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The atmosphere is always kept alive by the infamous ultra group Boys Parma , who conduct many of the choreographed shows in the curva. The team have needed the sport more than ever this season, as they have struggled. They had fewer than 10, fans for their game against Empoli this season and most of these were on the curva.

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Even to Italian football fanatics, a match between Parma and Empoli on a misty Sunday afternoon in late November would appear rather inconspicuous. That both teams are locked in a relegation scrap this season was a contributing factor, but above all, this was the celebration of a year gemellaggio twinning between the ultras of Parma and Empoli. The friendship began when the two sides played in Serie B in Empoli triumphed , a fact many fans were apparently unaware of due to the thick fog that had descended over the Stadio Carlo Castellini. Gracefully accepting their defeat, the thousands of travelling Parmensi felt obliged to inform their adversaries that they had actually triumphed.

From then a friendship was born and last Sunday it was honoured as the two sets of fans mixed amicably, eating lunch together and exchanging messages during a match that was again won by Empoli. While the Parma players left the field to a chorus of whistles from the home support, the cordial relationship between the fans was maintained. Parma lies in the north west of Emilia Romagna, a region contiguous with Tuscany to the south, Liguria to the west and Lombardy and the Veneto to the north.

The region is bounded by the River Po and it is one of the most prosperous on the peninsula.

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In the wealthy city of Parma, Campanilismo local pride is keenly felt by the population. Indeed the Parmigiani can be somewhat supercilious at times, revelling in their affluent identity.

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But is it any wonder? During the summer of , a group of youngsters united by their love for Parma FC and inspired by the ultras movement proliferating across Italy, formed the group BOYS. The thinking was simple. The club colours would be defended under the aegis of this newly fledged group. However, just like us they were born back in the s and thus 35 years of existence is a reason to be extremely proud.

However, the BOYS labelled themselves as ultras. This is the mentality through which the BOYS differentiated themselves, going beyond the average call of duty for a supporter. And between the years of and the supporters had plenty to shout about.

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Bankrolled by the Tanzi family, owner of the local dairy industry giant Parmalat, Parma became one of the most successful clubs in Italy. This newfound success meant the supporters encountered new rivalries. This is not to say their historic rivals were forgotten. In a criminal investigation into Parmalat uncovered gross financial irregularities, leading to bankruptcy and its CEO, Calisto Tanzi, being imprisoned in This had a disastrous knock-on effect.

The club have since bounced back, enjoying a sixth-place finish in Serie A under coach Roberto Donadoni during the season. Nadia and Luana cut a few more songs together while Sonia struck out with a solo career. It gave the singer her biggest chart hit. Un colpo di sole Annie Philippe : Vous pouvez me dire. To view the full version please install the Adobe Flash Player and ensure your web browser has JavaScript enabled. Need help? Sonia e le Sorelle - Ready steady girls! Our pick of the pops. Lo faccio per amore It was this point that I became increasingly convinced that it was necessary to translate Lorde into Italian.

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This was critical because it would enable a wider Italian readership to learn about the Black feminist lesbian writer, warrior poet and great intellectual thinker who has many things to say to us. Her words on the richness of difference, on courage, and learning from pain and rage, are of great value and transcend the time and situation in which they were written. Since this is a totally self-funded publication, we launched a crowd sourcing fundraiser to pre-sell the book.

We also partnered with a number of feminist and lgbt groups and associations in many cities across Italy to organize fundraising events events.

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We are excited about the interest that we raised, and the results we are receiving.