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Flyers, performance stills and some physical shots of the theatre in all it's glory. CLF Theatre was built in May , with events hosted in the space throughout whilst the space was renovated. A huge amount of thanks go to The Royal Court Theatre for helping us with the design and building of the space. Not only were their plays brilliant, but the legacy that they have left in Peckham is beyond measure.

Theatre Updates Here is a rare opportunity to experience his work through this unique roadshow that travels the length of that road, backwards, forwards, and any other way it is possible to go.

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  • Die Alchemie des Bösen: Roman (Miss Temple & ihre Gefährten 3) (German Edition).

And without peyote the sights you think you see will be even more powerful. You'll hear the voice of a fallen angel and brush against the spirits of the western deserts. When you hear the guitars jangling and the engines revving you'll know the roadshow is in full swing. Nhamo, a dashing young goatherd, stumbles upon a mysterious Narrator who has just hours to complete his masterpiece: the ultimate African TV drama.

All that's missing is a hero and Nhamo fits the bill — if he can defeat his arch nemesis, woo the girl of his dreams, appeal to audiences the world over and learn his lines. By midnight.


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This madcap farce, from one of the leading British-African theatre companies, turns storytelling on its head in a Zimbabwean comedy of epic This double-bill showcases the work of two of the most exciting and contemporary Australian playwrights. Two grown-up men sit beside a child's paddling pool. Two open souls, they talk freely about life's oddities, and sing divine songs about the nature of love. They take abusive lovers, teach advanced level German and train hard to star in Macbeth for the upcoming eisteddfod - which threatens to explode their world forever.

Write Here…Right Now coming with an eclectic line up of the arts forming the spine of the 3 week festival. From nights dedicated to twisted cabaret to scratch night theatre shows made up of 6 15 minute performances. Very Brief Encounters is the perfect comic tonic for those of you touched by Valentines blues. Come and witness the weird and wonderful world of speed dating as several hopefuls get their dreams crushed and realised in equal measure.

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See passion spark into life and lust bounce off the walls like a ping pong ball in this hilarious romantic comedy that will have you shaking with laughter. The story that changes every time it is told Almost three thousand years later the stories still echo through our narrative memory. The Odyssey is a co-production between Creation and The Factory. He seems happy enough on his stakeout. But what is Lloyd up to? Is he just out for a good time? Is he homeless? Or might he be planning the perfect murder? To be honest, he doesn't really seem the sort Townsend Productions a new drama set in about the Tolpuddle Martyrs thatfollows the extraordinary true story of George and Betsy Loveless.

He was a Methodist preacher and the leader of the six Dorsetshire farm labourers who were tried, convicted and condemned to harsh transportation by an oppressive Government for having the temerity to swear a secret oath and form a union to fight against a succession of wage cuts inflicted by the local landowner. Ran Oct 29 - Nov 24 Ran 7th October - 26th October When Dorian Gray first sets eyes on his portrait, he becomes captivated by his own good looks.

Inspired to forfeit his very soul to retain his beauty, he sets himself on a downward spiral into the darkest corners of London life. To the rest of the world they seem to be doing OK: they have jobs, friends, ambitions well sort of. Until their chance meeting on the number 12 night bus causes them to spiral into a world of love, pain and mis communication.

Award-winning writer Simon Vinnicombe takes a funny and unflinching look at how trivial insecurities can send us crashing into self-destruction. Inspired by the Greek mythology Lysistrata, this honest, humorous and moving new play by Bola Agbaje explores the power struggles, choices and determinations of young men and women wrapped up in a life where rules are made and broken and relationships are tested to their limits.

One wintry morning Prudencia Hart, an uptight academic, sets off to attend a conference in Kelso in the Scottish Borders. As the snow begins to fall, little does she know who or what awaits her. Lead writers Bola Agbaje and Rachel De-lahay then worked with volunteers from the Peckham area to come up with ideas for a fictional soap world set in Peckham and created the story arc for the ten episode series, co-writing the first two episodes. The Royal Court commissioned eight more writers to write a five minute episode each.

Think later. It's the natural order. The black humour that emerges is sometimes as frightening as it is funny. Endgame is Beckett's most acclaimed play written in a Theatre of the Absurd style. Doors pm for all plays. Four lads explore what it is to be a man today. Does lad culture have a place or is it time to grow up? Everything appears to be golden for Stuart, Nic, Jeffy and Rupert. They are all pretty content with life at the moment.

But after an incident on a particularly messy Thursday night their world has been rocked. With their friendships tested and their own expectations challenged, will they ever be the same again? Yet among the contortionists, ventriloquists, musicians, and good-time girls that haunt the tables at this once-great performance hall, there lurks a dark presence: a mysterious masked figure with the power to make them confess their most closely-guarded secrets Inspired by the writings of Edgar Allen Poe.

How far would you go to get what you want and is what you want really what you need? This modern retelling explores the need for love, attention and freedom and asks the question, just how far is too far? This modern interpretation of Shakespeare's classic is directed by William E. P Davis. In presenting a dark journey through the complex world of catholic dogma, Dante tries to elucidate the very nature of humanity. This is the inspiration for a new theatrical production that will be consuming the CLF arts cafe this July.

This promenade performance will incorporate the full spectrum of senses to immerse the audience in the poetic scenes created by Dante.


The audience itself will take the role of Dante and they will be led by Virgil, a narrator who will guide them through hell and, hopefully to spiritual salvation. Each of the nine acts will represent the nine levels of hell. Welcome to the world of Vesta! A love-struck, exuberant and darkly comic celebration of humanity inspired by the films of Federico Fellini.

Our one hour show contains startling imagery and bad behaviour, this playful physical piece is brought to you by six lascivious ladies. Join us on an adventure into the stuff of dreams! Witness the grisly and the beautiful in a sumptuous visual feast that will tickle your funny bone and leave you wanting more. This is your chance to escape the drudgery of everyday austerity and embrace the madcap world of absurdist comedy. Your guide is the master of the absurd, Eugene Ionesco the man who turned the world of comedy upside down.

In this fast-paced physical production, the playwright is the shepherd and the world of theatre a constantly changing chameleon. Take a ring-side seat and watch Ionesco take on his critics. It's a ridiculous battle of wits that you won't want to miss. Villains' reminisces about soho in the 80's through narratives Given by the notorious Trisha from Trisha's Bar, Bernie Silvers' ex-Henchman Marty Brown, and a tale from a local Pedallo driver who witnesses the dynamic between the crooks and the police in Soho which has existed since before the 's.

A theatrical, comical, experimental, musical extravaganza including a free exhibition of work from up and coming London photographers and visual artists. Offering artists from all disciplines the opportunity to come together, play, collaborate and try out new ideas in front of a supportive audience, TELL TALES promises to have something for everyone.

As Basquiat moves out of the streets and into the galleries of SoHo his new friend Keith Haring does likewise, having caught the art world's attention with his subway drawings. Together, they rapidly become international art superstars, befriending the legendary Andy Warhol in the process. The lives and work of all three artists become intertwined as they reach the highest highs, and discover what waits beyond them.

A Thousand Miles of History is a moving and at times hilarious tale of love and loss, family and art, sex and commerce. Getting The Men In Coats is a real cabaret coup for us.

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They started in and had a number of sell out Edinburgh shows as well as TV, and have toured the world and appeared on The Royal Variety Show. They're video on youtube has has over 20 million hits and has entered the top most popular youtube posts of all time. Shakespeare's character, Othello the Moor, is a renowned mercenary soldier.

This updated production sets the play within the booming yet mysterious world of western military security companies, the private armies of today. Against the backdrop of the cut-throat competition for military contracts, this production explores the more localized battle of Othello Opera in Space are back dragging operatic performance kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. This fully immersive, electrifying production of Dido and Aeneas is Purcell as you've never seen him before. This tragic tale of love and deception is performed in English and features Dido's Lament one of the most revered arias in the operatic repertoire.

This groundbreaking promenade production leads the audience through two floors as characters sing and dance to tell the tragic story. Miss Julie is a play about power and status, lust and remorse, set during the festive celebration of midsummer night. Julie wants to break free from the shackles of her status, while Jean wants to climb up the social ladder, aspiring power and wealth.

And a female Arthur who learns to live boldly and fight fiercely for the right to be who she is—and love who she loves. The page-turning, heart-wrenching true story of one young woman willing to risk her safety and even her life for a chance at freedom in the largest slave escape attempt in American history. A little girl takes her digger to the park, longing for some independence. A high-achieving girl falls for the most imperfect boy in school through a series of mysterious dreams, which change how she feels about herself, her future, and love.

This is a compulsively readable, edge-of-the seat suspense novel — contemporary, clever, layered, and with a unique and riveting premise. Jodi Picoult for teens meets Lurlene McDaniel. Irrepressibly funny, but with undertones of truth about the painful process of growing up, this is an entertaining standalone novel for both boys and girls. A compelling story of how the scientific accomplishments of two brilliant female physicists developed from aiding medical advancement into the unthinkable. When Rosa and her unicorn Crystal discover the magical map is broken they travel to the Glittering Caverns to fix it.

The journey is steeped in magic and danger. Can Rosa learn to work in a team in order to save the map? A hooky but thoughtful debut tween novel, which mixes celebrity, boarding school, friendship, first crush and fashion with deeper themes of courage and independence. Unicorn Academy is a place where pupils meet and train their own unicorn, learning to help each other and to look after the beautiful Unicorn Island. Fun-loving Scarlett and her unicorn, Blaze, are a perfect match. Life is a game until magical Lake Sparkle begins to freeze. The lake nourishes the island and keeps it special.

With the island in danger, and Unicorn Academy in danger of closing, Scarlett and Blaze set of on an adventure to try to put things right. Charming and sweetly funny, here is first love mixed with the big issues of life and death, loss and discovery. A sweeping and thrilling epic fantasy adventure.

Poignant and charming, inspiring and fascinating — this compelling story of a girl who finally decides to take control of her weight and her destiny will have huge appeal for both girls and women. A starred PW review, and a Junior Library Guild Selection, herald this beautifully crafted and illustrated story of Elinor Smith who dreamed of making her living as a professional pilot. But not everyone thought that girls should fly….

With strong writing and wonderful characters, this is an absorbing contemporary story that touches on themes of faith, independence, courage, sexual orientation and identity. Unicorn Academy is a school where pupils meet and train with their own special unicorn, learning to help each other and look after the beautiful Unicorn Island. Then trouble strikes and Sophia and Rainbow find themselves on a daring adventure to save the magical lake.

Doll Bones meets Splendors and Glooms in this masterful examination of sacrifice and sibling love. Charming, funny and conceptually strong, this debut picturebook illustrated by A. Ford establishes Summer Jackson an an irresistible new character. A fictionalized re-telling of an extraordinary story from the past. A genre-bending epic horror-fantasy, inspired by the legend of Faust, that spans generations as an ancient evil is uncovered—perfect for fans of Kendare Blake and Ransom Riggs. A light-hearted and romantic contemporary novel set during the holiday season and full of humor, heart and heartbreak.

This is a contemporary YA romance with a suspenseful twist, which explores the meaning of pain at an age when pain is inevitable. Imagine The Borrowers in the White House! This fun new chapter book series follows a family of mice as a new president moves into their home! From the author of the acclaimed Hour of the Bees comes another captivating story that deftly blurs the line between reality and magic — and will leave you wondering What if?

Friendship and magic realism sparkle on the page in this charming middle grade story about a lonely widower and a frightened boy. Pacy and intense, bleak and edgy, a debut space thriller that asks big questions, by a strong new YA voice. Deep beneath the glittering city of New York, a hidden market trades in wonders. Ivy Sparrow and her brother Seb have travelled here from London, determined to help their best friend search for his missing sister.

She has read stories of a magical creature — the Nardoo — who swims through the stars at night. A heartfelt, classic and thought-provoking debut from a fabulous new voice in middle grade fiction.

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Intriguing, powerful and emotionally compelling, a new novel from this author of layered contemporary suspense. Two girls, one road trip — and a poignant contemporary middle-grade story with a nostalgic voice. Quirky, funny, and bursting with imagination, a fantasy adventure with heart — and the best monsters in town! Olivia and Piper are two best friends who have always shared classes together, never needing to branch out and make other friends.

How can they survive? When Piper finds the sparkly notebook in Target, an idea takes shape. How about the girls use the notebook including flyers, brochures, receipts, scripts etc to write to each other every day between classes — sharing all the ups and downs of their middle-school experience? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. With the notebook as the lifeline between them, the pages Olivia and Piper share — both hilarious and heartbreaking — will either bring them together. Co-authored with Alison Cherry and Lindsay Ribar, this is an entertaining and sometimes slapstick testament to the power of friendship.

Elegantly strange, darkly compelling, this truly original debut novel marks the arrival of a major new talent. It features a brooding, bass-playing teen boy who is sure to resonate with all young-adult readers. A fast-paced and very exciting romantic thriller set in the drama of the Witness Protection program. With themes of pre-teen friendship, loss and depression and botany! Miranda misses her mum.

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The mum who used to laugh at her jokes and take her to Disneyworld. So when Miranda is sent to spend the summer on August Isle, where her mum grew up, she is determined to unlock the secrets that are breaking her family apart. With her passion for scientific experimentation and her pet tarantula Violet, Tess de Sousa is no ordinary orphan. But as she adjusts to her new life at Roedeer Lodge, it becomes clear that Norton F. And when Tess discovers that the Starspinner is the gateway between her world and a parallel world in which war rages, she realizes she may be the key to a terrible plan.

A plan she must stop at all costs. Excitement, drama, adventure, glorious colours. A timely and thought-provoking contemporary YA thriller, told from two perspectives, and woven around some strong themes. Lyrical, evocative and questioning, this is clever and thought-provoking suspense. The leaves of this book are alive with everything a child could want to know about leaves and trees! A middle-grade whirlwind adventure for boys and girls, from a debut author with an extraordinary voice. Full of humor, heart and poignancy, here is a fresh spin on the classic trope of growing up and finding out who you are — but with a wit and warmth all its own.

The story takes us into both math and theatre, enough STEAM to delight any educator — and charts and graphs, texts and lists, all bring life to this story of friendship, family and identity. An intriguing and thrilling urban fantasy novel. Romantic, exciting and fresh, the story explores the human condition — especially love, friendship and mortality — through science-based themes. Three perspectives, three rites of passage — and one love affair that changes everything.

A school ski trip turns to horror when a group of teenagers gets snowed-in in a remote village. But why? Then the teachers disappear, and the group starts to get picked off one-by-one, meeting gruesome and macabre endings. Some of the survivors want to stay put in their hotel, believing that help will arrive eventually. A handful realise that they are sitting ducks, and the only place of safety may be outside in the freezing-cold.

But what horror lies out there? Pertinent, smart and thought-provoking, a novel that will challenge our obsession with social media and its values. A House of Cards for teens! An exciting thriller set in the intriguing world of Washington, DC politics. Where writers grow. Books All books by Greenhouse Authors. Ages 5 - 8. Ages 8 - Young Adult. A Thousand Perfect Notes Beck hates his life. All We Have Left A story of past and present, heartbreak and hope, as two girls find the courage to be the people they want to be, and learn that both hate and love reverberate into the future and beyond.

Ava and Star Nature-loving Ava and her unicorn, Star, are in danger! Bad Bella The story of a very special dog, who will win the heart of any reader who loves our furry friends. Believe Spare and powerful, this unique story touches on themes of faith, family secrets, the cult of celebrity — and ultimately hope. Beneath the Haunting Sea A glorious and sweeping YA fantasy with all the power of the upredictable and dangerous oceans.

Beyond Lucky Smart, funny, and with a great voice, this middle-grade story combines exciting soccer action with strong themes of friendship, forgiveness and trust. Black Helicopters A psychological thriller for young adults — chilling, heart-breaking and beautifully told. Burning Magic The third book in this thrilling fantasy series. Castle Explorer Everything a young child could ever want to know about castles!

Cody and the Fountain of Happiness Just right for kids moving up from beginning readers, the Cody books burst with action and humor, while never losing sight of the challenges of growing up. Cody and the Heart of a Champion A fourth book in this warm, funny series. Cody and the Rules of Life Cody ponders trust, conscience, friendship and family in this thoughtful, funny third book in the series. Come Find Me A captivating thriller about two teens who connect when each discovers a mysterious radio frequency, which suggests their family tragedies are mysteriously linked. Dear Poppy When Poppy moves to the country, she discovers a secret stash of letters that give her a unique connection to her late mother in this novel about friendship, first crushes, and family drama.

Dirty Little Secrets You can only hoard your troubles for so long. Escape This Book! Every Single Second A poignant and topical middle-grade novel about the effects of an accidental shooting on family, friendship, and community. Exodus In a drowned world, can refuge be found? Fake A story that takes a clear-eyed look at the confusion between truth and illusion in the seductive world of social media. Find Me A twisty, edge-of-seat, contemporary thriller which introduces a feisty new protagonist — hacker Wick Tate. Fiona Finkelstein Meets Her Match!

Fiona Finkelstein: Big-Time Ballerina Fall in love with Fiona Finkelstein in this funny, thoughtful and delightful young series for girls. Fracture An intelligent, thought-provoking, YA supernatural thriller set in the frigid danger of a Maine winter. Going Vintage The story of a girl figuring out the truths and illusions of life and love, both in the nostalgic past and in the very real now.

Halfway to Happy Ever After Book 3 in this delightful — and very sparkly — young fiction series. Have a Mice Flight! Being a mouse in the White House is fun. Hour Of The Bees Mysterious, moving and very beautiful, this is an unforgettable story about the meaning of time and the ties that bind a family. Hysteria A suspenseful and intriguing murder mystery with a difference. I Am Fartacus Irrepressibly funny, with an unforgettable cast of characters, this is the debut of a great new voice in young fiction for boys.

I Heart Band 4: Crushes, Codas, and Corsages Former band director Michelle Schusterman ends her adorable series about middleschool band geeks with the perfect coda! Instructions Not Included: How Three Women Coded the Future A fascinating picture book about the women who helped to shape the early days of computing — and changed the world forever. Isabel and Cloud Fun-loving Isabel and her unicorn Cloud enjoy nothing more than galloping fast around school. Just Like Rube Goldberg: The Incredible True Story of the Man Behind the Machines Discover how Rube Goldberg followed his dreams to become an award-winning cartoonist, inventor, and even an adjective in the dictionary in this inspiring and funny biographical picture book, illustrated by Robert Neubecker.

Keep Calm and Sparkle On! Layla and Dancer Layla loves all unicorns but especially her unicorn Dancer. Molly in the Middle A girl finds herself in the middle of a big decision—follow the crowd or follow her heart—in this hilarious M! Moonpenny Island A wonderful story about learning to see—the things right in front of us, the things we never dreamed of.

Murray the Horse A rip-roaring, heartwarming, rhyming story about a horse who dares to believe and a jockey who has to hang on for dear life. Nearly Gone Bones meets Fringe in a big, dark, scary, brilliantly-plotted urban thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end. Nothing Left to Burn Compelling and dark, this is a story about the intensity of fire — and the intensity of first love. Olive and the Backstage Ghost A thrilling and chilling journey through the darker side of theater.

Olivia and Snowflake Olivia is thrilled to be at Unicorn Academy and she loves Snowflake, her special unicorn. Once and Future Love. Passenger on the Pearl The page-turning, heart-wrenching true story of one young woman willing to risk her safety and even her life for a chance at freedom in the largest slave escape attempt in American history.

Penelope Crumb is the new girl in town!