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Adding the failure of Gaelic Irish to come up with words for 'Yes' or 'No', the absence of the verb 'to have', and the use of phrases like 'You might not be wrong' where the English mind favours the appreciably more direct, 'you are right', he delivers a portrait of the painter, who is more of a writer to John Purser, that is truly stimulating.

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His views on Berkeley and Beckett are also stimulating, as is the fact that all three were conscious of the creative values of each other. Purser draws from his views a sense of Beckett that is richly informed by observation of Beckett's vision through words.

It is a brief and brilliant piece of writing. Hilary Pyle devotes an essay to Jack Yeats's stencils.

Jack Butler Yeats

I came across these when researching my own book and was enchanted by them, at the same time finding them difficult to interpret. She does this very well, bringing to life the childlike enthusiasm he had for entertainment and the stylish way in which he did this through miniature theatre scripts, texts and characters, through the games with model boats played with John Masefield, through the stencils and in many other ways.

Something of this enthusiasm is also contained in the reprint of Arnold Harvey's article from the Irish Times. There is also an excellent but brief tribute by Leslie Waddington to his father, the dealer Victor Waddington. The truly woeful Eamonn Andrews' RTE interview is transcribed and makes dismal reading much of the gaucheness is lost; better to hear it.

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After that, I am afraid, the book falls apart. Both the editor, Declan Foley, and the New York academic, Maureen Murphy, labour under the mistaken view that the Yeats family was a golden and happy one when this was far from being the case. About Jack B. Life Yeats was born in London, England.

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Great selection of paintings and prints by well known Irish and International artists. Facebook Twitter Search Search. Search Search. He spent the formative years between the ages of eight years and sixteen yearsof age in Sligo with his grandparents, the Pollexfens of Merville, where he had "the living ginger" of a time. He always claimed that in every piece of his work there was an element of Sligo town. As well as being a noted artist, Jack B Yeats was a cartoonist and illustrator as well as an author.

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His writings, while not as widely studied as his elder brother W B Yeats, are on a par with the works of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett. Dirty Dancing's songs recalled. It might just be the occasion where you have the time of your life, as Hawk's Well Theatre invites budding singers to join in celebration of one of the most iconic movies of the '80s. Dirty Dancing comes in timely fashion, as the celluloid classic reaches its 30th birthday.

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The iYeats International Poetry Competition closing date is coming soon. Hosted by Hawk's Well Theatre since , the annual event has won a prestigious reputation for the calibre of both entrants, and judges. Launched a decade ago, the poetry competition was initiated by the

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