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Log In. Don't have an account? Sign Up. I think I may buy your book as granduation presents for all his students in the future! Thanks for the witness.


My son 37 introduced me to VeggieTales and I love them. I have bought several for my granddaughter 2. When she is at our house, VeggieTales are on all day. She loves them and especially likes the songs. She always points out Bob and tells me his name. Thank you for these. I just finished reading your book and although I felt really bad for what you went through, I am glad that you have stayed strong for the Lord and have learned some lessons along the way. My daughter cries out in frustration over the delay in information. As I read through the story and then the blogs I realize that the question was truly phrased from a wordly perspective.

The Godly question. How do you measure success? In truth, we cannot see the extent of the impact now, but a message that was presented with perfect relevance in the nineties has surely impacted a generation. We gave the first Veggie Tales Christmas video to the little girl with parents from India who attended day care in NY.

Than-you God for the enormous gift you brought to the world by way of the Veggies. Please continue to bless Phil Vischer and his incredible imagination and ability to think big! Phil, thank you so much for being so real in your book. I was moved deeply by the entire story. I plan on having my 18 year old son read your book and get a truly Godly perspective before he heads off into the world.

Just stopping back at your site to check on this story again. It was sad when I first read it.

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I hope that you are not taking the criticism of these people to heart. They could not have done better, had they been in your shoes. Many of the mistakes you made were made by people in the computer industry. They have great talents. They start a company. The product sells, because the founder and employees pour their souls into it. Then, invariably, the situation becomes big, and the founders realize they lack certain business skills to deal with paperwork, etc. Said team proceeds to at least steal the soul of the companies products, if not driving the company itself into ruin.

Each of us is blessed with the ability to ask God for help, for the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, you have no control over what other people are doing, and often they are not looking to God for guidance. Your book realy churned up my emotions. I was expecting a biography and ended with up with God smacking me in the side of the head. I just finished your book this evening. Starting tomorrow I plan to toss out all my goals for ChristArt and wait on God. I have a list of tasks that I jot down during to my moring prayer time when I ask God what He wants me to focus on for that day.

The newsletter can wait, the art can wait. Phil, I just finished reading your book and was so inspired. I came to your website to read the unpublished chapter, but after registering and sighning in, the page did not show. Phil, Thank you for writing the book. I have a four year old little girl that we let watch veggie tales. It is comforting to be able to trust a series like veggie tales for our children to watch.

My friends and I have started a business and our CEO, bought your book as a required reading for the three of us. I read it in a week and I am just waiting for my other partners to finish the book. I was so moved and in awe of your humor and honesty. I pray those that worked with you have read the book and it helped relieve any strife. My partners and I get carried away thinking how our businsess will help us retire. We started the business to help children Learn the Word. And if we just break even, then that should be enough to motivate us in this ministry.

If God chooses to bless us, then that is more than we deserve. You are a very motivating person and to see how God humbled you, like he humbled Joseph, just makes me look forward to seeing how He will bless you in your future endeavors. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I believe this book will help businesses like ours stay focused on what our purpose should be. Thank you!

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Really appreciate you writing your story. I have recommended the book to my sons who are in their own businesses, too. If I may, I believe your greatest accomplishment was to make Sundays fun again for young parents who had now idea just how much was missing from their lives. Things happen. You did however achieve what you set out to do. As a father, my children now have a viable, wholesome, smart, funny and well messaged show to watch. Please keep your words and your hearts warm feelings in Veggietales.

I appreciate your courage to be honest and transparent about the events concerning your ministry. It has helped me tremendously since I first read it back in January of this year. Today, I handed the baton for my Sunday School Class to another. The Lord has asked me to bless her by giving her my props and ideas that he gave me. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I remembered your testimony so I came back here for encouragement to follow through with what he has asked me to do. I am learning, now, to focus on God and not ministry. Vischer, Lots of opinions out there.

As with any message…chew the meat, spit out the bones. Thank you Mr. Vischer for your transparency and vulnerability. I have just last night well, the early hours of this morning finished reading Me, Myself and Bob. I too have a dream which I have been holding onto tightly for more than 3 years. This morning I let myself fall. God caught me. I want to thank you over and over for allowing God to use you to bring the gift of VeggieTales to the world…nothing else makes my heart sing so much as your characters.

I feel like I know you — you have been gracious in allowing us into your life through your books and videos I have all of them. Thank you to all who walked through this time with you, may forgiveness be found and healing be abundant. God bless your cotton socks!

Well, you also had a pretty wacky HR department. The recruiter never said why he assumed this — no calls were answered. I saw the writing on the wall for Big Idea — bad infrastructure. I am shocked, and I am amazed. And I have something to say about it. You may already be there by now. With the hairbrush song at a singles bible study. We laughed so hard, we cried.

Now, my daughter, who is 2. And a day without her Veggie Tales is like a day without sunshine. All I have to do is look at my daughter to know that. What man sees as success, is not what God sees, and you know that…What God sees as success is that the ones who are willing to take a step of faith do so, and they may fall on their faces, but, they did it. Way to go!! The vision of what VeggieTales is supposed to be was lost long ago.

Too bad.

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Time to support a real Christian product. A bit naive too. Sorry, not trying to judge. My kids and grandkids love it. I do too! I know the Lord has His hand on all of you but I feel a bit sad with the outcome. Hoping you are still friends and that he is still using his God given gifts. It was great having an interview with you last week at the conference. May God continue to pour out His blessings upon all you do. I bought your book last week at Willow Creek Dupage where Bob and I have been attending for the last several months.

Last week was particularly busy for me lots of crazy stuff going on in Spring at a big high school for a social worker …but I could not WAIT to get back to your book which I started last Sunday night. It was just plain wonderful! I can identify with so much of it in terms of a family business that Bob and I tried to ressurect…the confusion, the immense sense of responsibility to those who are most loyal, the appalling fact that not all were nor had never been pulling with the same purpose in mind.

What I appreciate most is your honesty and the learnings that can be applied so specifically to my life as well. In some ways our sojourn at Willow is a time of respite and leaning back into the Everlasting Arms that we have needed desperately. Bob is reading your book now laughing outloud often! I am also going to recommend it to one of our grandsons who is making movies and has a lovely inventive mind not unlike your own.

Thank you so much for telling your truth for the benefit of so many, not the least of whom is me! God bless you and Lisa and the kids so very much. No matter what the movies and videos that you and our team have worked so hard on are out there blessing many many families! May God have all glory for your success and your triumphs!

I found your story amazing. I had no idea what Veggietales went through, but it has always been such an inspiration to me. I love your humour and I love your animation, and i have always said that if I ever became a great animator, I would hope that I could do what you have done with Veggietales. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

I think you are an incredible man of God and I know that you are going to continue to do big things and reach the world for Christ. It is going to be amazing! Phil, As I write this, there is staggered giggling coming from my husband in the next room. He is in the first chapters of the book. I giggled first too. Then I cried- probably around the part of the story where you would have cried in real-time.

I have loved the Veggies for us and the kids, but truly, your book which has been read now by my sister in law, two sisters, and a long list of their friends was exactly what I needed to read this Advent. What an amazing story about being willing to let go of everything but God. I too have had big dreams and the direct sales company that I sell through has lots of training and some of it of course talks about those darn BHAGs.

Thank you for letting all of us in so that we could grow from your experiences as well. God Bless, Cat. The list goes on. I read the book and found some of it. Then I found the best of it, and it had nothing to do with art, animation and associated whatnot. Your book came at just the right time to shake me up enough to take the next step in trusting.

Got your book for Christmas. Stayed up all night last nigth reading it cover to cover. Thanks for sharing the story and your strong faith. I once had an Internet company, sold it twice to other companies, and then watched them all die. Thanks for your inspirational story! Dear Mr. Phil Vischer, I saw on your website at ultimateveggie. There are many characters with limbs in my series Tales of the Tree People! The main characters Mars and Venus learn facts and uses from the trees in a poetic Christian manner. I am currently working on the fifth book.

Some characters include…Reverend Redwood, Weeping Wendy, Sister Sequoia and more… Please let me know if you would be interested in using them. Sincerely, Mrs. Lori E. I have a deep desire to remind you that your calling to share Good News that God himself seeks relationship with each of us and that he places tasks in our lives and burdens on our heart has been fulfilled. I can scarcely imagine the rejoicing and the grieving that must have resulted in this turn of events that was Big Idea.

Further I offer a prayer for you and praise to the Father that he continues to work in, through, and around you, and that you make yourself available to his continuing redemptive work of the whole creation. Your story is not singular. One need only turn to our childhood and the story of Moses and David to find other examples of a task that took on personal importance and a servant who was human, with all the potential failings that implies.

Your stories are captured and the wisdom of their teaching will indeed pass from this generation into the next. Who can say what creative genius you may have inspired along the way, and what families directly or indirectly you have affected in a positive way. This is the day that The Lord has made!

Rejoice and be glad for the opportunities. Keep him as the lamp unto your feet and light unto your path. Hi, Phil! It is now one of my very favorite books! I am thankful that you went out on a limb and shared this truth with all you have encountered. It is possible that this message is the more important one, the primary one that you were meant to share.

Sincerely, Joni B. I as an adult and sunday school teacher find your Veggie Tales show helpful and understanding of God stories. I really love the behind the scenes. Not only to match face with voice but to hear interesting tidbits about the movie. Keep your head up and your eyes fixed on God and no matter what hole you might fall into God with reach down pick you up and dust you off. Keep up the good work! I believe that God had a plan for you. If that was then plan God had for you you would not be where you are today.

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I, as an adult, love to watch Veggie tales. It make the understanding of the Bible simple. I a great tool for Sunday School lessions especailly year-olds. Not only does it match voices with faces it has all those little tidbits gossip if that what you want to call it about the movie. To keep it simple and short.

Keep your head up and your eyes fixed on God and now matter what hole you might fall into God will reach down pick you up and dust you off. Keep up the good work. I laughed, I cried, and I even argued with you a time or two. I continued that prayer by asking Him to continue His work in and thru you.

Phil, He has given you a gift that is not meant to be kept to yourself. In some ways, He has made you an evangelist and missionary, just like your grandfather. However, your message and mission field is just not what would be considered a traditional one, which is a good thing. This world, and His Kingdom needs people like you. This is what He created you for. I pray that you will continue to seek Him and that He will pour out blessings on you as you wait on Him and He directs your path. I look forward to seeing what new and wonderful things He will do thru you.

I was in Barnes and Noble last week, and asked for guidance on a book to read. Anyway, decided to yield to the guidance I had asked for and bought your book. I was so engrossed I finished it in a day. God spoke to me through your words. I am sure you are reaching so many people due to your willingness to be open about both your failures and successes. There are so many of us who are battered by life, but still standing. We are looking for answers and seeking direction. We also carry pain and guilt from our shortcomings and the impact on others in our lives.

Thank you, Phil, for allowing God to use you. Your humility and honesty will be a blessing far beyond what you have imagined. Thank you for showing me that the pursuit of God in my daily life is what is most important. I pray that my boys will see what I saw in your words. Hi Phil. I just finished reading your book and I cannot begin to express how I feel. I am glad and thankful that you had the courage to share your experience and to let God work in your life. How hard it is to let God control our lives when we feel in our hearts that our dream is to serve Him.

As I read your story, so many of your experiences remind me of my own. My son and I are big fans of your masterpiece and as he finished watching an episode tonight, I could not help but feel sad to know that all of that was taken from you. May God continue to bless you and your family in your pursuits. I am inspired by your faith. I pray that, one day, I may surrender my life to God as you did.

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