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NYC utility probes electric flash that lit sky in eerie blue - Sentinel Colorado

People with light-colored eyes usually exhibit the worst red eye effect; those individuals with dark-colored eyes may have enough pigment in the back of their eyes to mask this so-called red reflex. Dogs, cats and almost all domestic animals have a special reflective layer in the back of the eye termed the tapetum, which enhances nocturnal vision.


Light passes through the animal's retina from outside of the eye and is then reflected back through the retina a second time from the reflective tapetal layer beneath the retina. This double stimulation of the retina helps these species to see better than humans do in dim light situations. The color of this tapetal layer varies to some extent with an animal's coat color. A black Labrador retriever, for example, will usually have a green tapetal reflection. A buff Cocker spaniel will generally show a yellow tapetal reflection.

Blue Flash

Our Blue Flash Horizons event is held annually to support our fundraising and thank our supporters and their families. Get in touch on our Contact page. Supporting local causes.

Supporting the community. Blue Flash Beyond Horizons View event.

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What we do. Blue Flash UK are a group of veterans who organise events in support of charities and those who otherwise cannot. Crickhowell Rugby Club is a club with a great history and great people.

Supporting local causes

The first recorded game of rugby in Crickhowell took place on Boxing Day in Since then, rugby has contunued to flourish and in we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase our current ground with the assistance from local businesses and grant aid. A stalwart of the club for many years was Bob Broyd, a local farmer, who became out second life president following the passing of Roy Williams. In , in honour of his 80th birthday, our ground was renamed Parc Broyd.