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A1 starts with a light melody and a catchy groove. The melody runs through the whole track and carries the feeling of the ride. A2 is a hypnotic spacewalk with the bassline being in the background - splendid for the morning hours after the big rave.

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When we walked in fields of silver

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Streaming and Download help. If you like as we walked through fields, you may also like:. System by Trevor Jackson. Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 12, All the Southern countryside is here, with a grave, stylised account of a formal meeting on a particular midsummer's morning, the heartbreak of parting tempted with a stoical optimism. Shirley Collins is the only one who calls this song The Sweet Primeroses. Martin Carthy commented in the former album's sleeve notes:. The Banks of Sweet Primroses has been described as one of the most perfect of English folk songs. It has been collected all over southern England, nearly always in forms closely approximating, or at least related to, this version.

In its idyllic setting of fresh air, flowers and green grass, it is the happiest and most optimistic song I have yet to come across. This was released on their album House Full. They recorded it again in the studio for their album Angel Delight. Their liner notes commented:. As with so many traditional songs, the earliest origin of Primroses is unknown. It was circulated on broadsides in the 19 th century. She comments:.

Mark Lusk, Songs of a Wayfarer 2. "I went this Morning over the Field"

I think I must have learned this classic of the Southern English repertoire from the singing of the Copper family. In his notes to the version in the Gardiner mss. For me, the charm of this song is in its very mystery and incompleteness, with the last verse a glorious affirmation of love and hope.

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They noted:. This lovely song is almost as popular today as it was years ago, when collectors came across it so often that some stopped noting it down! We like the idea that the guy in the song has hit on the same girl twice without realising, and that she's not prepared to stand for it! We've put a couple of verses back that she seems to have forgotten, but they can be found in other collected versions. He commented in the blog:.

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I missed out on hearing him sing sadly, but love his voice. He commented in his blog:. I found myself humming the tune to myself on an increasingly frequent basis and, since I seemed to have picked up most of the words by osmosis, decided I really ought to learn it. The words I sing are more or less as sung by the Copper Family. My tune is similar to their version too; although, as pointed out in the notes to the song in The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs a truly excellent publication—every home should have one , this is one of relatively few English folk songs which always seem to have been sung to pretty much the same tune..

Bob Askew noted:. A lovely song that was hugely popular in England. A man encounters a young woman, but is refused. Closer examination reveals the text to be complex and ambiguous. As I rode out one midsummer's morning For to view the fields and to take the air. Down by the banks of the sweet primeroses, There I beheld a most lovely fair. With three long steps I stepped up to her Not knowing her as she passed me by. I stepped up to her thinking for to view her She appeared to me like a virtuous bride.

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As I walked out on a midsummer's morning To view the field and to take the air. Down by the banks of the sweet prim-a-roses, 'Twas there I beheld a most lovely fair. Oh, what's the occasion for all your grief?