heading to Paris right after London, so we met there and wasted and entire afternoon in a park just because we wanted to have a little picnic. I added a day in Paris because she wanted me to go to Disney World with her, so I did. We still keep in contact 3 years later and are still trying to plan a reunion that will include a Disney World somewhere, as we share a love for Disney and I have already been to the 2 in the US.

I now make a list of things I definitely want to see, but I leave most of my time for sleeping, wandering, making friends, and seeing things the locals and other travelers suggest. After losing everything on your first trip out.. Excellent post. Winston Churchill once said that the only thing to fear is fear itself and that is so true.

I feel that most people never reach their potential because of the fear that keeps them bound. I recently returned from a six day trip to the coffee region of Colombia. Although, I did not see everything I wanted to, it was so nice to be able to spend quality time with my friend and some new friends that we made.

Often times, the connections we make emotionally with people are much more important then the things that we see in our travels. I made myself come and talk to strangers, be at parties with strangers, just push myself to go and talk with the locals. Well, this has always revealed amazing experiences ad opportunities for me and usually made things happen that turned crucial for my entire trip. Fate or coincidence — nobody knows, but daring to go into the unknown makes wonders. Thank you for this great article! I can be pretty shy, and I found smaller hostels are better at making friends and meeting people.

Why did they want to be my friend? The truth is though, every traveller was that first, scared, what am I doing? Nice article Matt. I guess I should have read the article before. I am an introvert and too shy to talk with new people when I travel. This is so crucial. Sound advice and very true. First time Traveling is a whirlwind of emotions. I am traveling to Europe for the first time next week and I can feel every word of what you said.

But in the end what you said makes me feel relaxed for a bit. After all it is always good to know that you are not alone in this! Thanks for this! Travel blogs make me feel inspired again instead of stuck and bitter. One teeny thing I noticed in your wording is the words introvert vs.

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A tip i would give to those wanting to travel is to go into it with a positive mind frame and everything else will fall into place. Lastly i would say enjoy it to the fullest as who knows when you will be back in that place therefore you should soak up every moment which comes your way when on your travels. Thanks, Matt! Conquering that was huge for me, and definitely not easy. This sounds so very awesome. I am used to traveling right now as I have lived in Europe before moving back to the United States and have been to Guatemala about 8 times.

I am actually getting ready for my next trip which will be to Chile in September for two weeks. It was a trip that I told my friend i would do once i graduated college and got on my feet and with some people i know dying recent, i decided to go ahead and click the book button for my trip.

I have some friends that live there so I am excited to be traveling further south this year. I definitely want to take my time with this trip and just enjoy being south of the equator for the first time in my life. Hey everyone! Due to the age of this post and the difficulty in moderating thousands of posts for spam, comments for this post have been turned off. I frequently post and reply to threads over there! Travel slow. Get a phone. Go with the flow. Let life unfold.