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Unexpectedly, in the middle of the service, and not in the usual order Natasha knew so well, the deacon brought out a small stool, the one he knelt on when praying on Trinity Sunday, and placed it before the doors of the sanctuary screen. Seeing this the Emperor had a plateful of biscuits brought him and began throwing them down from the balcony. With the help of a footman Tikhon brought in the bedstead and began putting it up. They've brought things to such a pass that there are no carts or anything!

It has been brought to my attention..........

As proof of this the peasant had brought from Visloukhovo a hundred rubles in notes he did not know that they were false paid to him in advance for hay. And above all," thought Prince Andrew, "one believes in him because he's Russian, despite the novel by Genlis and the French proverbs, and because his voice shook when he said: 'What they have brought us to!

The prisoners were brought down from the battery and among them was a wounded French general, whom the officers surrounded.

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Occasionally dressers ran out to fetch water, or to point out those who were to be brought in next. Napoleon had assented and had given orders that news should be brought to him of the effect those batteries produced. This letter was brought to Pierre's house when he was on the field of Borodino. In the middle of the night three soldiers, having brought some firewood, settled down near him and began lighting a fire. If they're sent out and brought back again later on it will do no harm, but as things are now one can't answer for anything.

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Every day thousands of men wounded at Borodino were brought in by the Dorogomilov gate and taken to various parts of Moscow, and thousands of carts conveyed the inhabitants and their possessions out by the other gates. Mavra Kuzminichna has sent me: they have brought some wounded here--officers. There was also much china standing on the tables, and still more was being brought in from the storeroom. That night another wounded man was driven down the Povarskaya, and Mavra Kuzminichna, who was standing at the gate, had him brought into the Rostovs' yard. When he was informed that among others awaiting him in his reception room there was a Frenchman who had brought a letter from his wife, the Countess Helene, he felt suddenly overcome by that sense of confusion and hopelessness to which he was apt to succumb.

His major-domo came in a second time to say that the Frenchman who had brought the letter from the countess was very anxious to see him if only for a minute, and that someone from Bazdeev's widow had called to ask Pierre to take charge of her husband's books, as she herself was leaving for the country. These men, who under the leadership of the tall lad were drinking in the dramshop that morning, had brought the publican some skins from the factory and for this had had drink served them. Morel, the orderly, brought some hot water in a saucepan and placed a bottle of claret in it.

He also brought a bottle of kvass, taken from the kitchen for them to try. Prince Kutuzov's adjutant has brought me a letter in which he demands police officers to guide the army to the Ryazan road. Karataev had no attachments, friendships, or love, as Pierre understood them, but loved and lived affectionately with everything life brought him in contact with, particularly with man--not any particular man, but those with whom he happened to be. When little Nicholas was brought into Prince Andrew's room he looked at his father with frightened eyes, but did not cry, because no one else was crying.

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At the Troitsa monastery they had spoken of the past, and he had told her that if he lived he would always thank God for his wound which had brought them together again, but after that they never spoke of the future. In any of these eventualities the flank march that brought salvation might have proved disastrous. Toward dawn, Count Orlov-Denisov, who had dozed off, was awakened by a deserter from the French army being brought to him. But to say that he destroyed his army because he wished to, or because he was very stupid, would be as unjust as to say that he had brought his troops to Moscow because he wished to and because he was very clever and a genius.

With regard to religion, Napoleon ordered the priests to be brought back and services to be again performed in the churches. Pierre, girt with a rope round his waist and wearing shoes Karataev had made for him from some leather a French soldier had torn off a tea chest and brought to have his boots mended with, went up to the sick man and squatted down beside him. Kutuzov replied to this letter as he had done to the one formerly brought by Lauriston, saying that there could be no question of peace.

Konovnitsyn had understood at once that the news brought was of great importance and that no time must be lost. At night he would go out for booty and always brought back French clothing and weapons, and when told to would bring in French captives also. The only effect of this incident on Tikhon was that after being wounded he seldom brought in prisoners. Would you like some? I have brought some with me, here they are"--and he showed a bag--"a hundred flints. Denisov told him of the designs the large detachments had on the transport, of the message Petya had brought , and his own replies to both generals.

The wattle wall the men had brought was set up in a semicircle by the Eighth Company as a shelter from the north, propped up by musket rests, and a campfire was built before it. The handsome young soldier who had brought the wood, setting his arms akimbo, began stamping his cold feet rapidly and deftly on the spot where he stood.

The soldiers surrounded the Frenchmen, spread a greatcoat on the ground for the sick man, and brought some buckwheat porridge and vodka for both of them. A Russian officer who had come up to the fire sent to ask his colonel whether he would not take a French officer into his hut to warm him, and when the messenger returned and said that the colonel wished the officer to be brought to him, Ramballe was told to go. There were several prisoners from the French army in Orel, and the doctor brought one of them, a young Italian, to see Pierre.

Dear MEMBER, It has been brought to my attention that your

A few minutes later the footman returned with Dessalles, who brought word from the princess that she would be very glad to see Pierre if he would excuse her want of ceremony and come upstairs to her apartment. The manager having brought the drama to a close and stripped the actor shows him to us. He alone could play on the clavichord that ecossaise his only piece to which, as he said, all possible dances could be danced, and they felt sure he had brought presents for them all. The old ladies were pleased with the presents he brought them, and especially that Natasha would now be herself again.

But best of all you have brought yourself back--for I never saw anything like it, you ought to give your wife a scolding! Once or twice Pierre was carried away and began to speak of these things, but Nicholas and Natasha always brought him back to the health of Prince Ivan and Countess Mary Alexeevna. Peasants having no clear idea of the cause of rain, say, according to whether they want rain or fine weather: "The wind has blown the clouds away," or, "The wind has brought up the clouds. Today he ordered such and such papers to be written to Vienna, to Berlin, and to Petersburg; tomorrow such and such decrees and orders to the army, the fleet, the commissariat, and so on and so on--millions of commands, which formed a whole series corresponding to a series of events which brought the French armies into Russia.

Don't forget to try the restaurant's famed desserts, brought around on a rolling cart. Dim sum plates and tea are brought around by cart, and you select whatever appeals to you. You can order rodizio style, where skewers of everything are brought to the table and sliced onto your plate for as long as you wish, or a la carte. All the meats and fish are charcoal grilled and brought to the table, where they are sliced to order. Their menu specifies which items are vegan and which are gluten free and all their seafood is fresh, brought in daily from the waters around the island.

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It was true, and it brought color to his neck, but he didn't comment. The ultra sound photo brought back a vivid memory of Alex watching the screen as the baby moved in her womb. Had fate brought her to these people who welcomed her as if she were family? He reached under the horse and tightened the cinch, which finally brought Diablo to attention. Still, if that were the case, she need not have brought up the telephone call at the table.

The smell of coffee brought Yancey back into the room a little later. Tossing the two of them into the same thought brought out the contrast. Tammy was in the back seat asleep, so she carefully unbuckled her and carried her to the house while Sarah brought in the shopping sacks. Bordeaux was watching her in a way that brought color to her cheeks again.

Each day brought them closer to the time he would be riding away permanently. He carried her about a hundred yards and then set her on her feet, slapping her backside with a sting that brought tears to her eyes. In spite of ample opportunity to talk to him about the twins, she never brought it up. The answer came to her so quickly that it brought a smile to her lips. His question brought her to the present and she glanced up sharply, warmth crawling up her neck again.

Next post: For that reason, we have no choice but to reject. It has been brought to my attention October 7, Related Sample Letters: It has recently been brought to my attention Brought to my attention today Your attention to your excellent receptionist Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter Care and attention.

Cancel reply Leave a Comment. We also most of us know not to use it in a piece of writing meant to be published.

Word to the wise: Don't use it in a job interview, either. There's a similar attraction to using the subject instead of object. Even Bill Clinton did this back in when he asked voters to give Al Gore and I [instead of me ] a chance to bring America back. Or you might say, Thanks for inviting my wife and I, or between you and I… Some linguists and grammarians have mounted vigorous and interesting defenses of this usage. However, it's still generally considered wrong and should be avoided. A word that's recently become quite popular is myself — maybe because it seems like a compromise between I and me.

But sentences like Myself and my friends went to the mall or They gave special awards to Bill and myself don't wash. Change the first to My friends and I… and the second to Bill and me. The 'dangling' conversation In a class, I once assigned students to "review" a consumer product. One student chose a bra sold by Victoria's Secret. She wrote:. Sitting in a class or dancing at the bar, the bra performed well…. Though slightly pricey, your breasts will thank you.

The two sentences are both guilty of dangling modifiers because excuse me if I'm stating the obvious , the bra did not sit in a class or dance at the bar, and "your breasts" are not slightly pricey. Danglers are inexplicably attractive, and even good writers commit this error a lot Here's a strategy for smoking these bad boys out in revision. If the result makes sense, you're good to go. If not, you have a dangler.

Dear MEMBER, It has been brought to my attention that your

So in the first sentence above, the rejiggered sentence would be:. The solution here, as it often is, is just to add a couple of words: Whether you're sitting in a class or dancing at the bar, the bra performs well. The semicolon I sometimes say that when you feel like using a semicolon, lay lie down till the urge goes away. But if you just can't resist, remember that there are really only two proper uses for this piece of punctuation. One is to separate two complete clauses a construction with a subject and verb that could stand on its own as a sentence.