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Give credit for materials, patterns, and models. Acknowledge the value of others even when we disagree. Give account of what and how we conduct ourselves as trainers. Recognize the vital role that I play for the success of the larger vision. Respond with care and compassion. Welcome differences and looking for ways of cooperating. Pace as we respond to people. To take effective action on what we know, to receive feedback and refine our skills so that we become productive and efficient in our performances.

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Check quality of our actions and speech for effectiveness and productivity. Recognize the importance of the keeping our credibility, honor, and legacy. Create products, patterns, books, trainings that add massive value.

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Demonstrate quality product knowledge, development, and service. Continually refine current products and innovate new ones. To create richness, wealth, and to lead by going first and showing the way, to give back to others, to contribute, to live knowing that we can do so much more together than alone.

Refer people to our colleagues. Share newly created patterns in articles, posts on egroups, etc. Pay royalties for the training manuals. Live congruently in a spirit of open generosity.

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To assume personal responsibility for our primary powers thought and emotion, speech and behavior , to eliminate excuses and rationalizations when we have made a mistake, to take initiate, to be proactive, to recognize our responsibility for our actions and our contributions in relation to others.

Cohere to the code of ethical conduct to demonstrate emotional intelligence and integrity. Quickly acknowledges problems, information, hurts, and problems and takes action to address such. Quickly accept fallibility and errors in personal and business relationships to make amends. To create the best of experiences, trainings, products, and customer service. People come first, second products. Devoting time and energy to taking care of customers and clients.

Asking questions about how to improve the quality of trainings, materials, etc.

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Exploring feedback to discover how to use it to improve things. Asking for feedback for improvement.

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To communicate directly and forthrightly that gets to the heart of things. Communicate with care to hold each other accountable.

Speaking directly with those we have issues with, no tri-angling with others. To always ask questions first, seek to understand, and only then make evaluations. We believe in abundance rather than scarcity. We believe in cooperation rather than competition. We can achieve much more together than alone. Responsible actions manifest our beliefs and increase our credibility Congruency is our power to truly make a difference in the world. The future of Neuro-Semantics lies in our hands. Sharing freely enriches us all and will come back to us a hundred fold.

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Jul Sales Ended. Event description. Do you want to be empowered to take criticism effectively and positively? Do you want to eliminate the emotional black-hole of criticism so you can communicate constructively? Do you want to hear out complaints, even harsh and cruel criticism, without getting defensive?

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Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map. Neuro-Semantics Circle - July View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events Institute of Neuro-Semantics Malaysia Event creator. Following Follow. We want more for ourselves. We want people to thrive at the highest level possible.

Sinek again:. When a why goes fuzzy, it becomes much more difficult to maintain the growth, loyalty, and inspiration that helped drive the original success. The danger for any person and any community is letting the why go fuzzy. To avoid this we have to keep refreshing our way hence this article. It is also to keep relating what we do and how you do it with our why. When we do that, then why truly becomes an inside-out process.

Those who are able to inspire give people a sense of purpose or belonging that has little to do with any external incentive or benefit to be gained. From why comes the what— what do you do, and after that the how— how do you do that? Hows are the actions you take to realize that belief. And whats are the results of those actions. From our why of inspiring people to get real, to unleash their highest potentials, to change the world our how is through Neuro-Semantic Trainings and workshops, Meta-Coaching, Business consulting, Leadership Development, and Therapeutic Change.

May that why keep you inspired and motivated in doing what you do and inform you in how you do what you do. Michael Hall, Ph. Box 8 Clifton, CO. Hall's email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Michael Hall. Subscribe at: wwww.