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I read them to my son when he was about 8 and he loved them too. Funnily enough the book I liked least at the time was the Sea of Adventure and it was my favorite on re-reading. Jo Jo, the villain, in the Island of Adventure is white now and named Joe. In fairness to Enid Blyton, her racism went totally over my head as a child but reading them to my mixed race son would've been impossible without the editing.

By 12 I was also in the adult library and hooked on Agatha Christie. YA lit would be so much poorer without the Wakefield sisters, supersquare Liz and her slutty, sociopathic twin Jessica. To say nothing of Lila's Story! I read quite a bit of Enid Blyton against my mother's wishes , but they weren't my favourites. I mostly read them on summer holidays because my grandad's village shop in a Welsh seaside village stocked TONS of them - on a spinning rack in front of the shop - and I was allowed to "borrow" them as long as I didn't get too much sand or chocolate on them.

So I worked my way through them all. I too read Enid Blyton quite voraciously as a child, especially the Famous Five, Adventure and school series. I didn't like the Secret Seven as the children weren't really distinguishable from one another. Berrisford, though the latter was greatly inferior to the former two. The Chalet School series was a favourite, even though I read them all out of order and got very confused! Swallows and Amazons series - read so many times that my copies fell to pieces!

Animal stories - Black Beauty which I can't read now because it makes me cry - obviously I was a lot tougher as a child!

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And many more I can rabbit on about children's books all day! Nesbitt and F. OK, here you go Oh my, this is fun, especially seeing so many books in common with all of you, even though we are not all of the same generation. When I was very small I read several books by Joan Walsh Anglund , very sweet little books that fit nicely in a child's hands. The illustrations still bring back strong emotions. I also enjoyed Marguerite Henry's "horsey" books like Misty of Chincoteague and Brighty of the Grand Canyon , even though I was not at all horsey but then I didn't dance either, and still enjoyed Ballet Shoes.

Island of the Blue Dolphins? I'm finding once I started this I can't stop. So many great books! Seeing all those lovely Puffins makes me wish I shelved mine together like that. And you reminded me that I forgot K. Peyton , the Silver Brumby series, and Robert Westall , although I prefered his supernatural stories to the wartime ones.

I also liked The Westing game - for some reason, I always associate those two books with each other. Marguerite Henry's King of the wind was my all-time favourite book for many years, and through it I learned the names of the three stallions from which every Thoroughbred is descended. An essential fact :- I was also obsessed with the Little House books for a long time, and had a huge book crush on Almanzo Wilder!

Lots of books that I loved are mentioned, though I never really liked Mr Men. I didn't learn to read until I was 5 I came home from my first day at school crying because I hadn't been taught to read, and then my mum taught me herself, which she'd previously been told wasn't the thing to do , but then I progressed very rapidly in what I was reading, partly because my mum took me to live abroad for a year and my dad sent parcels of books which I just devoured.

I had and still have The Long Winter which was my only Little House book - but I loved it and actually re-read it recently during one particularly nasty spell of snow! How long can each post be? It will take me a while to compose this one. Don't get me wrong, I read dozens of the things I probably could have spent my time better. Marguerite Henry , mentioned above, was another love. Anything with horses. No Flying in the House may have been the first book I designated to myself as a favorite.

It was kind of a miniature classical education. And I had a series of books called "Junior Classics" with Greek mythology, Norse mythology, folk and fairy tales. Please make your posts long, Lady Urania. The comments are fascinating. How did I miss boarding school books as a kid? And I still tear up when I read Black Beauty or even see any of the many adaptions.

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What was the name of the little horse pony? I used to have to make up an alternate happy ending for her in my head whenever I read the book! One of my favourite books as a child was Roller Skates by Ruth Sawyer - set in s New York City - Lucinda's parents leave her staying with someone else while they're in Italy for a year, and she skates around and makes friends with neighbours and others in her area. It has some very sad bits though, I reread it a couple of years ago, and I still cry over books. My sister acquired some of my Streatfeilds and they've been loved to bits, so I've been buying replacements, only I don't always remember what I still have or not, so I have a few duplicates to give her.

Some are modern editions but I really prefer the original titles to the attempt to market many of the best known as part of a "shoes" series, eg Curtain Up , White Boots and Party Frock. I'm very glad to see the LT touchstones come up with the right titles. I loved Joan Aiken's Wolves series, which only contained about 4 books when I was a child, and I also love d her short story collections, they include some of the best tales about magical happenings around. I also loved Diana Wynne Jones.

I liked ballet stories, school stories, pony stories, historical novels, time travel, just about anything really. I read most things in the children's sections of my libraries as a kid, and used all the family's library tickets we had little cardboard tickets, 1 per book, and a total of 14 between me, my mum and stepdad.

Oh memories flooding back- I'd forgotten 'Roller Skates! Also recall 'Snow Cloud Stallion' with wonderful picture on cover of horse in the mist. What is it about horse books- I never wanted a horse but devoured books about them! And did anyone ever read 'Marigold in Godmother's House' which was magical? When I got to 11, I remember reading Beverly Cleary's 'Fifteen' many times, about a girl and her first date.

I read Fifteen at 11 or 12 too. I also loved her Ramona series - I've bought two omnibus volumes but they're a bit awkward for easy reading, and I think I still have 6 of them in single volume editions. I used to pick some really odd books up at jumble sales - Yvonne Runs Away by Valentine was really too old for me, and there was The Mystery of the Missing Clocks I think which might have been part of a series. Also The Key to Rose Cottage was a huge favourite. They had no dustjackets and I knew nothing about them and I think a lot of them are forgotten - but I loved them at the time!

I still have it! What an awesome thread.

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How lovely to think back on those idyllic days of youth when there were no worries and taking my book, I would lie out in the cow pasture under a tree and read the afternoon away watching the clouds float by until called back to reality by a parent or sibling. I seem to have similar favorites to most of you. Once I found an author that I liked, I would try to read all of the books that they had written, and I'm still that way today. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. In the 4th grade, I started to read Agatha Christie and a life-long love of mysteries began. It will take me days and days to compose my thoughts to share in this thread I was and still am!

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There are many titles here I don't recognize, but also many that bring back very happy memories. What I've enjoyed most of all, though, was learning that there are others who learned to read at age 3 and were reading adult classics by the third grade. As a child I often felt like a bit of a freak for my reading abilities and interests Right - you asked for it Closer inspection reveals an obsession with Enid Blyton. Does anyone else have any Ameliaranne books? This plate is from Ameliaranne's Prize Packet. These are a few of my favourite things - to quote a hackneyed line. Now, back to my Uni asssignments Almost everything listed above I read and loved as a child, and still own most of my childhood copies, which get re-read on a regular basis!

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And now I've started reading them all aloud to my 5-year-old son, who loves them too! A few that haven't yet been mentioned: all the other L. Montgomery 's especially Emily and Pat , Magic Elizabeth , the Happy Hollisters series, Strawberry Girl the first book I ever bought for myself, at a library book sale when I was about six or seven--I still have it! Huh, maybe I should have just directed you to check out my "juvenile literature" tag! That was wonderful! My dad lived there for a few years but I don't think he would have been buying me kids' books at 18 when I he moved, I think he must have travelled there earlier for a holiday or conference as I also have the odd soft toy.

Alex, your bookshelves are things of beauty! I have the Seven little Australians series, but I didn't discover them until I was an adult loose definition of adult! I've also recently tracked down Patricia Wrightson's books. I loved any books I could find from Down Under, as the landscapes were so fascinating to me, and any fantasy elements were very different to those in British books. Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea trilogy was a favourite too. This is a great thread; thank you Elaine for starting it!

So many memories of wonderful books and happy times spent reading. I can't believe I forgot to mention the Little House books. And The Witch of Blackbird Pond! That's quite a collection. Very nice. A little later I loved Noel Streatfeild particularly the ones about children on the stage , E. Nesbit, C. And I really liked My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell. One children's book I didn't read when I was young but only discovered more recently is the excellent Mistress Masham's repose by T.

Oh I didn't realise Ethel Turner wrote a series!

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  4. I still have '7 Little Australians', having fallen in love with the TV series. Were the other books prequels or sequels to that? Should I or shouldn't I? Lovely discussion topic! Lewis Feefo, Tuppeny and Jinks by Enid Blyton - this was a favourite of my Mum's and I've only recently noticede that this doesn't seem to be a very well known Enid Blyton book but it's a lovely story. I still remember their parrot Kiki? There's a sequel, Down the Bright Stream , which I didn't like quite as much, mainly because of what happened to one of the characters Frankweiler and The Phantom Tollbooth.

    I didn't discover E. Nesbit until I was in my thirties, but I know I would have loved her books as a kid. I'll have to open them up and see won't I? Sequels I think and possibly in this order: The Family at Misrule and Little Mother Meg Judy and Punch seems to be a bit of a stand-alone or a during the meanwhile type book as it is set when Judy goes off to boarding school.

    The inscription syas "To M and N demanding so strenuously more about Judy that at long last it comes'. It was published in Though Librarything tells me that Judy and Punch is number 3 in the series before Little Mother Meg so there you go I shall have to read them and decide for myself : Miss Bobbie Three Little Maids St Tom and the Dragon also seem stand-alones and Jennifer J which was dedicated "To the Girls of the Sydney High School of who migrated then from the old, much complained of, historied buildings known by mysefl, to the shining new ones. Tom and the Dragon - 25 to be precise.

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