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Snow Surface Conditions. Skinnable snow is about 2 miles up the trail. I was expecting a dense spring snowpack, but northerly aspects are still very much winter like with a thin sun crust over powder. Southerly aspects a little more consolidated. I dug a shallow pit on a southerly aspect and there is still a 1ft thick powder layer underneath about half a foot of melt-freeze surface layer.

Cox Folly - The Complete Four Parts

How does the measure of risk increase the longer the ship operates in that area? The answers were gobbledygook. This also led to interminable discussion over how accurate the climatology estimates were. At this point, I was directed by the working group leader to conduct research and assemble a briefing for the next day that would describe the percentage of attrition on Iraqi threat systems so far and project when we would achieve 50 percent attrition.

Murdered: Soul Suspect [Part 4] - Man About Town

Security Council resolutions and resolutions of both houses of the U. Forward deployed naval forces provided protection for early introduction of land-based ground and air assets, and may well have deterred further aggression by Iraq. Maritime superiority and unchallenged control of the sea enabled the safe and timely delivery of equipment, supplies and spare parts necessary to support the allied campaign.

Naval aviation complemented allied air operations, added flexibility to the air campaign, and deterred reintroduction of Iraqi aircraft from Iran into the conflict while Tomahawk cruise missiles took out heavily defended targets in Iraq and significantly degraded enemy air defenses. EST on Feb. The ground offensive advanced quickly, with coalition troops making steady progress against Iraqi troops, many of them deserters waving white flags. By the third day of the offensive, allied troops had liberated Kuwait City. Gafgarn specific gafgarn cox.

Our Narrator sets the scenes from a big empty theater. Charles and Katie Strauss prepare for the funeral of their sister Lauren. Lauren's boyfriend Jonah has been invited to stay at the Strauss household to attend the funeral. As the memories of the relationships leading up to this tragic event are shared, secrets are unvieled that can bring emotional mayhem.

Children’s Books: Of Faith and Folly

Twitter ChronosphereFi1. Their investigation takes them to a dire meeting underground. In return for your help you will get special epsiodes and other bonuses. We're off to see the Baron, the wonderful Baron Mardoo! After busting up a portion of the city of Hausto while chasing the Albino Jester, Gafgarn and company are detained by the city gaurd and brought before the city's overlord. An astonishing discovery or two may become important.

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Get special epsiodes and other bonuses. Will anyone in the Smith Houshold come out of this thing with a happy ending? Just how twisted are things going to get? What happened between Albert and Tessa out there? Will Graham be seeing red? Is Carlyle a secret agent? Will Frank buy a liquor store and quit teaching? What other secrets will be devulged as we wind up the Saga of the Smiths? Is the music going to get even weirder? Twitter us ChoronosphereFi1. It's October, and the Smiths are enjoying their piece of the American dream.

On Baseball; The Folly of Forecasting A Braves Breakdown

This wholsome suburban family is just so cheery The table has been set for dinner but only Barbara and Graham are sitting at the dinner table. Frank and Carlyle sit in the living room watching a football game on TV, drinking beer. Randal is still in his room, lying on his bed, stoic. Albert and Tessa have not yet returned. Act 2 through 3. Barbara is leaning against the dishwasher, smoking a cigarette. She seems exasperated. Albert soon walks through the front door. Barbara, unsure of who has just arrived, puts out her cigarette in the sink.

Unrestful Emptiness, Restless Silence :: Jessica O’Connor

We become a fly on the wall and see what's really going on. Act 1 of 5. Lights up on the Smith residence. Visible on the second floor are two bedrooms one belonging to Randal, the other to both Graham and Albert; they share a bunk bed separated by a hallway. Frank sits at the head of the dining room table reading a newspaper from which he rarely looks up. Barbara hurriedly sets the table, having prepared breakfast for the family not long ago.

A bell alarm clock sounds in the room shared by Graham and Albert. When a passing a Temple of the Void they come upon a crime scene and may be involved in solving a murder. Illaeda the Bounty Hunter is on a mission that brings her into the path of Gafgarn and Wither. Remember to visit www. Gafgarn meets Smidgen, King of Bandits. Become part of the Gafgarn Community at www. Email us at gafgarn cox.


Story 1 begins. Welcome to the world of Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished. A swords and sorcery type adventure written by Jeremiah French. Narrated with voices by Mike Bethel. Music and sound design by Daniel French. Chronosphere Fiction. Loading Downloads. Follow Share. Performing Arts.

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Conceived In Liberty : part 1 of 3 June 28, Gafgarn the Eternernally Unfurnished : Volume 1 June 8, Daniel Dread ch. Generation Z ch 8: The Summit part 2 May 5, Generation Z ch 7: The Summit part 1 April 28, Agapantha ch 3 : The Cabin and the Creature April 13, Daniel Dread Ep.

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