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For the uninitiated—and oh, what pleasures await! What makes The Rider so great—beyond the immediate dramatic arc of its sporting narrative—is the way it captures, at such short length, the entirety of the cycling experience.

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The harder you work, the smaller it gets. There are the brief asides that perfectly illuminate the oft-perverse dynamics of the sport; e. And, lastly, the Nietzschean fulminations about the soft underbelly of modern life. The book more than gets under your skin, it gets into your blood. Rereading it myself recently, I found myself nodding in agreement at any number of things I had forgotten from the book, but often experienced in real life.

Like how a fellow racer in the Tour de Mont Aigoual tells our rider at the start line how little time he has had to train. The book has had a wide and profound influence. Laurens ten Dam, the Dutch pro rider with Team Sunweb, recounts via telephone from his team bus at the Tour of the Basque Country this past spring, that when he was growing up, as a fan of racing but not yet a racer, information about cycling, in those pre-internet days, was a bit thin on the ground.

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He haunted the library. Laurens ten Dam takes a break from racing to share his best barbecue tips:. The translation was published just as Mottram was putting together ideas for his new company.

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As I discover when I call him, he lives on my very Brooklyn block. For nothing else you will read feels as much like riding. He looks both ways, then rolls through the red light, motioning me forward. Could he still be riding? In my honor, however, in addition to the fact that he will be turning 74 this Thursday, he has agreed to do both.

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As the ride continues, I never seem to find him alongside me so I watch from a distance as he banters and jokes with the peloton, mostly in Dutch, a combination of slightly cantankerous and essentially deaf in one ear elder statesman and merry prankster. Santen, well aware of who he was, invited him to join the group.

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The manager at the Rapha store tells me she used to ride with the Windjammers. His living room is dominated by a sweeping view of the IJ River and the flat waterlands beyond. It takes them three-quarters of an hour. It was no passing fancy: He began to learn the language and then moved to Tokyo to attend high school.

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His father was a noted painter, his mother a translator. His brother, Jeroen, is a well-known actor among other roles, the archetypal Bond villain in The Living Daylights. His first novel was published, to some success, when he was 23, even as he was on the competitive chess circuit, playing in the finals of the Dutch championships. And besides, something else was beginning to occupy his time, and his mind: cycling. Of course, in the era before GPS and Strava, even figuring out the exact length of a route was a challenge.

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In a passage in The Rider which, like most of it, he says, is true , he describes riding with a bag of matchsticks. Every pedal strokes, he would drop a match. At the end, he counted the leftover matches, multiplied by one hundred, multiplied all that by 5. A new, not fully elite-level racing category for amateurs was unveiled in the Netherlands.

The education came quick. But results began to come, 12th or 13th out of fields of It was great! The most obvious answer is stay off the back of the pack.

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How do you do that? Firstly by not spinning in big gears. Check the leg speed of your fellow riders. You want to be pedalling at least as fast as them if not faster. Spinning at a higher cadence allows you to react quicker to pace changes and shifting terrain, without smashing yourself up. So keep your gears low and your cadence high.

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Which is the key to how a lot of experienced riders maintain their impressive pace in the first place. So hang onto that wheel in front of you when the going gets tough because without it things will get tougher! Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. Secondary menu. How to survive getting dropped. BikesEtc 28 Apr See related.