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Thank you Courtney. I enjoyed this challenge to get up a bit earlier to meet with God. As you say, it needs discipline to do this but huge blessing follows. May God bless you xx.

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Courtney I absolutely am loving this study in the Psalms! By nature I am not a morning person! But I am a wanna be morning girl! I too, have struggled over the years finding the best time for my quiet time. When I do rise early, it seems as though I have so many more hours in my day. Making God my first priority by reading and meditating on His Word and prayer time, keeps Him my focus consciously or even subconsciously throughout my day.

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I feel a closeness to Him stronger than ever by reading His Word and talking to Him. I want to establish morning time with Jesus in my life as I continue this precious study of the Psalms. You are loved! I am going to work on spending a little quiet time with him in the morning, however reading Psalms and doing the SOAK will still be immediately at the end of my workday. When I feel I am more awake. I am enjoying this and getting a lot out of it. Maybe before the end I will be getting up and getting it done before work.

That would be amazing. I just wanted to say thank you for the encouragement to rise early.

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I really neede to hear this. After completing 2 30 Day Challenges with Hello Mornings Kat Lee , the daily habit of praying Psalm as soon as I open my eyes is the most consistent part of my daily time with God. Reading through Psalms along with you and my Facebook group will help me get into the Word during the week. I am easily distracted by the 4 Christian books I am currently reading.

Our start this week in the Psalms has been so instructive and inspiring. It has helped me better direct my heart and mind toward those Phil qualities. Thank you, Courtney for ALL you do! Hey everyone! I am usually a good night girl. I have little ones at home so I find the most quiet time after their bedtime. I think the thing I have noticed the most during this weeks study is that I need to fully trust God. I am also following along blogging through the Bible with this series on my blog. Hope everyone has a blessed day!


I am a morning girl, but I need more time and I need time to listen to God and pray, not just read. I like the goal of one morning getting up especially early. In the summer, it will be a little challenge to beat the sun! I have learned a lot about trusting the Lord in Psalms God takes care of us in all situations. The Psalmist gives God honor and praise and priority knowing this.

This week is my first week of trying to get up earlier so that I have that uninterrupted time with Him before I head into my day.

Isaiah 26:9

Your email address will not be published. Look at Psalm Imagine your perfect morning. How would it go? The Lord Jesus is a wonderful Person who lives in us. The goal of this time is to contact Him in our spirit , be fed by Him in His Word , enjoy Him , receive His speaking, and speak to Him. Lord Jesus, I want to contact You in my spirit to receive Your life.

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In one of her wonderful hymns, M. Our hearts become soft and open to Him.

Ephesians and 20 tell us we can be filled with the Lord in our spirit by giving thanks. Besides the many specific things in our lives we can thank the Lord for, we can also thank Him for who He is to us and what He does, as revealed in the Bible. For example:. Each morning we can confess our sins to the Lord Jesus as He makes us aware of them through our conscience.

This is very important in our fellowship with Him.

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We may care for one another but a barrier separates us that makes it hard for us to have a pleasant time. Our relationship with the Lord Jesus is even more delicate. He lives in us and knows all things. But we can confess our sins to Jesus to be forgiven and washed. The barrier is removed, and we sense peace between us and the Lord.

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We can once again fellowship freely with the Lord with a light and open heart. I listen to an Audio Bible on my phone while I read the words in a physical Bible. Saturday, July 6, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Latest News. Popular Articles.