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On the 13th and final day of the holiday, Iranians leave the house and picnic. This video — as well as some respectable Iranian news sites, Eilam Gindin said — claim the tradition is meant to recall the ancient Persians who ran away from the massacring Jews of the biblical story. Eilam Gindin insists that modern-day politicized or anti-Semitic readings of the Book of Esther do not reflect the thousands of years of historical connection between Jews and Persians. Jews in Iran today live in peace. They usually live on good terms with their neighbors. Most Iranians are not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel.

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For the last 37 years because of the political enmity, some people have been brainwashed on both sides to believe that the other side is bad. Yes, we are political enemies and there are bad people on both sides, but the nations are not enemies. Eilam Gindin has started a crowdfunding campaign to translate her book into Persian.

Ancient Jewish History: The Persians

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Jewish Links to the Holy Land. Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. Academies in Babylonia and Erez Israel. Jews of the Middle East. The Administration of Judaea. After the Exile.

Judges of Israel. Phoenicia, Phoenicians. The Age of the Patriarchs. Kedemites or Easterners. Akkadian Language. Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire. Kings of Israel. Polish Literature. Kings of Judah. Portraits of Jews. Two Kingdoms. Practice and Procedure. Ancient Jewish Cities. The Land of the Hebrews.

Architecture and Architects. The Ark of the Covenant. Leather Industry and Trade. Sefer Raza Rabba. Laws Affecting Jews CE. Baal Worship.

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Barcelona, Disputation of. Lydia, Lydian. The Return to Zion. Shimon Bar-Kochba. Bar Kochba Revolt. Ben Sira, Alphabet of. Maimonidean Controversy.

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Judges of the Bet Din. Manuscripts, Hebrew. Servi Camerae Regis. The Seven Species. The Birth and Evolution of Judaism. Shewbread or Showbread. Rulers of the Ancient Middle East. Sibyl and Sibylline Oracles. Chronicles of the Kings of Israel. Coins and Currency. Cult of Moloch.