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It remains in use, for example, as a counterpart to "gentleman", in the phrase " ladies and gentlemen ", and is generally interchangeable in a strictly informal sense with "woman" as in, "The lady at the store said I could return this item within thirty days". However, some women, since the rise of second wave feminism , have objected to the term used in contexts such as the last example, arguing that the term sounds patronising and outdated when used in this way; a man in the same context would not necessarily be referred to as a "gentleman".

One feminist writer , Robin Lakoff , in her book Language and Woman's Place , notably raised the issue of the ways in which "lady" is not used as the counterpart of "gentleman". It is suggested by academic Elizabeth Reid Boyd that feminist usage of the word "lady" has been reclaimed in the 21st century. Formally, "Lady" is the female counterpart to higher ranks in society , from gentlemen, through knights, to lords, and so on. During the Middle Ages , princesses or daughters of the blood royal were usually known by their first names with "Lady" prefixed, e.

Lady Elizabeth ; [1] since Old English and Middle English did not have a female equivalent to princes or earls or other royals or nobles.

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Aside from the queen, women of royal and noble status simply carried the title of "Lady". As a title of nobility, the uses of "lady" in Britain are parallel to those of "lord". It is thus a less formal alternative to the full title giving the specific rank, of marchioness , countess , viscountess or baroness , whether as the title of the husband's rank by right or courtesy, or as the lady's title in her own right.

A widow's title derived from her husband becomes the dowager , e. The Dowager Lady Smith. The title "Lady" is also used for a woman who is the wife of a Scottish feudal baron or laird , the title "Lady" preceding the name of the barony or lairdship. In the case of younger sons of a duke or marquess , who have the courtesy title "Lord" prefixed to their given and family name, the wife is known by the husband's given and family name with "Lady" prefixed, e.

Lady John Smith.

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The daughters of dukes, marquesses and earls are by courtesy "ladies"; here, that title is prefixed to the given and family name of the lady, e. Lady Jane Smith , and this is preserved if the lady marries a commoner , e. Mr John and Lady Jane Smith. When a woman divorces a knight and he marries again, the new wife will be Lady Smith while the ex-wife becomes Jane, Lady Smith.


Female members of the Order of the Garter and Order of the Thistle also receive the prefix of "Lady"; here that title is prefixed to the given and family name of the lady, e. The word is also used as a title of the Wicca goddess, The Lady. Margaret Thatcher was informally referred to in the same way by many of her political colleagues when Prime Minister of Great Britain. Her husband was later created a baronet, thus making her "Lady Thatcher" as of right. After she retired, she was given a barony as Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, and was thereafter known as "The Lady Thatcher".

Elsewhere in the Commonwealth , the word is used in a similar fashion to aristocratic usage in Britain. In the BDSM community, many female dominants choose the title Lady as an alternative to the more commonly used Mistress. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Lady disambiguation. Cambridge University Press. Women and Language. Bloomsbury Publishing.

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