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He also eventually learns that his father is marrying May Parker , something he personally does not like, but in the end he begrudgingly accepts, even offering to pay for their ceremony out of his own pocket, and preside over it. Later, Spider-Man tries to stop the Chameleon from setting off a bomb that would kill thousands.

Jameson has his squad attack in Mandroid suits. Spider-Man uses his knowledge of the Mandroid suits to disarm the bomb. The squad, instead of following orders and arresting Spider-Man, lets him go. The next day, Jameson is shocked to learn that every member of the squad resigned, and his aide tells him Jonah is getting out of control given Spider-Man's heroics. When Jameson yells about how the public has to see Spider-Man as a menace, the aide snaps that this was not the Daily Bugle. He tenders his own resignation, telling Jameson that he has to choose between Spider-Man or actually helping the city.

Jameson later gives a financial bailout to Dexter Bennett to keep the Bugle afloat. This leads to a public backlash, which the villain, Electro , uses to his advantage. Electro espouses taking down the Bugle , a greedy corporation asking for money, and draws energy from his citywide supporters turning on all their electrical appliances. In a showdown with Spider-Man inside the building, Dexter Bennett is crushed by rubble, and the Daily Bugle Building is completely destroyed.

The destruction of the Bugle's longtime headquarters proves heartbreaking for Jameson, who is upset with his life's work and all of his memories being destroyed. During Spider-Man's encounter with the latest Vulture in Amazing Spider-Man —, it is falsely stated by a mob boss that Jameson was responsible for his creation in order to get that Vulture to attack Jameson.

As a result, Spider-Man fights the Vulture to protect Jameson. While the picture in fact gets back support for Jameson from the public, and eventually makes several people admit the truth of the situation, Jameson exposes the picture as a fake, and publicly fires Peter Parker, which leads to Peter being blacklisted by every news source. During the " Heroic Age " storyline, J. Jonah Jameson witnesses the reformation of the Avengers.

After Spider-Man saves the whole of New York from a bomb planted by Doctor Octopus, Jameson is talked by his son and Steve Rogers into holding a ceremony to give him the key to the city, much to his chagrin. Jonah Jameson. Marla Jameson jumped in front of him saving his life but died in the process. As he held Marla, Jameson did not blame Spider-Man, but instead blamed himself. Jameson plans to have Alistair Smythe receive the death penalty for what happened to Marla. However, Spider-Man replies that "no one dies".

Marxism Unmasked: From Delusion to Destruction

During the " Spider-Island " storyline, J. Jonah Jameson's popularity as the mayor has plummeted and his Anti-Spider-Man Squad is considered to be a huge tax drain. He is shown to have been infected with spider powers [45] and soon mutates into a spider-like creature where he nearly kills Allistair Smythe, partly due to fact that he was responsible for the death of Jameson's wife. During the Ends of the Earth storyline, Mayor Jameson shuts down Horizon Labs albeit without a court order on the accusation that it conducts dangerous experiments and harbors criminals such as Morbius where Max Modell 's lawyer Hector Baez had to fight the company's accusations.

Jonah Jameson comes to thank him personally, while Peter Parker's consciousness is shocked to see Jameson's drastically changed attitude towards the hero. Jameson boasts about his wise ruling policy while Carlie doubts Superior Spider-Man will ever show up. But he finally does and short-circuits the signal.

Jameson discharges oaths about wasted taxpayer dollars, and Superior Spider-Man explains they can hinder him using the signal, humiliating Jameson between the lines. Both pranksters humiliate Jameson and transmit it all over the world, where even Superior Spider-Man laughs it off. Then he gets summoned by Jameson himself to the City Hall where he asks him to arrest Jester and Screwball. Superior Spider-Man dismisses it at first, but after Jameson reminded him of all the times Superior Spider-Man has pulled pranks on him and even Otto remembers Peter's quips against him , he agrees to catch them putting his Patrol App on course.

Superior Spider-Man beats up Jester and Screwball where his brutality being watched all over the city including Jameson who is enjoying the punishment. Jameson argues with his father about the actions of Superior Spider-Man. Jameson arrives to the Raft for a final inspection before Smythe's execution, where he has told that all of the Raft's inmates will be transferred once Jameson shuts it down, highlighting the infirmary where Boomerang, Vulture and Scorpion are being attended. Jameson, alongside Superior Spider-Man, his assistant Glory Grant and Bugle reporter Norah Jones, watch the procedure of Smythe's execution, while he claims to be a "better person" [56].

Jameson reflecting on the moment whose Smythe killed his wife Marla right in front on him, sadly proclaiming that he will not keep the promise to fulfill her dying wish until Smythe dies, swearing that he will not leave the island. After Smythe's escape, Jameson, Glory Grant, Norah Winters, and the remaining civilians are surrounded by Superior Spider-Man's Spider-Bots and then are informed by Otto in a pre-recorded holgoram that he has taken measures to counteract any attempt of escape so his Spider-Bots will safeguard them in a force field while the reinforcements arrive, but Jonah refuses to stand still inside the force field, willing to go and help Superior Spider-Man against Smythe.

The collapse of Venezuela, explained

Superior Spider-Man accuses Jameson of leaving the force field, but Jameson confronts Superior Spider-Man to tell him he brought him to ensure that Smythe gets executed by any means necessary, implying that he has giving permission to Superior Spider-Man to directly kill him. Superior Spider-Man accepts and tells Jameson to go back to the force field with the others. Smythe sends Scorpion to target Jameson. Once aboard the rescue boat, Jameson prepares himself for a press conference musing that he will be happy once the Raft is destroyed.

Superior Spider-Man sways him apart and tells him that he should give him the Raft for his new base of operations. Jameson refuses only to be blackmailed by Superior Spider-Man with a recording of their meeting at the Raft where Jameson grants permission to Superior Spider-Man to kill Smythe. Jameson replies that he is done with being blackmailed by him and does not care if Jameson loses everything as long as he can finally bring down Superior Spider-Man, but his Spider-Slayers are reactivated by Green Goblin and voice rings out declaring that he has taken control of the Spider-Slayers as Green Goblin comments that Norman Osborn now runs this city.

He tries to blame Alchemax, but his accusations are swiftly rebuked by Liz Allan who appears via video link declares that Alchemax is severing all ties with Jameson. In the aftermath, Spider-Man is restored to his body Octavius sacrificing his own mind to bring Peter back as he recognizes that Peter Parker is the true Spider-Man and Green Goblin's plan is thwarted, Spider-Man visiting Jameson's office to confront him after what happened and returns him the Spider-Bot that Doctor Octopus used to record his blackmail material.

Jameson replies that he will not accept it since he would not believe whatever Spider-Man says, regarding him now as a "monster" that does not own up to the consequences of his actions and instead stomps on others. Spider-Man replies that he will not expect him to believe this but says that he should not fear him, and should not take the blame for everything that Green Goblin caused, but to stay and fight. Once Spider-Man leaves, Jameson reveals that he had already resigned his post as Mayor of New York City and leaves the office, promising that from now on he will kick back.

Jonah Jameson had fired a former Daily Bugle employee for viewing an embarrassing article that he wrote in which he praised Spider-Man in his early days of being a wrestler. As Silk battles against Electro and Spider-Man deals with Black Cat, Jameson remains on the channel forcing the cameraman to film the action. Black Cat deviate one of Electro's bolts hitting Spider-Man, knocking him down in the process. Jameson and Peter Parker later got word that his estranged father Jay coughed up blood and collapsed. While visiting his father in a private room at Mount Sinai Hospital at the start of the Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy storyline, Jameson accuses Peter where their traveling around the world might have caused him to catch some type of disease.

Jay calms his son down. Jameson was visited by the doctor of New U Technologies upon being called in by his father's doctor.

J. Jonah Jameson

Jameson suspects that there is a "price" for this and storms off. Later on, Jameson visits New U Technologies to speak to the doctor. In order to give proof to Jameson that their talents of using a subject's DNA to clone replacement parts work, Jameson is surprised when the doctor calls in an apparent revived Marla Jameson.

Peter remains adamant of sticking to the conventional procedure and Jay has sided with him. Peter's superheroic endeavors prevent him from accompanying May and Jameson as Jay's health reaches critical status and he undergoes conventional surgery. To make matters worse, this is not enough and Jay passes away. It is revealed that the revived Marla Jameson is a clone that the Jackal had gathered to grow clones with false memories that span all the way to their deaths. Jameson is enthusiastic for her that her family is back together and leaves for dinner, but Cindy found something off about his behavior.

Cindy's suspicions are confirmed when she finds Jameson talking with his formerly-deceased wife while Spectro finds a room with a number of test subjects in capsules.

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Cindy gives him Rafferty and Lola's research to voice skepticism on the New U Technologies and Jameson invites her to join him on a quick trip to the facility. He tells Cindy that he believes they are doing good work and introduces her to Mattie and Marla. After J. Jonah Jameson is taken to Haven with his clone wife, he asked the Jackal to revive his father. Jackal told him to head upstairs in order to promote New U Technologies on television. When Jameson is about to send out a broadcast message of the New U Technologies, Jackal reactivated the broadcast to tell the world that they will all die and be reborn as the Carrion Virus in all of the clones and causes them to start rapidly decaying.

During the Secret Empire storyline, J.

“9/11 Unmasked” – update & reminder to READ THIS BOOK

When Kraven the Hunter raided the Daily Bugle looking for information on the identity of Spider-Man, Phil Sheldon's daughter Jennie ran to warn Jameson thinking that he could be in danger. When Jameson was attacked by Kraven the Hunter, Jennie Sheldon fired a signal flare into the sky enough to attract the attention of Spider-Woman who defeated Kraven the Hunter.

Following a tense confrontation with Spider-Man provoked by a rogue branch of S. Jameson is later abducted by Norman Osborn in order to find out who Spider-Man is. Osborn takes a brief interval from the torture to kill Phil Urich as the self-proclaimed Goblin King tried to raid one of his old storehouses.

This left Jameson devastated at what he has done. He prints the Roanoke Colony 's newspaper, The Daily Trumpet , with the assistance of Peter Parquagh, whom he orders to learn more about the mysterious "Spider", believing him to be a threat to the colony. In the alternate reality of Earth X , everyone on Earth has been affected by the Terrigen Mists , granting everyone superpowers.

Jameson is turned into a humanoid donkey a human body with an equine head. It is also revealed that after he published information exposing Peter Parker as Spider-Man, his reputation was ruined, as no one trusted a man who had spent years paying the very hero he called a menace, and the Daily Bugle has gone bankrupt. In the original Marvel universe of G. Joe , Jameson is seen hassling a news vendor for the seeming lack of any Daily Bugle papers.

In the " House of M " reality created by the insane Scarlet Witch and in which mutants are dominant over baseline humans, Jameson is the maltreated publicist of Peter Parker, here a celebrity without a secret identity. Despising Peter and only keeping his job for the pay, Jameson gets his chance to completely ruin his boss when the Green Goblin gives him Peter's old journal. Learning that Peter is a mutate instead of a mutant, Jameson reveals this to the populace of the world, who come to hate Peter for having only pretended to be a mutant.

The necessity and importance of a well-qualified and well-regulated medical profession can never be doubted by civilized men. Infidels may scoff at religion, and quiet men may see little need of lawyers, but all will acknowledge that the sick and wounded must be cared for; and it must certainly be important that those on whom that care devolves, should be qualified for the task, and that some standard of qualifications should be established, in order to guard society, as far as possible, from unworthy and incompetent individuals. In despotic countries, the edict of a sovereign may fix the standard; but in the United States, that standard must be settled by public opinion, and the greatest good of the greatest number should be the basis upon which it is predicated.

Physicians will never be too well qualified. Let the standard be as high as will best promote the safety and welfare of society, and let all good men unite to sustain it. When these things have been done, all the most rational and most efficient means will have been employed for the removal of quackery. But we can never expect its complete extermination. History informs us that it has always existed in some form or other, and a consideration of the human propensities leads us to conclude that it always will. An insatiable thirst for the marvellous seems to be incident to the human mind, in all states and conditions of society.

Man lives in the midst of mystery;—if he looks back, or forward, or around him, he is constantly lost in wonder and amazement; and unless his mind is disciplined, cultivated, and trained to reasoning, he is poorly qualified to separate facts from appearances, and truths from falsehoods—and even then the most cultivated intellects are often found to embrace obvious delusions.

Too much is always expected of medicine. It cannot accomplish all that the public or the profession desire; and although it appears to be continually improving, and increasing in knowledge and means of relief, yet the changing condition of society appears to increase the demands upon it in nearly the same degree. The science can never be expected to arrive at a state of perfection. There are intrinsic obstacles in its nature, which no human power can overcome.

Nor would it be reasonable to suppose that all who engage in it are always every way worthy of that responsible vocation. Physicians are not free from the common infirmities and errors of other men, and the standard of moral and intellectual merit by which they are to be governed is mainly confided to public opinion. Full perfection cannot be found in any other calling, and it certainly should not be looked for in this. Therefore whatever tends to discourage or drive educated and reliable men out of the profession, or to encourage and sustain ignorant and irresponsible individuals in it, is at war with the best interests of society.

We say nothing about the rights and interests of the profession or its members, but simply implore all good men to view the subject in its proper light, and use their influence to protect the public from deception and abuse. We shall enter into no argument in behalf of the profession itself. Let suffering humanity do that; her groans, and tears, and faltering whispers, are more potent than arguments and declamations; let these be heard, and we are satisfied.

These demand the best efforts of men of learning and skill, men in whose ability, honor and fidelity the world may confide. The advocates of every new empirical scheme have always indulged the false hope that their system was soon to supersede all others. So said the ancient quacks, and so say the moderns.

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And how have these predictions been verified? Has the regular system of rational medicine—the system which quacks delight to call the old system—faltered and declined, or showed signs of decay, during any time past? Far otherwise. And who that knows anything of the world can be silly enough to suppose for a moment that any empirical scheme can ever overthrow, or in the least harm, the established system of scientific medicine?

It is founded upon reason and well-established truths, and is essentially the same everywhere, in all countries. Differences as to climate, modes of living, social and domestic habits, may to some extent vary medical treatment; but the essential principles of the science are acknowledged to be everywhere the same, among all Christian nations. And the doctrines taught, and remedial means used at the colleges and hospitals in London, Paris, Vienna and Edinburgh, are essentially the same as those that are taught and employed in all the medical colleges and hospitals in the United States.

These, with their millions of inmates, are so many fortresses which she has established; and who but a fanatic or idiot can suppose that any scheme which quackery may devise will ever be able to destroy them? As well might a corporal's guard undertake to conquer every citadel in the known world. Political revolutions may dethrone monarch or abolish republics, and commotions may overturn established institutions of society; nations may be overwhelmed and conquered by enemies; but scientific medicine must continue undisturbed, every where the same and invincible.

J. Jonah Jameson - Wikipedia

Although quackery is everywhere acknowledged to be a crying evil, some appear to think that it should not be opposed. You can do nothing, say they, to suppress or diminish it; it is useless to try. Is this good philosophy? Do sound statesmen or moralists ever act upon such a principle? Certainly not. The most efficient legal and moral means are constantly employed against vice. Shall the public continue to contribute its millions annually, to enrich empirics and nostrum-mongers, and enable them to build palaces, purchase cities, and fill their coffers with treasures filched from the hard earnings of the poor?

So many spy networks seem focused largely on other networks No question, it was very foolish and embarrassing of the Russians to get caught. However, as the cliche goes, everybody does it, and it seems reasonable the US is simply sending a signal to Russia. Exactly what signal we innocent, naive, private citizens will never know. As others have described, the timing is definitely suspicious. HUMINT is essential to any country's intelligence operations, and electronic information-gathering simply doesn't rate over bodies in the territory. There is nothing more valuable and useful to any agency than a good investigative reporter.

The charge seems to be something like they wanted to get close to the "circle of foreign policymakers". You mean someone like Zbigniew Brzezinski? Seems quite puzzling. Will wait for hopefully! Right now it's jus smoke and mirrors no pun intended. In the first place, As professional spies, do the agents of Russia intelligence structure careless enough to be caught by FBI's fishnet like stupid salmons? In addition, is Vladimir Putin, who was an excellent KGB and apparently is of great sophistication, let this happen?

Moreover, is the FBI, the bureau that seems to be not so efficient, lucky enought to smell some hints. In conclusion, I am side with the writer. In the other word, there must be something classified under the announcement. I don't know whether it is news management on the part of the United States but these spies seem to be fairly boring sorts.

The only question of course is that if they are so boring why bother arresting them at all?

US was playing game to get Russia's support for Iran sanction. Now that being done, why the US should care about that. The Russian president is so naive I guess. If these spies were working for decades as the report says which implies the US side has known them for decades , why make public now?

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I think it a signal to Russia. A very good signal. Not trying to sound conspiratorial but Russia seems to be improving relations with Europe especially Germany of late and then u have this! The Atlanticists will be pleased. Jus saying. Undoubtedly, the relationship between the US and Russia will go sour over this espionage incident. What do the Russian wants from us? Afterall, we are helping them with everything that they need to make progress including making them safe by standing with them from fears of Iranian nuclear weopon in the caucases.

Also, we are helping them get into the WTO in order for them to get ahead in economic areas.