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Substantial research shows that humility predicts effective leadership.

What humility is

Humility is associated with minimizing status differences, listening to subordinates, soliciting input, admitting mistakes and being willing to change course when a plan seems not to work. Hogan argues that Steve Jobs was a charismatic leader who was successful despite himself. Look what has happened to Apple after Jobs left and look what has happened at Ford after Mullaly left.

Apple got better; Ford fell apart. Executive Coach Debbie Rynda for Aziz Corporate believes that those leaders who are able to be vulnerable and show their humility attract quality people to work with them and go that extra mile. A more recent example of a humble leader in the sporting area is England Football manager Gareth Southgate.

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Adrian Lock, senior consultant and program leader for strategic leadership at Roffey Park Institute, points out that Southgate is no flashy charismatic figure. A classically humble guy.

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Jesus shattered conventional views of leadership by demonstrating the kind of humble leadership he wanted from his disciples by washing their feet-the job of the lowest rank servant in the house at that time. Later the Prophet Mohammed and Mahatma Gandhi were inspired by this example, modeling and encouraging a humble style of leadership in their followers. Humility is a very important trait in leadership, comments Bernd Vogel, professor in leadership and director of Henley Center for Leadership at Henley Business School.


It signals that they appreciate the contribution of others. But what evidence exists to prove that humble leadership is good for business?

When Management Becomes Dirt: Leading With Humility

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Login here. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel. Famous leaders are often praised for their passion, assertiveness, focus and intelligence. However, when CEOs were asked to name the most important quality people desire in their leaders, they gave a surprising answer—humility. The others are honor, heart, and humor.

When you lead with humility, people will naturally gravitate toward your ideas and your vision. The result: Better sharing of resources, less conflict between divisions and departments, and better decision making throughout. What self-respecting leader would choose to be associated with the Dickensian interpretation aka Uriah Heep from David Copperfield? But this interpretation is wrong. As digitalisation and AI have become inextricably intertwined with our thinking, behaviours and actions, tapping into our curiosity, learning and good interpersonal skills positions the humble leader as a catalyst, differentiating human from machine and boosting performance and productivity.

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Achieving this requires new thinking. Knowing uninvites inclusion or questioning. In his book From Good to Great , Jim Collins noted the two characteristics separating the best from the rest, as the combination of humility partnered with a tenacity to always do what is right for the company. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney in the context of globalisation being seen as creating inequality recently stated that to win trust, successful leaders need to show humility and empathy.