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They aim to work efficiently, plan research activities optimally, progress faster and save resources.

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They value peace of mind over sample security in facilitating this. They offer the highest level of sample protection through the use of two independent refrigeration systems. Twin Guard ULT Freezers achieve exceptional temperature recovery after door openings and sample placement, stable lower internal temperatures and increased durability.

Also designed for exceptional ease-of-use and data monitoring, the freezers feature a comprehensive alarm system. And, with optimal interior volume within the smallest footprint possible, they guarantee the most efficient use of space. Twice the security Our customers want the ultimate security for stable and reliable storage of extremely valuable samples. They value double security. This level of ultra-low temperature back-up cannot be achieved by conventional cascade systems. The unique functionality is achieved through the use of two, completely independent, auto-cascade systems — the compressors, evaporators and cooling fans of the two systems operate separately from each other.

Two efficient evaporator circuits surround the interior chamber in a strategically-designed arrangement to ensure the highest levels of temperature uniformity with either one, or both of the refrigeration systems functioning. Web Site. The most secure ultra-low temperature freezers for the storage of high value samples TwinGuard ULT Freezers with dual cooling technology offer the highest level of security for high-value samples.

Alongside exceptional ease-of-use and data monitoring, the dual cooling system provides the highest level of protection through the use of two…. You need to ensure that your cell cultures are kept under optimal conditions to get the best results in your research.


I Love: my valuable research, peace of mind, twice the security - Panasonic

We realise how critical that is for optimal outcomes and reproducibility. In particular, you need accurate, uniform and highly responsive control of your incubation environment and temperature. IncuSafe CO2…. With limited budgets and savings in running costs, they can invest more in other areas of research. We service commercial banks, precious metals, mines, refiners, central banks, governments, pharmaceutical manufacturers and major corporations with valuable cargo shipping requirements.

Answer: Is a Cyber Security Degree Valuable? Cyber or Computer Science?

Our clients rely on us to protect their commercial and reputational risk across complex supply chain and distribution networks, and we deliver every day. Our security and risk management processes are constantly scrutinised and refined to adapt to evolving threats to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

We can pick up raw or processed precious metals from mine sites across the world, no matter how remote. We provide logistics and storage services for platinum, silver and gold bullion and dore, platinum group metals, as well as gold and silver coins and blanks. You can tokenise Debt just like you can tokenise Equity or any other asset but that does not change the fundamental characteristic of that asset.

IPC Section 30

Debt is illegal in Islamic Finance for more please read this. There are workarounds that dress up debt to look like equity, just like there are workarounds that ICOs used to dress up a security to make it look like a utility token. This perspective is useful when you look at the legality of Security vs Utility tokens ie laws change over time and vary by jurisdiction. Four reasons why other jurisdictions will probably follow the SEC rules. Yes, the SEC only has jurisdiction over one market — America, but here are the four reasons why other jurisdictions will probably follow the SEC rules:.

Unless Europe takes a differentiated position soon, the market will follow the SEC rules. You can use this to evaluate the value of both Banks and Fintechs, as we described in this post from Both CAC and LTV are complex in their own right, but it is the interaction between the two that is so often confusing or difficult.

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  • Churn is the kryptonite of Superman Marketing. The problem with Churn it is not directly under the control of Marketing.

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    • Nozomi Networks Labs: Sharing Valuable ICS Cyber Security Research.
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    • This is where Product is key. Churn means customers cancel the service and then Marketing have to win new customers, which is far more expensive than retaining them. Life Time Value is not static. LTV is all about getting the balance right between cross selling, upselling and low churn — too much selling to customers may increase churn. Product strategy, pricing, marketing, customer service all have to be in alignment.

      precious metals

      The story of Banking in the 20th century can be summed up as Low Churn. We are statistically more likely to get divorced than change banks. There was no point in changing Banks, because the difference between banks was marginal. The Fintech disruption changes that. Now customers have more real choice and regulation is seeking to protect consumers from lock-in strategies that make it hard for them to switch. Crowdsales are a great way for companies to sell a service aka reduce CAC. It is Internet Marketing