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Search for:. Science Health Culture Environment. Share this Article. You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4. When is it time for seniors to forgo cancer screening? With BrainNet, 3 people play Tetris with their minds. Stay Connected. Subscribe to our Newsletter. This conundrum CAN be unraveled, but it takes perseverance and some coin. Stop the visits to the barista, devoting the money instead to protecting yourself from certain premature death. Food grade diatomaceous earth pulls toxins, heavy metals, radiation, and parasites out of the body. Just google "food grade diatomaceous earth testimonials" for some very beneficial information.

Cleared up a chronic respiratory infection for me; lowered blood pressure for someone I know. Hello Karl Schreiber : Good question. Tip o' the pen to Robert.

How do you get vitamin D?

Right on. There are many good pages regarding this herb. Thank you very much for your kind advice! I got some detox experience already and am successfully using Chlorella, vitamins, black walnut fluid and herbs. No aluminum was found fortunately enough. Maybe due to the remedies already applied. There are a lot of good detox products in the US, according to my investigations. The problem is that they are not available in Germany and there would be problems with the customs importing them. But there are a couple of shops in the UK. I found one offering diatomaceous earth.

Will give it a try. These crimes must be stopped. Don't ask what our sky looked like this evening! I'm so fed up…! Something's up here in the Midwest, St. Louis area. Today is the first day in memory that I cannot locate a single trail anywhere across the entire horizon. In fact, for this region, it is remarkably clear and cloud free today.

We have not had a sky like this in many, many months. Maybe longer. The question is….. Nonetheless, I cannot help but be seduced by the relatively clear blue sky though still silvery, but not as much as "usual". Is this blue sky, with much brighter than usual sunlight, actually a psy-op in and of itself?

It seems many are noticing changes in "strategy" in their respective regions. Hi Marc, Don't know if you read a post of mine last week, but we had two days in a row of clear blue skies. And Heat. I voiced that because the heat was so oppressive, it made me almost wish for trails to clouds! Then, had the shocking notion that might have been the purpose! So, I agree how F'd up it is now to be suspicious of a clear blue sky. Did you experience way more heat that day?

On the flip side, my plants just loved it as did my chickens who normally run to shade or under some kind of cover-they sunbathed, just soaking it up. The same can be said for Mendocino County, California. Relatively clear blue skies, but still laced with a flourescent silvery glow. The jet trails have morphed to a more classic con trail appearance.

The weather engineers are using a less showy formula perhaps. The situation here has been triple digit Fahrenheit temperatures for many weeks. To have such a period of this much heat is unusual. And there are forest fires around the area. We get tropical clouds from Mexico but little if any precipitation.

The entire westher is majorly screwed up. Your area description of the chemtrail changes seems to match what is going on here. Hi Rachel. But a VERY weird sky full of distinct cloud formations that didn't have anything to do with one another. Unrelated cloud structures all tossed together in one big sky. Just plain stupid.

Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal. The insanity goes on where ever I have traveled! CO, all of CA! They are spraying all over! Some more than others! Same type milky sky's! Hot sun! UV is deadly! Gobs of people on their cells! Towers everywhere! Many issues to talk to people about!

Top secret cure for cancer, influenza and disease is exposure to Vitamin D producing sunlight

My family thinks I'm nuts so what do I care what others think of me! I think they are nuts for not seeing what I see! Time to go deal with real world! I have been living all over Mexico the past 6 years and we are being sprayed here as well. Now I wake in the mornings to chemtrails across the sky and white skies…….

Today the patterns changed. Instead of slicing the sky from ear to ear, the planes are making slashes and dashes. So, there we a slightly different group stand and a plane makes a gash right in plain view, spray on, spray off. I point it out again. One guy acknowledges it! He returns about half an hour later. The gash was still in the same place, but had time to start spreading out, which I pointed out. He nodded. The group remained silent, no naysaying whatsoever. I think we made a small breakthrough, all because the asswipes doing it made such an obvious presentation, like powerpoint in the sky, and I wasnt flying solo.

Herd mentality is programmed into the american psyche. Our task is to shepherd them into greener pastures, wolves be damned. I dont care if I annoy the flock, like a Blue Heeler nipping at ankles. Eventually, they will find security in it as our herd grows. I too think you made a break through. I try to appeal to individuals logical abilities.

Observation such as do you see that? I work SRM and geoengineering into the conversation so that the terminology sinks in. I then talk about how it spreads out just like crop spraying and that the process is so simple to carry out as the process its very similar to how they spray crop land with pesticides.

sun wars vitamin d the history of a man made epidemic Manual

How after it was observed that when planes stopped flying the temps went up. All logical and widely known technology. I then say, just like the crop spraying process their are official patents and images of this phenomenon widely available on the net. I reply, well money for one. If these are government or more specifically military contracts the vendors may have signed confidentiallity agreements. This is often standard practice and the public finds out about things like stealth bombers or the health effects of chemicals like agent orange decades later. Do you believe what you can see or what you are told?

I choose to wonder about what I see and do research. Some people lives are so inundated with work, their kids activities and other obligations that they do not have the time to look up, observe and question why the skies have these spray lines that spread out. I have always been curious and need to know what is that.

See a Problem?

The concept is so simple, the technology already in practice in the agricultural industry. Around or 05 when there were 30, official deaths from the heat wave that struck Europe the sightings of SRM became common around the world. It just makes sense that this is a government program using well known technology to diminish the amount of solar energy and by extension the heat reaching the surface of the planet.

The scary thing is that the reflective nano particles are toxic and eventually reach the water we drink and the air we breath. The natural response to ridicule or an argumentive personality is to be confrontational or angry. I try to set a tone that avoids this sort of response. If the personal is unreachable, I just walk away. I have noticed the more I talk to people the better response. I think you just get better at engaging people. If you can joke around and create a dialog that appeals to their intellect and curiousity it works.

In my experience, confrontational and emotional getting upset exchanges do not work. T-shirts are a great idea. I'd like one showing a 3-D Earth from space, on an indigo background that says "Clean up your room— your mother doesn't live here any more" on the front and on the back, "STOP geoengineering! The NIH abstract for this information is found on their website, too. Play this video from , because first part of it 40 minutes is repeated. I love it when people include links to PubMed. PubMed is an excellent source for peer reviewed medical literature.

Great reference materials for lawsuits…. Many persons are complaining about stunted plants, or plants that die right at the root line. Living on a farm for over 20 yrs. Seeing recently planted organic blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry plants with new growth as well as older established branches shriveling and wilting randomly. Also okra, bannana peppers and tomatos showing signs of mutation, growing curled or doubled together. Those responsible for the demise of earth's natural systems must be punished as harshly as they are treating the earth.

I'm having garden problems also, stunted plants and some are going to seed early? The plants that are doing well I will save seed instead of eating, maybe next year I will have a more chem-resistant garden? Check into how to detox. I have a list of things I do but I just want tho mention this.

Just look into overall "wellness" — inside and out. Raise your vibrations. I guess it has to get worst for the masses to act upon this. I continue to spread the word and every chance I get I'm mentioning this. I was at a town hall meeting and even though I did get picked to asked the panel Senator Norcross and others I submitting my Geo question and they still haven't responded.

I call my local airport and they say they don't know what it is, they told me to call the EPA and I got no response from them. I got no response from the Clean Air Council too. Gee I wonder why? It never ends but neither do I. Too many people still do not know about these programs but the word IS spreading. It really helped a lot to be able to tell people who ask really good questions about "persistent condensation trails" well, we KNOW they aren't "condensation," though water vapor is a green house gas, we're told , about the high bypass turbofan jet engine that produces virtually no water vapor condensation— stops 'em right in their ignorant tracks to quote a website they can easily remember so they can look at the animated model of the engine and see for themselves.

Nothing like the light of truth when shined upon the cockroaches of ignorance, scattering or melting like, well, vapors.. Vitamin D deficiency is related to cancer. I am an average sized female. I am addressing some previous comments and questions. I hope this information helps.

Much love to you Dane and everyone involved with exposing Geoengineering.

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And we should be sure to get enough potassium and copper in our diets, as barium displaces potassium. I, too, live in the Pacific Northwest and the chem trails here are massive. I was tested for D3 and found to be so low my doc had me on 30, units per day for a year to get my levels back up. I have had two bouts of cancer, and I still take D3 albeit a much smaller daily to dose. This is extremely alarming as we also have the fallout from Fukushima landing on our shores.

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  6. It is not good folks. They've been allowed to do so. The TPJ incorporates information from the thalamus and the limbic system , as well as from the visual, auditory, and somatosensory systems. The TPJ also integrates information from both the external environment as well as from within the body. The TPJ is responsible for collecting all of this information and then processing it.

    Connections made at the TPJ help an individual understand their emotions and make decisions based on them. The TPJ allows the association of emotions to events or individuals, aiding in the decision making process. However, errors in this emotional processing can arise when patients have lesions in the TPJ or when the brain is electrically stimulated. TMS to the rTJ affects the ability of an individual to use mental states to make moral decisions.

    Your Complete Guide to Vitamin D3: the Sunshine Vitamin

    Dane, I read and watch just about everything you do and I heard you say with over religions all can't be right. You are exactly right. The truth cannot be contained in a building, neither will truth subject itself to being a servant of greed. It will not hang around as a slave. God is love and all truth is wrapped up in that love. A love found in the hearts of all men who respect all other men and will avoid hurting others at all cost.

    That is the true religion, the religion that seeks nothing for itself. I am sending the article below to all my e-mail list as well as making some fliers. They are so small that they penetrate straight through the lung lining and into the blood stream. Two hospitals in Texas, a third in Arkansas, and a fourth in Florida are finding similar results. About the same amount were also deficient in Iodine. Cell receptors are layered over with plaque and cannot function properly to communicate to cells in a way to uptake the vitamin.

    Some health experts are now saying children born after the year are not expected to outlive their parents. This is an extremely sad turn of events. Several therapeutic drugs can provoke pellagra. These include the antibiotics isoniazid , which decreases available B 6 by binding to it and making it inactive, so it cannot be used in niacin synthesis, [11] and chloramphenicol ; the anti-cancer agent fluorouracil ; and the immunosuppressant mercaptopurine. If untreated, pellagra can kill within four or five years.

    Treatment is with nicotinamide , which has the same vitamin function as niacin and a similar chemical structure, but has lower toxicity. The frequency and amount of nicotinamide administered depends on the degree to which the condition has progressed. Pellagra can be common in people who obtain most of their food energy from maize, notably rural South America , where maize is a staple food.

    If maize is not nixtamalized , it is a poor source of tryptophan , as well as niacin. Nixtamalization corrects the niacin deficiency, and is a common practice in Native American cultures that grow corn. Following the corn cycle, the symptoms usually appear during spring, increase in the summer due to greater sun exposure, and return the following spring.

    Indeed, pellagra was once endemic in the poorer states of the U. South, such as Mississippi and Alabama, where its cyclical appearance in the spring after meat-heavy winter diets led to it being known as "spring sickness" particularly when it appeared among more vulnerable children , as well as among the residents of jails and orphanages as studied by Dr. Joseph Goldberger. Pellagra is common in Africa, Indonesia, and China.

    In affluent societies, a majority of patients with clinical pellagra are poor, homeless, alcohol-dependent, or psychiatric patients who refuse food. In addition, pellagra, as a micronutrient deficiency disease, frequently affects populations of refugees and other displaced people due to their unique, long-term residential circumstances and dependence on food aid. Refugees typically rely on limited sources of niacin provided to them, such as groundnuts; the instability in the nutritional content and distribution of food aid can be the cause of pellagra in displaced populations.

    In the s, there were outbreaks in countries such as Angola, Zimbabwe and Nepal. In other countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark, even with sufficient intake of niacin, cases have been reported. In this case deficiency might happen not just because of poverty or malnutrition but secondary to alcoholism, drug interaction psychotropic, cytostatic, tuberculostatic or analgesics , HIV, vitamin B 2 and B 6 deficiency, or malabsorption syndromes such as Hartnup disease and carcinoid.

    The native New World cultivators who first domesticated corn maize prepared it by nixtamalization , in which the grain is treated with a solution of alkali such as lime. Nixtamalization makes the niacin nutritionally available and prevents pellagra. Pellagra was first described for its dermatological effect in Spain in by Gaspar Casal.

    He explained that the disease causes dermatitis in exposed skin areas such as hands, feet and neck and that the origin of the disease is poor diet and atmospheric influences. This led to the disease being known as "Asturian leprosy", and it is recognized as the first modern pathological description of a syndrome. In the 19th century Roussel started a campaign in France to restrict consumption of maize and eradicated the disease in France, but it remained endemic in many rural areas of Europe.

    Later, the lack of pellagra outbreaks in Mesoamerica , where maize is a major food crop, led researchers to investigate processing techniques in that region. Pellagra was studied mostly in Europe until the late 19th century when it became an epidemic especially in the southern United States. At this time, the scientific community held that pellagra was probably caused by a germ or some unknown toxin in corn.

    It was established in with a special congressional appropriation to the U. In , Joseph Goldberger , assigned to study pellagra by the Surgeon General of the United States , showed it was linked to diet by observing the outbreaks of pellagra in orphanages and mental hospitals. Goldberger noted that children between the ages of 6 and 12 but not older or younger children at the orphanages and patients at the mental hospitals but not doctors or nurses were the ones who seemed most susceptible to pellagra.

    By modifying the diet served in these institutions with "a marked increase in the fresh animal and the leguminous protein foods," Goldberger was able to show that pellagra could be prevented. Goldberger experimented on 11 prisoners one was dismissed because of prostatitis. Before the experiment, the prisoners were eating the prison fare fed to all inmates at Rankin Prison Farm in Mississippi. Healthy white male volunteers were selected as the typical skin lesions were easier to see in Caucasians and this population was felt to be those least susceptible to the disease, and thus provide the strongest evidence that the disease was caused by a nutritional deficiency.

    Subjects experienced mild, but typical cognitive and gastrointestinal symptoms, and within five months of this cereal-based diet, 6 of the 11 subjects broke out in the skin lesions that are necessary for a definitive diagnosis of pellagra. The lesions appeared first on the scrotum. His reform efforts were not realized, but crop diversification in the Southern United States, and the accompanying improvement in diet, dramatically reduced the risk of pellagra.

    In , Conrad Elvehjem , a biochemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, showed that the vitamin niacin cured pellagra manifested as black tongue in dogs. Later studies by Dr. Tom Spies , Marion Blankenhorn, and Clark Cooper established that niacin also cured pellagra in humans, for which Time Magazine dubbed them its Men of the Year in comprehensive science.

    Research conducted between and found the number of cases of women with pellagra was consistently double the number of cases of afflicted men. Gillman and Gillman related skeletal tissue and pellagra in their research in South African Blacks. They provide some of the best evidence for skeletal manifestations of pellagra and the reaction of bone in malnutrition.

    They claimed radiological studies of adult pellagrins demonstrated marked osteoporosis. A negative mineral balance in pellagrins was noted, which indicated active mobilization and excretion of endogenous mineral substances, and undoubtedly impacted the turnover of bone. Extensive dental caries were present in over half of pellagra patients. In most cases, caries were associated with "severe gingival retraction, sepsis , exposure of cementum , and loosening of teeth".

    Pellagra was first reported in in the United States, and has "caused more deaths than any other nutrition-related disease in American history", reaching epidemic proportions in the American South during the early s. The whole dried corn kernel contains a nutritious germ and a thin seed coat that provides some fiber. Allow the grits to settle a full minute, tilt the pan, and skim off and discard the chaff and hulls with a fine tea strainer. Cook the grits for 50 minutes if the grits were soaked overnight or else 90 minutes if not.

    Most of the niacin in mature cereal grains is present as niacytin , which is niacin bound up in a complex with hemicellulose which is nutritionally unavailable.