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Beautiful Kitchen Knives. Stainless steel knives Please go to www. Share Facebook.

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Recommendations Given 3. Alexis Wilson from Foxwoods Resort Casino. Green Onion Pizza Restaurant. Our Answers. Rose Motif By Stieff. These pieces have been in the estate since s. They are in excellent condition showing only normal wear. The butter fork is 5. Very nice knives in very good condition. They have been polished and have a beautiful shine and pattern. The design features a raised floral pattern that covers the handle entirely.

The solid pieces are single sided, and the pieces with hollow handles are double sided. There are no monograms. The combined total weight of this lot is about grams. Sponsored Listings. Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Shop by Category. More Less.

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Brand see all. International Silver. Century Sterling. Type see all. Knife Filter Applied. Age see all. Pattern see all. Rose Filter Applied. Guaranteed Delivery see all.

How to Paint a Red Rose in Oil with a Palette Knife in only 10 minutes.

No Preference. Thin and flexible with a curved blade that measures between 5 and 7 inches, a boning knife is designed to get into small spaces to detach meat from bone. There are a few different variations here — firmer blades are better for cuts of beef, more flexible blades are better suited for chicken. A really bendy version called a filet knife is great for delicate fish. A bread knife looks like a longer, exaggerated version of a serrated utility knife.

Folding Knife

Its grooves let it slice cleanly through bread without crushing it. Bread knives can have a classic knife handle, or they might have an offset handle to keeps your knuckles from knocking the bread. Its length and very sharp edge allow precise, thin slicing of meat — especially denser, larger items like a roast. This horror-movie favorite is a large, usually rectangular knife. It has a very heavy, thick blade that narrows to a sharp edge.

The cleaver is a necessity for restaurants that prepare their own meat, but it's not considered an essential home kitchen tool though it does look cool. With a short, straight blade that's 2 to 4 inches long, a fluting knife looks like a shorter, slightly sharper-angled version of a paring knife. This one's used for delicate peeling or creating decorations. This short blade curves downward, but is not as exaggerated as a hook. The trimming knife looks like a miniature boning knife, and is usually under 3 inches long. It can handle a variety of small tasks like removing meat from bone in small areas.

If you want to get all retro and make radish roses, a trimming knife will let you do it.

Weight and blade