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Lily builds a snowman, when the light shines from the house onto him he comes alive. The Snowman uses the lights to create images to tell stories to Lily. Lily's imagination allows her to bring the stories to life. As the weather warms Lily places the snowman in the freezer bringing him out each year to go on new adventures.

The Snowman

But soon Lily has other things to think about. Teaching ideas Create instructions - How to build a snow man. Therefore, it is possible that they belonged to an unknown creature — a Bigfoot. In Australia the Bigfoot is called the Yowie. It is very similar to the Bigfoot, with a height of around 2. According to legends told by the early Aboriginal people, the Yowie can be found in South-eastern, Central and Northern Australia.

The first written reports of the Yowie go back to the s, when a story about the creature appeared in an Australian newspaper. It described how several people had seen a large, ape-like animal taller than a man. In a Royal Australian Air Force helicopter landed on top of the remote Sentinel Mountain with a team of explorers.

Much to their surprise, they discovered fresh footprints in the earth. They were much larger than human footprints, in a place where no human could possibly be present. They were about 1.

Sad Story Of The Snowman

Australian scientists confirmed that about 10, years ago primitive humans lived in the Kow Swamp area north of Melbourne, and perhaps some survived. Could the Yowie be one of them? Today a special branch of science studies animals that have not yet been discovered. Cryptozoologists collect reports from people who have seen the unknown animal, create a picture of it, and then try to find it in nature.

In the past, cryptozoologists have discovered strange animals that no one believed existed, such as the pygmy hippopotamus and the giant panda.

And what about the Komodo dragon, which is 3. These animals were discovered in the twentieth century.

Lily and the snowman

Will the Abominable Snowman belong to this group of animals one day? Will we ever know what is hiding in the mountains? Tags: short stories in English with audio and text, The Abominable Snowman. Level B1 mysteries.

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