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Inheriting the crown of Macedon aged 20 in BC, he proceeded on a decade long campaign of conquest, defeating the Achaemenid Empire and overthrowing its king, Darius III, before pushing even further east to the Punjab in India.

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He formed one of the largest contiguous empires in history before his death in BC. Here are 20 facts about this classical hero. He sought to establish a federation of Greek states known as the League of Corinth, with himself as the elected hegemon leader. Philip reformed the Macedonian army into the most deadly force of the time, developing his infantry phalanx , cavalry, siege equipment and logistics system. Alexander was schooled by one of the most famous philosophers in history. Philip II hired Aristotle with the agreement that he would rebuild his home Stageria, which he had previously razed.

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The Macedonians had quite a history of assassinating those in power, and Philip was slaughtered at a wedding feast by a member of his royal bodyguard. He also put down several rebellious factions. In the Spring of BC Alexander wanted to strengthen his northern borders and sought to suppress several revolts.

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He defeated numerous tribes and states, then razed a rebellious Thebes. He then began his Asia campaign. Upon his crossing into Asia Minor in BC, Alexander was soon confronted by a Persian army that was waiting for him the other side of the Granicus river. Alexander was almost-killed in the attack that followed.

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Although they had tried to surrender, Alexander had the Greek mercenaries serving with the Persians surrounded and slaughtered. Alexander fought Darius at Issus , in modern day Syria. A Macedonian victory soon followed and Darius fled eastwards. After defeating Darius again in BC , the Persian King was overthrown and murdered by one of his satraps barons. The Achaemenid dynasty essentially died with Darius, and Alexander was now king of Persia as well as Macedon. Not satisfied with conquering Persia, Alexander had a desire to conquer all of the known world, which was widely believed to be surrounded by a ocean that surrounded India.

It would be the bloodiest part of his campaigns. Again, Alexander was victorious, but the battle was costly. He attempted to take his army across the Hyphasis Beas river, but they refused and demanded to turn back.

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Alexander acquiesced. In many of his most important and decisive victories, Alexander was significantly outnumbered. In , John Torrington perished during an expedition to find the Northwest Passage. When his corpse was exhumed years later, it was almost perfectly preserved eyes wide open, clothing intact, and limbs so flexible that moving him felt like moving someone unconscious rather than dead. The Smokey Bear Statute of is a real federal statute, complete with rules like no wisecracking in the Smokey Bear costume.

Howdy, howdy, howdy! The town of Larkhall, Scotland, hates the colour green so strongly that their Subway is painted black instead.

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Wilt Chamberlain once challenged Muhammad Ali to a boxing match. Wilt was a foot taller,60 pounds heavier, and had a 92 inch reach.

In Switzerland it is illegal to own just one guinea pig.

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When this lying got found out, it shred the nation into two camps and even resulted in a governmental crisis. Instead of cleaning up the mess, she simply left. Daily Weekly. June 13, Page 1 of 2 Previous Page Next Page.

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