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Project Management. My Account Register. Email address: Password: Forgot password? Home Aruba. I also made the mistake of playing the comparison game which is one of my weaknesses , and I constantly wondered how I was matching up to Hannah, to who I was studying with, as well as how relaxed or not-relaxed the other exam takers looked.

The book that I had bought was a CELI test prep book, which may have been why I was surprised by the difference of format with the listening, reading, and syntax portions.

If you recall, each section is worth 20 points, but if you score a minimum of 11 points in each section, you pass the exam. All answer sheets and recordings are sent to the University of Siena to be graded officially, and results are recorded online typically three months later. So since I took the exam in December, the earliest date for results is March. I hear from many people that the jump between B2 and C1 is a large chasm. It goes from a conversational tone to purely academic and formal language, and the difference in the amount of vocabulary you need to have is significant.

I have also hired a new test prep tutor on Italki and have began working on C1 test prep with her. I realized that I had been playing it safe with a lot of the same grammar structures, noticed where I had cemented mistakes, and saw how limited my vocabulary was when it came to describing things in detail. What about you? Have you taken the exam or are you preparing for it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Good for you, Cher! What a lot of work and that you are so public about it, is very impressive. I look forward to hearing more about your process. You are an inspiration, Cher!!

Thank you so much for writing about your experience. I enjoyed reading this entry, especially since it focuses so much on your learning process and your meta learning what I take to be your reaction to the perceived pressure of the testing situation, playing the comparison game, and those dreaded cemented mistakes.

By the way, I have a lot of cemented ones myself, if you ever want to borrow them — just kidding!. More power to you, to recognize the difference between the end goal whose clarity has yet to completely unfold for you and the process of achieving it, to know that a change of learning venue may very well be in order. Life really is lived through a thousand mid-course corrections. Your experience has helped me clarify my still-hazy goal of becoming conversationally fluent, by describing somewhat the difference between conversational and academic Italian.

Natalia, reading your kind words brought such a smile to my face. Cher — Way to go. You are an inspiration. I greatly appreciate your candor about the experience. In this age of perfection, too few are willing to lay out their humanity a public forum. Of course we all know that you will receive a passing score. In particular, I enjoyed your comment about recognizing one word out of ten on an exercise. I have run across several study exercises that leave me with that same feeling.

So glad to know that it resonated with you, Sergio. Well done! Sounds like you will have done brilliantly!! I think it was CEFR based. Linda, thank you so so much for your encouragement and your kind words. Let me know if you have any specific questions about it! Ciao Jill.

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And what was the subject of the write production? Ciao Ines! Apologies for the late reply. The oral exam was just two questions — what my favorite trip was and who I would be if I could choose any historical person.

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Puoi aggiungermi su Facebook o puoi mandarmi un e-mail. Taking the B2 test next month! Nervous about the grammar the verbs kill me and conversational as I always make silly mistakes. Thanks for all your intel and suggestions on study. We found this blog post though that might help. Just a couple of clarifications.

Also, the results come around 2 months after the exam — even though it feels like a very long time! Finally, the exams are given worldwide on the first Thursday in June and December, so the date changes depending on then the first Thursday of those months falls. I also take the French version of these exams, and there are tons of prep books and info on the web for them, but very little for the CILS. Hey, Cher! Do you have any updates for us?

I am leaning to the C1 but Briajx the guy from Reddit who did the C2 has been encouraging me to take the C2. Also, I think I speak for a lot of your readers when I say I still miss your voice on my commutes! Ciao Bob! I was planning on taking the C2 this year but decided not to be so intense with my Italian studies this year. You can always take the C2 right after if you decide on the C1 as well.

In terms of what I would have done differently, I think I would have done more controlled evaluations of my conversational skills, so asking my tutor to choose a topic for me and then write down all of my mistakes.

A lot of my mistakes during that portion just came from lack of confidence and nervousness. Did yours really take the full 3 months to be graded? I just found out I passed the C1!