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Moreover, linguists are eagerly interested in studying this contact language because its historical development is precisely and accurately documented cf. M hlh usler I was part of the presentation group on Tok Pisin. Already then, my interest was raised. Thus, I was concerned with literature and information about the pidgin language before I began to write this term paper. This term paper raises the question whether and to what extent Tok Pisin gains influence in Papua New Guinea over t.

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Dutton , Romaine Suzanne Romaine. Jamaican Creole and Tok Pisin. Talk Now Tok pisin.

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Nigerian Pidgin vs. Tok Pisin Julia Burg.

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Visa fler. The history and thus the development into a creole as well as the current situation of Tok Pisin is completed with some examples of the lexicon of the creole.

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Here I laid certain emphasis on the different origins of English influence on Tok Pisin, as the social backgrounds of those who introduced the first form of the pidgin, the foreigner talk, are still reflected in the Tok Pisin vocabulary. Additionally I paid regard to the German influence on the pidgin and the linguistically changed situation under Australian administration after WWI.

This part of the essay includes a brief paragraph on the sociolinguistic conditions and the conscious use of speech acts with in the pidgin. Finally I tried to give a rather short overview on the phonological and morphological features of Tok Pisin as well as on its grammar.