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A great choice for those looking for a light read. Clean read. Labels: 3. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. All the General Authorities in Salt Lake City receive remuneration for their services to the church and from the church. A paid ministry is not unbiblical. The entire Old Testament speaks of a paid ministry as well as I Corinthians chapter 9. The true church must baptize by immersion.

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If baptism a work was necessary in order for a person to be saved, this could be a debatable subject. However, Ephesians ,9 clearly states that we are saved by grace through faith, not works such as baptism. Believers should be baptized as a testimony of their faith in Christ; however, baptism does not save. The true church must bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. Many Christian churches do practice this.

The Bible shows, however, that at times the Holy Ghost Spirit was received of men without mention of hands being laid on them. See Acts ; ; The true church must practice divine healing. Again, many Christian churches do practice this and do get results. The true church must teach that God and Jesus Christ are separate and distinct individuals.

Joseph Smith strayed from the truth when he said they were separate Gods. This conflicts with many passages such as Deut. The true church must teach that God and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bone. John claims God is a spirit lit. God is Spirit. He changed his mind later on. The officers must be called of God.

Another subjective point. All cultists believe they are called of God. The true church must claim revelation from God. Again, a subjective point. All cultists claim revelation from God.

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The true church must be a missionary church. Any Christian church that wants to see souls saved is a missionary church whether that mission field is across the ocean or across the back fence. The Mormon church holds no exclusive rights to missionary activity. The true church must be a restored church. Jesus Himself said the gates of hell would not prevail against His church Matthew History proves this.

The true church must practice baptism for the dead. The Christian church never condoned baptism for the dead. By their fruits ye shall know them. This expression is taken from Matthew , which ironically deals with judging false prophets, not churches. In examining the fruits of Joseph Smith, we find that he indeed was a false prophet. He introduced a foreign view of God, a false plan of salvation, and inaccurate predictions about future events.

If we must use this verse to examine the fruits of Mormonism, we must have an answer as to why the Mormon Church must constantly reverse its position on matters that should never change Alma Why do their leaders contradict past leaders? Why did they change their temple ceremony in when Smith claimed it came by direct revelation? Did God mess up or did Joseph Smith or was it their current leaders?

And to further expand on Mr. And the elders or high priests who are appointed to assist the bishop as counselors in all things, are to have their families supported out of the property which is consecrated to the bishop, for the good of the poor, and for other purposes, as before mentioned;. Or they are to receive a just remuneration for all their services, either a stewardship or otherwise, as may be thought best or decided by the counselors and bishop. And the bishop, also, shall receive his support, or a just remuneration for all his services in the church.

Behold, I say unto you, that it is the duty of the church to assist in supporting the families of those, and also to support the families of those who are called and must needs be sent unto the world to proclaim the gospel unto the world. One can only wonder why Floyd Weston conveniently ignored these rather glaring incongruities in his analysis.

Stratford claimed her deep involvement in Satanism led her to partake in a ritual in which her own child was sacrificed. Most critically, however, the investigation showed how Warnke could not have done the many things he claimed to have taken part in throughout the nine months he claimed to be a Satanist — including his claims to be a drug-addicted dealer or a Satanic high priest.

Warnke sent a response to Cornerstone, published in July, insisting he told the truth, stating:. Despite these assertions, Warnke did not provide the name of a single Satanist but used invectives against ex-wife Carolyn.

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In the ensuing months, Warnke conceded parts of the allegations, telling Christianity Today that there had been only 13 members of his coven, not 1, as originally claimed, and that of those 13, the whereabouts of five were unknown to him, while the other eight had since died. The reaction from the Evangelical community to this deceit and attempt at manipulative damage control was quick and impacting:. Public response was varied but was nevertheless overwhelmingly against Warnke. Initially, Word Records stated that they would stand by their artist. Finally, on September 30, , fewer than days after the investigation was made public, Warnke Ministries closed its doors.

This historic Moab LdS Church was constructed of adobe in It was built nine years after the establishment of Moab in Angus Stocks supervised the laying of the foundation and adobes. Within a few years of original construction an addition was made to the rear of the building. The church was used by the Moab Ward until , when a new church was built and this church deeded to the Grand County School District. I once saw a 42 point one that was more detailed. But according to brother Weston and I have no reason to doubt him. Its true. Yet at the same time time they still seem to be posturing for a rapid retreat and slowly backing away from it:.

Even more amusingly FAIRMormon attempts to woodshed critics of The Points by incorrectly asserting that articles like this are some kind of indirect attack on the Mormon Church via ad-hominem attacks on Floyd Weston:. Oh irony here! In reality, these concepts are totally foreign to the worldview of most non-Mormons and depend a great deal on the assumptions which one brings to such an analysis. So the fact that Mormons continue to defend it and use it as evidence in their discussions with outsiders raises some serious questions about the value of truth and integrity in Mormon Culture.

A former LdS Church building, now privately owned. Peter Jensen was the first branch president in Ovid, Utah in He later became the first Bishop of this church. Underlining added for emphasis. Or if you prefer the printed tact version, ditto. My interest piqued shortly after I left a rigorous and restrictive religion. I wanted to better understand how I had willingly allowed myself to be controlled, all the while believing and protesting loudly that I was free. These methods are deceptive and unethical, tricking the mind rather than persuading through honesty and reason.

Knowing this, I now have a very unique perspective on American politics. I can see these techniques used all the time, by politicians, media, and regular people. This is not owing to a vast conspiracy. These methods have always worked and will always continue to work, and so they perpetuate through society.

Please do not use this as a How To! I address this topic not with the intent that you try to take over the world. In instead wish to make you better able to defend yourself when your mind comes under assault. Loading a word is itself, fittingly, a mind control technique that limits thought by giving you preconceived and highly incorrect notions.

Remember this guy? In the background, hooded figures chant, and soon your eyes begin to glaze over. All the while you are helpless to resist because you are strapped to a chair. This is all complete fantasy. The great secret is that while being brainwashed you feel in complete control of yourself. Those who have been thusly persuaded never know they have been brainwashed.

Thought reform does not require physical restraint. Scientists used to think this, back in the s, when American POWs returned from Korea singing the praises of their captors. But coercive persuasion in our free society requires a little more skill. No force is required. All it takes is listening to someone who is talking.

It also requires that you trust them, at least a little bit. If they do their job right, you will go willingly. It does not involve hypnotic disks. Various levels of hypnosis, trance, and meditation are sometimes used by cult groups, but this is never, ever a requirement. No drugs, truth serums, elixirs, or magical incantations are used in brainwashing. Nor does it have anything to do with Satan. No demonic possession, summoning of evil spirits, or worshiping pagan gods is required.

Brainwashed people are not glassy-eyed, drooling zombies. Most actually appear quite normal. In fact, I would venture to say everyone ends up brainwashed to one degree or another, at some point in their lives. Our brains seem wired to accept manipulation and deception. It seems logical that humankind would have better survived those very dangerous first , years of pre-history by following a leader without question.

Thought control merely capitalizes on those build-in survival skills we are all born with. The manipulated fully believe they are making their own choices, that they are completely free to act in any way they choose. Part of this series is going to be identifying those traps, so you can avoid them in the first place. Manipulators throw out a line with some bait to see what bites. Everyone is ripe for being manipulated at some point in their lives. Someone has something to say that will appeal specifically to you.

There are a lot of mind control tricks, but not all are required. To control, you only need to do what works. Brainwashing is not total. It is possible to be partly brainwashed. You can be brainwashed about certain topics but not others. You can be brainwashed to the point of doing or believing almost everything the leader wants, but not quite. Victims of mind control can eventually be freed. Brainwashers are not creepy, bizarre, crazy, mean-spirited men who ooze evil and darkness from every pore. Images of cackling, sneering, British-accept-wielding villains were created for the drama of movie fiction, not to reflect reality.

To persuade, you must be charismatic. To convince, you must be, well… convincing. Furthermore, controlling groups or ideologies work best when believers are taught to use brainwashing techniques themselves. In almost every case, the controlled end up controlling. No one is immune from mind control. I can build up defenses, but even then I will be susceptible to it at some point. Now you know what mind control is not, which gives you an advantage over most people. As originally published on the Mormon Expression Blogs website on September 21, This article has been lightly modified from the original version for this new context.

Bon appetit! Mind catrol — ur doing it rong akshully. It takes the right combination of factors; specifically trust, common ideals, and receptivity. Pretend for a moment you are having a difficult time in your life: a recent tragedy or major transition. One day you encounter someone who is nice to you. Maybe it is someone handing out pamphlets, or speaking to a crowd. He also seems to share your values. Maybe he wants to help the poor, or he talks about the power of love, or God, or protecting animals. Imagine your greatest value, and he also shares that value with a level of passion you admire.

He invites you to a meeting or a party. Once there, you find a room full of people who say nice things to you, lifting your spirits. They are involved in a cause you wholeheartedly endorse. They take care of the sick or collect food for the poor, or educate kids about capitalism, or share the message of God to the world.

Being around these people makes you feel good. You feel as if you belong. You quickly forget your personal problems and begin spending more time with this group, working towards making the world a better place. A completely staged, totally unrealistic depiction of a typical brainwasher. Note the evil eyebrows. Slowly, you are introduced to new ideas you may not have accepted at first. Over time, more is required of you. More money, more time, more sacrifices. Your behavior is slowly restricted.

Persuasion A Latter day Tale

Now you are fairly receptive to what the leader may tell you. He will use this time to win more of your trust and make you more receptive. Now the grip tightens. The leader teaches you doctrines to instill phobias about the outside world. You learn that your group has many enemies to fear. Those enemies are not to be listened to because you will be unable to resist when they try to lead you away from the love of the group.

You are elite, one of the chosen to help save the world from political error, or one of the blessed of God. This prevents you from properly thinking about certain concepts, and from properly communicating with people outside the group. You have become dependent upon the group for your emotional well-being, and you are possibly even physically or financially dependent.

You are isolated, if not physically, then mentally, because there are many sources of information you are taught to distrust. When you think about the group and its teachings, you are filled with a sense of euphoria. Thinking about outsiders or criticisms makes you feel anger or confusion. If something is not going as promised, you blame yourself, not the group. There are no gray areas left in your world view — things are either good or evil, left or right, pure or tainted, full of life or death. You now automatically reject any criticism, no matter how valid it is.

Persuasion: A Latter Day Tale

You reject any fact that goes contrary to your beliefs, because your beliefs have become more important than reality. Certain words are now triggers that cause you to reject specific ideas before you even have a chance to hear them out. You feel yourself to be perfectly rational, far more enlightened or intelligent than those with opposing views. Yet instead, your brain has been crippled from the mind viruses you voluntarily made part of you. Jim Jones seemed like a really nice guy… till he lead people to voluntarily drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.

Win Trust Sometimes people just seem really trustworthy because they are kind, charismatic, or because everyone else also trusts and loves them. Appeal to ideals, goals, beliefs. Create a state of emotions and receptivity Once your defenses are down, there are many techniques for turning off your critical mind and putting you in an emotional state.

There you are more willing to believe anything. Emotions may include fear, anger, idealistic euphoria, camaraderie, love, or any other strong emotion. This is the point at which you become tangled in the lie and become a perpetuator of that lie using the same techniques used against you. Mind control techniques are used every day: in the news, in commercials, in political speeches, on billboards, on the radio, in forwarded emails, and in conversations. Even abusive relationships practice the same manipulative methods. We are asked to immediately reject everything we disagree with and accept everything we agree with without question.

There used to be a lot more bowing and scraping. Those prone to backtalk were usually beheaded. This process seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Our society now values free-thought, intellectual honesty, and persuasion through facts and reason, but this has not always been so.

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For most of history, mankind has blindly followed authority. Arguably, civilization might not have survived this far without these traits. Our minds seem prone to accept deceptive persuasive processes that bypass critical thinking. The tendency towards free thought was literally bred out of us. We have to risk the discomfort of cognitive dissonance , which seems ever present in the harsh light of honesty. Our very brain chemicals make us unhappy when we critically question cherished beliefs.


Conversely, coercive persuasion is a much more comfortable process, but it always involves deception. Typically such persuaders believe the lies they tell. Followers of these distortions are just repeating the program, including mind control methods, they have been taught. One thing I wanted more from her is self confidence. She seemed down on herself a lot, and a little bit too worried about her appearance at times.

I also really loved Neil. What a great guy. Reliable, strong, loyal, and fun to be around. No wonder Anne was smitten. Find out more about the author here. You can find Rebecca on Facebook and watch the book trailer. Find Cedar Fort on Facebook. My thanks to Cedar Fort for having me be part of this Blog Tour.

Rebecca Jamison says:. February 9, at AM. This Week in Mormon Literature, Feb. February 10, at PM.