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Eschaton Singer Marianne Iser and composerThomas Duda have created a gorgeous, pathetic and pretty weird piece of art, which is definetely outstanding. Frankly speaking, the best, most astonishing and exciting album in latest german releases. Wir Machen Musik Stahl Auf Meiner Brust Fur Die Liebe Sterben Freiheit Ich Will Gefuhl Mein Supermann Vergifte Mich Mama To Duli Wolfsmutter Tausend Moglichkeiten Phanomenal Auf Den 4ten Blick Konigskinder Am Bettrand Classical String- and Brassarrangements, combine roughguitars, pumping electronics and cinematic rhythm and drumattacks.

Melancholical instrumentals face angry prayersand depressive moods. The multi instrumentalist Hans Georg forms all german musical traditions in one epicoutbreach that can be directly filed under big names like Endraum, Goethes Erben, Das Ich or Lacrimosa. Breathtaking debut Die Letzten Engel Schwarzer Schnee Wenn Die Trane Fallt Stiller Frost Hier Unten.

In Der Dunkelheit. Ein Labyrinth Zwei Herzen Ceteris Paribus. In The Cinema is inspired by the horror movie classics and creates the movie soundscape feeling together with tribal rhythms. The story of the band goes back in when Antti Lautala and Henry Waldn formed a band called Varjo a shadow in English.


Varjo was influenced by gothic rock, post-punk and ambient but it differed from other gothic bands by the Finnish lyrics. At the beginning of the 21st century Varjo was the most successful gothic band with Finnish lyrics. After the third album there were changes in line-up but also a tragedy: ex-keyboard player disappeared and after a year and a half he was found dead. After those difficult times Varjo made new songs, supported New Model Army and was ready to record the fifth album. Two weeks before the studio Henry died in a fire accident and that ended the story of Varjo.

Four months after the funerals the trio recorded the last album Viimeinen nytos and it was released in January After the recordings Antti, Matthew and Jukka decided to continue with a new band name and new songs. It was also natural to change the language and write lyrics in English. Cinema Do It Right City Highrise Vultures Hive Mind Animal Room The Present Burning Car john Foxx -cover In The Sea The Ghost In Your Eyes.

Their music unites several different music styles, such as indie-rock, post rock, trip-hop and dark wave.

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It is based onemotional contrasts and complex - modern themes are wound tightly inside dark and impressionistic lyrics. Sophisticated guitars, perfected by elaborated rhythms and the impressive vocals shape Skinner Boxs very own soundscape, that drags the listener deep into another dimension, where thoughts are spelled, that most people keep for themselves, where feelings lie waste, where the true emotions are sowed. Goldfish Memory A Passage In Time O-type Paperdoll People Slow Motion. With its unique mixture of Alternative Rock, EBM, Gothic and a pinch of Metal, this album bringseach message straight to the point - and burns it into the cerebral cortex of the listener.

Catchy melodies, surprisingly conclusive and fresh arrangements are combined with an intellectual claimthat is hard to ignore Intro - Keine Panik - Paranoia - Material Mensch - Hinter Masken - Abschaum - Mensch - Dein Damon - Vorbild - Dekadenz - Reise Ohne Wiederkehr - Outro - Cruel Machine, the album, is the synthesis of an emotional journey through micro and macro cosmos, in which each song itself is a ritual journey inwards and outwards.

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Cruel Machine, the song, is the scream of an Artist, a Realist, yet a Visionary craving to steal time from the Cruel Machine, craving to be Spirit through musical instruments, because in the Spiritual World would lie an evolution, the illusion of touching eternity while feeling as nothing but stardust.

Cruel Machine Thunderstorm Sento Once Upon A Time Tormented Body The Other Side feat. Tyves Oben [place4tears] Chance Empty Halls Crucifixion Lament For The Poisoned Mother Deceiving Sacrament Your Own World Guilty The Human Museum Caress The Scar Escape Nine Killing Intimacy A Cure. Following thesuccessful re-release of "Zu spat ihr Scheisser" is the next one "Terror II" wich was released the first time in The newly remastered album impresses with a tremendously orchestral sound and includes smashers as "MeineSklavin", "Le Chien Andalou" and "Niemals mehr" which are crowd-favourites even in our days.

Meine Sklavin Eliminator La Lueur The German Beat Robots Kill The Japanese Niemals Mehr Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Seelensplitter , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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