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Publicist Windsor. I wanted to rate this book lower until I read the afterword that explained that it was written directly from Leon's transcripts. To explain, I was put off by the "stuff" and "things like that" until it was explained that this was a conversational piece. Although I question the validity of many of the anecdotes since they are so repetitive and shock-worthy, I appreciate the premise of the work and the fact that it is aimed toward a young audience who needs to read about such experiences. Apr 05, Heidi rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , bio-memoir , nonfiction.

A powerful message for readers of all ages—the civil rights movement we see in movies tells the story of how change came about; Mr. Tillage wrote about how his life was before the marches and the sit ins. His descriptions of the hardships of sharecropping are distressing. My students found it difficult to believe that this was an acceptable practice less than years ago in the United States. Sep 19, Jackie rated it it was amazing Shelves: chapter-book The book was definitely Leon's story.

This non-fiction book is told by Leon. Many chapters are sad but that is the truth and there is no denying the things that Leon went through. This will open some readers' eyes of what other children unexplainedly went through in the s. Despite the things Leon fell victim to, he maintained hopeful and positive.

May 05, Isabel rated it it was amazing Shelves: autobiography. A very telling autobiography by the son of an African-American sharecropper - for example "The white people would tell their kids that black people had no feelings" Tillage, p. Feb 06, Aries Djangmah-Yeboah rated it it was amazing. This book is absolutely wonderful. Many life lessons and morals and just touching stories. Mar 06, Damarisjoleeburke rated it it was amazing.

Jan 29, Nathan rated it it was amazing. I really like this book. It fellows Leon through life. I think kids cameras it, but it says thinks like the n word,so maybe 8th graders and higher should read this. May 13, Ktbird rated it really liked it. A kid's book, but actually a good reminder of the origin and power of peaceful marches. Dec 01, Someguy I rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-thing. He had to walk four miles to get to school for black children, and watching a school bus full of white children go past. Leon loves the movies, his dad always used it a way for him to work etc, but when he arrived at the movies they always had to sit at balcony and have poor vision of the screen.

He used too look at a mirror and shame himself for his blackness. This book is great for a young audience for them to learn how it was back then for some people. Feb 09, Ashley McMurtrey rated it it was amazing. Leon's Story by Leon Walter Tillage is an autobiography about Leon's life in the 's when racism was a huge problem.

His family were African American sharecropper's in North Carolina. He explains the horrible things he, his friends, and his family had to go through. While going through tough times, Leon watched his dad die by being run over by drunk whites while his dad and mom were walking back home with things for Leon's birthday. Leon watched day by day bad things happen to black people, a Leon's Story by Leon Walter Tillage is an autobiography about Leon's life in the 's when racism was a huge problem.

Leon watched day by day bad things happen to black people, and had many things happen to him. Even with a few whites who were generous to help, Leon helped fight for racism to stop. Theme: Working through tough times is hard, but if you persevere through it good things will happen in the end. Some ideas on how to incorporate the book into a classroom: 1.

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Follow up with discussion of reasons. Rationale: Activities focus on students' interpretation, appreciation, and respond to the texts, all of which lead students to read more and study both inside and outside of the classroom. Translate chapters into storyboards and cartoons; draw the most important scene in the chapter and explain its importance and action. Feb 15, Jenna Lattu rated it liked it.

Summary: Leon's story is written by, and all about a boy named Leon who grew up as a sharecropper with his family. Throughout the book you experience a lot of normal milestones that come with growing up for Leon, however in a completely different, and horrifying fashion. He grew up in a small town in North Carolina.

It is a story about walking to school that only had black children, and meanwhile watching a bus full of white bullies drive past. It is also about African American's battles with th Summary: Leon's story is written by, and all about a boy named Leon who grew up as a sharecropper with his family. It is also about African American's battles with the Klansmen, and worse. So much worse. Themes: Even though this book doesn't explicitly say it, a big theme that I took away from it was faith and grace. Being gracious to the people who wrong you and doing so with class.

Also family bond was a big theme. Classroom Activities: 1. There are a lot of mini characters to keep straight in this book. A great way to help the students keep them straight is to break them into groups and assign them a character. Have them list descriptive words about the character, a quote to describe their character, and then ask them to discuss the importance of that character on Leon's life.

Once they have brainstormed, give them a big piece of paper to jot all of their ideas down on paper. Hang these posters around the room for the duration of the unit so that the students can have a reminder of whose who in class discussions. Mar 06, Nancy added it Recommends it for: teenagers. Shelves: 9th-andth-grade-books. This was a truly amazing book that describes real lives and real people who went through the same pain or even worse during the 's.

It was a sad time period because many people were discriminated and killed because they were colored or different colored from white people. It's not fair for those people because they haven;t even done anything to hurt the society. For example, this book is a perfect demonstration for what this is about. This book talks about a boy named Leon Tillage. He is th This was a truly amazing book that describes real lives and real people who went through the same pain or even worse during the 's. He is the son of a sharecropper and hes young in age.

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He had to walk 4 miles to get to school while the white kids had the bus to themselves. When he went to the movie theaters he always had to site in back or on the balcony. Obviously, the white kids had more privalages than him. Leon then goes through a really tragic experience that will change his life forever. He realizes he has to fight for his own rights and he does that.

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The family becomes stronger and everything changes for them in a good and a bad way. In my opinion, i think that his is a really good book. It's a novel that expresses a lot about real life stories and things that are actually able to happen such as murders, tragics, sadness, etc It's hard to see how cruel this world is! Feb 09, Alexis Sloan rated it it was amazing Shelves: virtual-bookshelf. Leon's Story was a touching story about an African American boy Leon who grew up in the 30's.

Leon belonged to a poor, sharecropping family that worked day in and day out to survive. On top of this, this was the prime decade in which African American's had zero rights. With perseverance, determination, and hard work, Leon managed to survive and grow into a successful working man.

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This story taught me that no matter what comes my way, as long as I work hard, I can achieve anything I set my mind Leon's Story was a touching story about an African American boy Leon who grew up in the 30's. This story taught me that no matter what comes my way, as long as I work hard, I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Since it is important to introduce these critical issues to young children, I would definitely have my students read this. Because this book does have some disturbing parts, I think it would be appropriate for fifth grade and up. After my students read the book, I would have them think of a time when they were mistreated.

Afterwards, I would have them explain how they handled the situation and what the outcomes were. I remember when I was in elementary school, one of my teachers had us do this activity and I actually really enjoyed it. It makes the children think about their experience, reactions, whether or not they handled it in the correct way, and what they would do different in the future. It also teaches them a lesson on how NOT to treat others as well. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Leon Walter Tillage. Leon Walter Tillage. Trivia About Leon's Story.

No trivia or quizzes yet. On September 30th, , James Dean died in a tragic car accident on his way from Los Angeles to Salinas, where he was going to drive in a race. The death of his friend affected Jean Leon deeply. They had gotten along well, among other things because they were both young, restless men with big dreams.

Dean, who was signed with Warner Bros. He was going to invest the money needed to open the restaurant around 10, to 20, dollars , and Jean Leon would manage it. Jean Leon had already found the perfect location for their new venture, right across the street from Villa Capri.

In terms of cuisine, Jean Leon went the Mediterranean route with an emphasis on Italian. During his years waiting tables at Villa Capri, he had realized that Italian food did very well in America. He was a self-professed pioneer of the nouvelle cuisine that was all the rage in gastronomic circles in the s. Jean Leon and La Scala became so famous that bestselling romance novels written by the likes of Jackie Collins and Judith Krantz featured him as a character, and the restaurant as a setting, in their books.

Their joint restaurant venture was on hold for several months, but finally Jean Leon decided to pursue their shared dream alone. He got a hold of one of his sisters. After Jean Leon vanished without a trace for 12 years, his family thought he was dead. He explained that not only was he married and the father of two children, but also owned one of the most luxurious restaurants in Hollywood. He bought hectares of the best land in the region that year and asked Jaume Rovira, then a 21 year old enology student, to join the team of his future winery.

In , Jaume Rovira went to work at the winery, which was managed by Jean Leon and two of his brothers. Jean Leon was close friends with Marilyn Monroe , whom he had met while working as a waiter at Villa Capri.

Leon's Story

On the night of August 4th, Marilyn asked Jean Leon, her favorite restaurateur, to personally deliver a plate of pasta to her house in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Marilyn Monroe died a few hours later. The official cause of death was an overdose of sleeping pills. Jean Leon was called in by police as a witness, because he had been one of the last people to see her alive. Unofficially it was known that the two were having an affair. Later that year, Jean Leon was back in Barcelona to reunite with his mother and sisters.

He brought along his wife, Katty, and their two children. No one in either family knew of the other, with the exception of Jean Leon, of course. The terroir has rocky calcareous clay soils. To the great surprise of local winegrowers, Jean Leon replaced local cultivars with scions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay from renowned French wineries. An unprecedented decision that brought about the first Cabernet Sauvignons in Spain.