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Among the most striking elements of the work are its emphasis on the importance of humility, compassion, sympathy and the quest for spirituality.

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A major theme in Parzival is love: heroic acts of chivalry are inspired by true love, which is ultimately fulfilled in marriage. The romance was the most popular vernacular verse narrative in medieval Germany, and continues to be read and translated into modern languages around the world. Wolfram began a prequel, Titurel, which was later continued by another writer, while two full romances were written adapting Wolfram's story of Loherangrin.

Parsifal Bibliography: a bibliography of Wagner's 'Parsifal'.

Richard Wagner based his famous opera Parsifal, finished in , on Parzival. Word in Definition.

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  • The Year Abroad is an integral, compulsory element of our four-year degree programmes. Students will enhance their spoken and written languages, develop skills for their career and make new friends. Register your interest. The world of knighthood, of love and loyalty and human endeavor despite the cruelty and suffering of life, is constantly mingling with the world of the Grail, affirming the inherent unity between man's temporal condition and his quest for something beyond human existence.

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