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To capture the complex and foreshortened pose of the Virgin, he or, some believe, his student Guilio Romano sketched a workshop assistant in the pose of the classically inspired Madonna.

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Once a student had graduated to painting, he would usually spend time executing less important parts of a composition, such as sections of landscape background. The records Neri left of his workshop activity indicate that he produced an average of more than three altarpieces each year. Over the twenty-two-year span covered by his account, one scholar counted seventy-three altarpieces, eighty-one domestic tabernacles , and sixty-nine miscellaneous jobs. The master might paint only the central figures or simply the faces in a work—or he might not paint any of it at all.

Attributions of some paintings from the studio of Verrocchio, for example, have gone back and forth between the master and various assistants. Although contracts sometimes specified that the master himself execute certain parts of a composition, guild rules allowed him to sign as his own any work that emerged from his shop. Andrea del Verrocchio was primarily a sculptor—in bronze and marble—but also worked as a goldsmith and painter. He ran one of the most successful studios of the Italian Renaissance, and some of the most important artists from the next generation trained with him, including Perugino , Lorenzo di Credi , and Leonardo da Vinci.

Other painting assistants included Ghirlandaio and Botticelli. This small panel, just over six inches tall, continues to invite debate. Or did Leonardo? Current thinking gives the nod to Credi. After a period of training in a shop, a student could proceed to journeyman status. The Sixteenth Century. London: Batsford, Belfanti, Carlo Marco, and Fabio Giusberti. Belfanti, Carlo Marco.

Art and Love in Renaissance Italy - Curatorial Talk - Part 3 of 3

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Renaissance in Italy, Volume 3 The Fine Arts

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Renaissance in Italy, Volume 3: The Fine Arts by John Addington Symonds

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Renaissance In Italy

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