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After the donate items were put in the car, I put the items from the Memories pile into a special tub that I started just for those types of things. That storage container gets put away in the closet or the garage.

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For the Keep items, I always tried to make sure that they were organized and labeled when I put them away. If not, just do what you can and organize as you go. Be realistic about what you can get rid of and what you really want to hold on to. Been there, done that! Remember… When toys start to take over your house , remember how it feels to have a clutter-free house. This is perfect for art they create, photos, and little gifts they get from family and friends.

Before putting everything back in the drawers, wipe them out and create new storage systems inside like drawer organizers. As you go through and create your new storage systems, resist the urge to store things on top of dressers or desks. It seems like horizontal surfaces are magnets for disorganized piles of stuff. If you make it a point to always keep them cleaned off, you will be enforcing new organization habits. Replace or fix broken furniture.

Simplicity Leads To Happiness In Children (And Here's How to Do It) - Raised Good

Also consider replacing used furniture with options that have additional storage capabilities. Look for storage benches or ottomans with places for books, toys or shoes. After putting everything away in your new storage systems, make the bed. This one finishing touch can make the entire room look even cleaner and more polished. When you are making the bed, take an inventory of everything your child keeps in the bed. How many stuffed animals or books are taking up space? First, set up a rewards system.

Reward your child every time they do something that keeps the room clean.

There are lots of printable rewards charts you can find for free. This simple rewards chart is so basic, you can use it for almost any behavior that you want to encourage. Maybe give a sticker for every time they put their toys away, and once they fill up the chart, they earn a reward. This is completely personal, so do what works for your family. The most important thing to remember is that if you want your child to help keep their room clean, you have to encourage new habits and set expectations.

How To Declutter Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

As they outgrow shelves or tubs, either donate some things or create a different system that works better. If you know they are going to be getting a lot of new things, create room to store them. Stay proactive. Keep bookshelves at their level so they can reach them. Hang up clothes from it and use some baskets for other storage solutions. Wooden crates are the perfect size for stacking and using as book storage.

If you use this as a bookshelf, attach them securely to each other and to the wall. This will protect your children from accidents. If you have older children, add some plastic crates above the window. This can hold toys, books, games, and anything else that is getting in the way in the closet.

And if you have a free corner, you can set up a small table and chairs and add a few towel rods for a lovely art corner. If there is enough space, consider creating a little desk area for your son or daughter. Give them a dedicated homework station where they can do their work quickly and get back to being a kid.

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To create a homework station, all you need is a desk and an organization plan for the office supplies. Establishing a corner of the room for books and reading will encourage a love of reading, and help you keep all the books in one place. In the picture above, they used 2 pallets and a few body pillows. Sharing a bedroom is really tricky. I always encourage my clients to store the majority of shoes in their bedroom closets so their entryway doesn't resemble a shoe store. Bathroom storage is generally quite limited, so it's important to not overstock your space. Divide and conquer.

Simplicity Leads To Happiness In Children (And Here’s How to Do It)

Once you have edited, you can relocate extra towels, occasional-use products, first aid, and medications into labeled bins in your linen closet. Drawer dividers or shallow bins will keep your toiletries and makeup organized in the bathroom. Toss expired makeup, first-aid products, and medications, as well as anything else that looks past its prime or that you never use. Store fewer, better products. Hang it up. At first glance, your kitchen should look clean and clear—just like a chef's kitchen. Countertop accessories are nice, but try to keep them to items that are also useful.

Cut counter clutter. Take a few minutes to relocate what doesn't belong in the kitchen and make sure to assign a permanent home for items like mail or current work projects that get dumped on your counter and turn into stacks of clutter. Edit your pantry. Once you have grouped everything by type, you can store items according to usage—items you use every day like breakfast cereal should be stored at arm's reach, while holiday baking items can be tucked away on a high shelf.

Streamline your storage. Once you are all set up, it's easy to restock your pantry by shopping in the bulk bins at your local market. This tiny shift will save you money, reduce your environmental footprint, and make your shelves look lovely. It is commonly said that making the bed sets the tone for the day—just as a streamlined, stylish space is a must to help you to rest and relax after a long day. Nightstand Makeover. This little surface deserves a makeover," Gill says. Relocate any unnecessary or misplaced items, and stock your nightstand drawer with only the essentials: reading glasses, current books or magazines, lip balm, hand cream, or anything else you like regular access to before sleep.

Select a few pretty objects to style the surface of your nightstand.

I find that intentionally styled surfaces discourage the dreaded clutter piles from forming. Favorite styling objects include fresh flowers or a potted plant, scented candles, pretty rocks or sculptural objects, a ceramic dish for jewelry, and framed photos.