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Formerly home to the Triangle Waist Company, the top floors of this building caught fire on March 25, , killing female garment industry workers. The women were locked in the building by supervisors. People claim the building is haunted today, including by the ghosts of 50 people who jumped to their death. West 10th Street is rife with haunting legends.

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The inhabitants of this townhouse, for example, have been disturbed by denizens of the other side, including onetime resident Mark Twain. More than 20 people have died here, and rumor has it that their spirits have never left. This brownstone was where writer Emma Lazarus once lived with her family.

The Haunted House On Cherry Lane

Both she and her father died in this home, and her funeral was held here. Her spirit is said to linger still.

The adjacent garden was the site of a prison for women—some of whose ghosts are reported to lurk around the building. This beautiful brick townhouse, once owned by Mayor Jimmy Walker and home to a Prohibition-era speakeasy, is allegedly inhabited by a spirit.


Some locals say a well-dressed man in a cloak and top hat can be seen in the windows late at night. Once a haunt of famous writers, this speakeasy was owned by Leland Chumley and passed on to his flapper wife, Henrietta, who also served as a bartender. After her death it was said that Henrietta could be found sitting by the fireplace where she used to drink, or throwing bottles off their shelves.

Founded by local resident Edna St. Scared yet?

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The Boroughs. She listed the location as Cherry Lane in Highland, Arkansas, and highly recommended it to Sarah. The two later spoke on the phone about the house, where Shelly described the standard Halloween decor and a few well-placed jumps which welcomed patrons… but she explains that the real scares began when they reached the backyard. They were finally rewarded with the first chills of the evening when they passed through the living room, which was dark and hard to navigate, the only light coming from an old TV set tuned to static.

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The eerie glow illuminated an extremely creepy sight: a large, gruff old man lying on the floor, either dead or unconscious, with an unclothed mannequin propped next to him. Smears of dark blood were visible around the room… including bloody hand prints on the TV screen. As their eyes adjusted to the low light, they noticed a trail of bloody footprints on the floor, and followed these to what they presumed was the next scenario. Picking up their pace, they proceeded down a long, dark hallway, in which a few doors were set.

Behind one of these doors — which was smeared with more bloody handprints — there suddenly came a shrill scream, followed by the explosive sound of a shotgun blast. They both jumped in terror, but kept moving forward. The doorknob then began to turn, and the two friends finally ran toward the door at the end of the hall, assuming it was the exit to the backyard, where the infamous clown was likely waiting to give them the ultimate shock. At last, they made it into the large, tree-lined backyard, and the door slammed loudly shut behind them.