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Careful, those of you with a sweet tooth! Secret Shop at Scabellum Costs G. One-handed shield stained with the blood of fallen foes Bane. Prize in Versus Mode.

Money through saga Nishiki leather robe bag city pine (large) dark blue

One-handed shield of layered dragon scales. DEF up VS dragons. When equipped, user is transformed into a dragon. One-handed shield of Dryad, the forest nymph Earth. One-handed shield forged by the fire djinn, Efreet Fire. One-handed shield of the frost giant, Firbolg Water. One-handed shield protected by Oberon Virtue.

The Seven Heroes

One-handed shield of the thunder beast, Nue Wind. Can be given to Alphonse by Eleanor in Chapter 3. Helmet crafted from the skull of a dragon. Repels Dragon Breath and transforms wearer into a dragon. Sacred helm of Filarhh. Repels darkness Virtue. Helmet worn by a legendary sword master who defeated foes. Hat adorned with a branch from Sherwood Forest. Improves attentiveness. Armor stained in black blood and guarded by evil spirits Bane.

Delectable armor made from hardened sugar. Don't be tempted by its sweet pleasures! Dragonscale armor resistant to Dragon Breath. Transforms user into a dragon. Armor modeled after Leviathan, an enormous creature of the Oberro Sea Water. Armor fashioned from the hide of the ferocious Nathalork Earth. Johan the Mighty is a famous professional hero and champion of Tandos. Never goes anywhere without Brunt the Ogre in book 1.

Becomes an assassin in book 2. Zurthraka is the chief of the Guz'Varda Tribe of Orcs. He is determined to ensure the survival and prosperity of his tribe by turning from their warlike old ways to the new ways of manufacture and business. Asherzu is Zurthraka's eldest daughter and second child. She is also the wisest of all his children and is determined to keep the Guz'Varda Tribe on the path of the "aggressive seller".

Brunt is an Ogre mercenary, working for the Silver Talons, while also representing the interest of the Heroes' Guild. He frequently acts as the muscle of the Flinn-Brunt duo.

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The Mask is a Doppelganger, able to change his appearance to that of pretty much anyone. An old acquaintance of Gorm's. Detarr Ur'Mayan was a powerful noctomancer and necromancer, before he was slain by Johan the Mighty. However, Detarr has since come back as an undead liche with the power to raise and control the dead. Tyren Ur'Thos is a Ruskan knight-commander, who is killed during the undead attack on his town and is brought back as a revenant, becoming one of the high-ranking commanders of Detarr Ur'Mayan's undead army.

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Gorm Ingerson. The Atoner : In the second book, Gorm seeks to atone for unintentionally causing the Guz'Varda Tribe to be nearly wiped out by professional heroes. An Axe to Grind : Gorm's preferred weapon is a simple axe of Dwarven manufacture. Nothing fancy, but it's well-balanced and sturdy. And while he wouldn't mind upgrading to a Cool Sword , they're just way too expensive for him, so he usually settles for getting enchantments for the axe, which are a lot cheaper.

At Bloodroot, he purchases an even better made Orcish axe, but keeps his other axe on his belt as a backup, in case he has to throw his main one. The Berserker : Gorm used to be one. Berserkers are elite Dwarven warriors, who fly into a fury during a battle and become nigh-unstoppable. According to Gorm, the key is to have something worth fighting for. Celibate Hero : Justified, since Dwarves are a One-Gender Race and tend to be notoriously tight-lipped about how they reproduce.

In fact, like most Dwarves, he tends to get grossed out by how open the other races are about their romantic feelings for one another. The Exile : Gorm's shame has resulted in him being exiled from the Khazad'im Clan. Fallen Hero : Gorm used to be well-known among the professional heroes. Then he ran from a quest, which ended his career and got him exiled from his clan.


I Am X, Son of Y : Based on the fact that Niln refers to him several times as "Gorm, son of Inger, son of Hruxo" in his writing, we can surmise that "Ingerson" is more of a patronymic than a surname. By that token, his father was likely named Inger Hruxoson. The Leader : Gorm's role on the team, even though officially, Niln is the leader. After a while, though, Niln admits that he's tired of pretending to be a leader and just has Gorm do it full-time.

Secret Keeper : Keeps Thane's secret and grudgingly allows the Troll to discretely follow the party.

Dropped a Bridge on Him : Gorm leaves Tib'rin in Bloodroot, figuring he'd be safer among the Orcs than in the company of a professional hero. When Gorm returns to Bloodroot, he finds Tib'rin's body, as professional heroes have sacked Bloodroot. The Squire : That's Gleebek's job, although Gorm admits he's a terrible squire and even gets worse with time.

Gorm ends up having to take care of his gear himself. The Alcoholic : Kaitha has become this decades ago and has spent the last 40 years at the bottom of a bottle. She's also addicted to healing salves. Archer Archetype : Kaitha's weapon of choice is a bow.

She is deadly precise with it. She acquires a Poor Man's Quiver in a shop, so now she never runs out of enchanted arrows. Forest Ranger : Kaitha is an experienced Elven ranger and can read tracks as if they were an open book. Really Years Old : While her age is never specified, Gorm mentions that she once saved his grandfather Hruxo, when Hruxo was still a little boy.

Given that Elves are The Ageless , she could be many centuries old. Self-Harm : Being a salve-head, Kaitha regularly cuts herself and then drink a healing potion to experience the intoxicating effect of her body regenerating. Heraldin Strummons. Broken fingers and burned eyebrows have taught him to avoid trying anything with Kaitha and Laruna, respectively. The Bard : Heraldin has become a bard only recently and doesn't do much singing.

He does reveal, though, that he has always wanted to be one and only became a thief in order to pay for "bard school". However, who was I to question a god? Clenching my jaw, I held back the barrage of questions I had for hopefully a more appropriate time. Side by side, we watched the water flow. I could feel the gentle movement slowly lull me into a relaxed state. My anxiety washed away, allowing room for contentment to settle in. It was an odd feeling, maybe because it had been so long since I had been free from worry and anxiety. It was then that I noticed something in the water.

In the current, shadows danced in familiar forms. I looked closer, following the current with my gaze over and over again.

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There was definitely something there. I rubbed my eyes and then looked again. The shape of the shadows became more apparent. I leaned forward, careful not to step in the water for fear of disturbing the souls floating within. Turning his attention toward me, I saw a pale green glow light up his otherwise dark, hollow eyes. He gestured towards the water.

Look again. They are on their way to be judged and sent on to their final destination. I looked, and indeed recognized the shapes of bodies rushing with the current in the water. A smile pulled at my lips as I marveled at the sight. The water began to change before my eyes, taking on a ghostly glow, allowing the shadows to stand out. Human, sylvari, charr, asura—souls from all races and walks of life swept away to the Underworld for their judgement. A cool breeze blew in, carrying with it a bitter sense of finality. The air around me shifted and grew colder, pulling my attention away from the water and to the lands around us.

The once familiar hills and fields of Shaemoor were now gone. Stone ruins adorned with bare trees and shrubs sprawled out before us. The sun now took on a ghostly glow, illuminating everything below in its ethereal light. It was in the forefront of my mind but hidden in shadow. But then the shadow lifted and I knew where we were.

Without a word, Grenth took a step toward the water and I expected his boot to sink into the rushing stream, but it did not. Instead, the lord of death simply walked upon the water as the souls rushed along below him. He motioned for me to follow. I hesitated at first, not sure if it was simply his status as a god that prevented him from sinking. It was as solid as ice.

I followed the god of death along the river of souls, deeper into the Underworld. But with every step I took, I found myself growing more and more discontent about our meeting until the heavy weight of my questions and concerns caused me to stop in my tracks. I braced myself, mustering up the courage to say what was on my heart.

The words came out quieter than I had intended, but I know Grenth heard me because he too stopped and turned to face me. I have so many questions and all I ask for are answers. A heavy silence grew around us and immediately my heart sank and I anticipated the worst. Most would not see it as my place to demand answers from my patron deity. Gods, I barely saw it as my place to do so, but I was tired of living in shadows and secrets.

I bit my lip and waited for a response, not sure if it would come in the form of words or in a firm reminder of my place in all things. I hoped for the former. Removing his scythe, which houses most of his power, has slowed down the process. Expressing anger towards a god was probably not the best thing to do. But I need to know how.