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Lost Love Found

Granted Valenina was a I had a feeling that I wasn't going to like this book and boy was I right. Granted Valenina was a widow but she acted like a slut - trying out one guy after another. She had the nerve to say to the second guy she had sex with in roughly two weeks or so "I am not a wanton to couple with every man who takes my fancy. At that point I gave up. Not only did I give up but I also threw the book in the garbage.

Good riddance. Feb 24, Carol Storm rated it it was amazing. Valentina is Sky O'Malley's great-niece, and like the family matriarch she has an independent spirit and a voluptuous body.

She is beloved by Queen Elizabeth but goes eastward to experience all the possible forms of sexual pleasure a woman can know before finding her true love at last. All this sounds pretty terrible, doesn't it? But Bertrice Small has a way of making Val more human and more engaging than most romance novel heroines. There's a section about life at the royal court where Elizabet Valentina is Sky O'Malley's great-niece, and like the family matriarch she has an independent spirit and a voluptuous body.

There's a section about life at the royal court where Elizabeth is unable to eat properly because her teeth are all gone -- but no one dares to deal with the problem.

Love Lost, Love Found

Val solves it with gentleness and understanding, and it's a real window into royal history. She's not exactly strong-willed, but she's a survivor and she knows how to adapt to every new circumstance.

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I liked her and wanted her to be happy. A great book for those who love harem romance and Tudor history. Nov 25, Bella rated it really liked it. But I guess the fact that I feel so strong about it tells you what a great job Mrs. Small did with her character. All in all, I love her heroines and their happy endings! Aug 07, Mona rated it really liked it. Beatrice Small is one of my favorite authors of Romance.

She knows how to tell a story to make you laugh and cry all a tthe same time. She makes you fall in love with the heroes and heroines and absolutely loath the villans. She is truely amazing and you would be entranced to read any one of her books. I know I am! I can't wait for her new ones to come out! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Valentina's tale is part of the epic O'Malley saga, and one of my favourite Bertrice Small books of all time.

It will give you the necessary background to this book and is required reading for any Bertrice fan! The book begins as Valentina nee St. Michael , Lady Barrows, is burying her husband Ned, after a Valentina's tale is part of the epic O'Malley saga, and one of my favourite Bertrice Small books of all time. Michael , Lady Barrows, is burying her husband Ned, after a tragic accident.

Valentina is newly married, and although she rises to the occasion and gives her husband a proper farewell, she does not know what to do -- so, she goes to her childhood home, Pearroc Royal, and joins her parents - Lord and Lady Bliss and her siblings. At her sister's wedding, Valentina is reunited with her cousin the son of her father's half-sister, the infamous Skye O'Malley , Padraic Burke. To Padraic, Valentina confesses the truth -- she did not love her husband, and indeed, did not feel passion for him.

Padraic, in turn, confesses that he has always loved Valentina, and wishes to marry her. Valentina is horrified, for as she points out -- Padraic allowed her to marry Ned Barrows and never told her how he felt. As the novel progresses, Valentina travels to the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and becomes one of her treasured ladies-in-waiting.

Small captures the changed nature of Elizabeth's life as she wallows in old age, and sees her loved ones dying off. The "golden days" are over. And although often the prose lapses into prolonged and out-of-place historical passages, it is still interesting to hear about how it was during these times. I think Bertrice Small is the author who has most educated me on life in the s!!! As scary as that is ;- Valentina becomes a favourite of the Queen, and helps her through her life as an elderly woman - while caught between the attention of two suitors, her cousin Padraic Burke and the dashing Tom Ashburne.

I will say that Bertrice Small doesn't really make an effort to convince you that Valentina will ever pick anyone but Padraic -- he's the clear choice and Ashburne is just a dalliance. It's a little irritating, but Val does fool around with both of them, so that's cool! The book picks up when Valentina travels home and her mother's old tiring woman reveals a startling secret -- Conn may not be Val's father.

She confronts her parents and they tell her the heartbreaking news -- that in the events from A Love for All Time - Aiden was kidnapped by Barbary pirates and sold into slavery in Istanbul. The truth, Aiden says, is that she believed with all of her heart that Conn was Valentina's father, but she couldn't be sure.

Love Lost, Love Found Audiobook | Tatiana Jerome |

Valentina is a bitch throughout this -- perhaps understandably so -- and can't accept that her mother believes Conn is the one. She makes the decision to travel to the East. Ashburne and Burke decide to accompany her, and so Valentina sets off on an odyssey that will change her life. Many interesting things happen that I won't spoil -- some of them are horrible -- but Valentina does learn that it would be impossible for her to be Javid's child big shocker and so she travels back to Istanbul to meet the Sultan's mother.

While visiting the valide, she lets her know that Murad could not possibly be her father. The true Small kink sets in, as Cica attempts to mold Valentina into his ideal love slave, seducing and finally raping her into submission. It's interesting that Cica's rape of Val is sexy and yet abhorrent -- sexy because she is drugged with aphrodisiacs and knows she is and badly wants him to have sex with her, and abhorrent because of course, it is rape and it is wrong.

Cica installs Val into his harem, and Esther Kira plots with Padraic and facilitates her escape. The novel culminates in the murder of the Kira family horrendous and Valentina's escape from Cica's clutches. It's extremely exciting, and the detail was perfect. Lost Love Found concludes in dealing with Valentina's residual feelings about her rape at the hands of Pasha, and the Queen's death.

All in all, it is an enthralling book and one of Small's best. She's at her most evocative when dealing with the O'Malley family, and Valentina is a worthy successor to Skye. I actually wish she had concentrated more on Val than Jasmine who she starts a series with in later novels. Valentina is strong, funny, independent and kind. I liked Padraic, but his whole "hinny love" business is creepy, and he did wait a LONG time before telling Valentina he loved her.

Skye's scenes are as always, enjoyable and I liked the flashbacks to Aiden and Conn's romance -- which is my favourite of all Small's books. I loved Valentina's realisation that her Mother was once a desirable woman and her shock at that -- it's so true to life! One of my favourite scenes is when Valentina discovers the Queen dead. Bertrice Small had historical books open on her desk as she read, and too few liberties with the circumstances. It feels like being a fly on the wall in the death of Queen Elizabeth I and I found myself tearing up as her faithful people lined the streets of London for their beloved Queen.

It truly was the end of an era and I felt it keenly. I loved this book and have read it so many times! It's entertaining, bawdy, sentimental and romantic. Was this just a continuity error from Bertrice? Jul 25, Jody Austin rated it it was amazing. Valentina is my favorite heroine in the O'Malley series and more like Skye than Skye's offspring. Small's exceptional writing and incredible detail showed me how the lively days of courtlife in Elizabeth's youth had dramatically changed and had become a somber place as Elizabeth approached her last days.

When a family secret is revealed, Valentina shows us her adventurous spirit and heads East! Her a Valentina is my favorite heroine in the O'Malley series and more like Skye than Skye's offspring. Her adventures are incredible! I appreciated how Mrs. I wept at least 3 times and was filled with anger, frustration, joy, fear, and triumph as Mrs. Small weaved her magic spell of words and phrases and pulled me into her story. If you haven't read the O'Malley series, you might get a little confused. You should at least read "A Love for All Time" which is the tale of Aidan, Valentina's mother, and is the basis of much of this book's plot.

Dec 23, Anne rated it did not like it. Once upon a time I loved these "bodice rippers". But several many years on, it just frustrated me. In this case I found the story of the heroine was interrupted too many times by the detailed history of both the time which seemed well researched and was interesting for it's own sake and the family as this was Book 5 in the O'Malley series.

I skipped to the end.