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Women of colour running for political office in the US. The first female Sharia judge. Award-winning director and cinematographer Amber Fares is interested in diverse stories that give volume to, and develop understanding of, lesser heard voices. Her feature-length directorial debut, 'Speed Sisters' , has played at over 70 film festivals around the world, picking up multiple audience and jury awards, and 'The Judge' , on which she was cinematographer and co-producer, has just won a Peabody Award the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for broadcasting and documentaries.

Thanks to her connections with one of our League of Strangers members, we carved out some time for quick chat from her home in Brooklyn Read More. By: Clare Howdle, 9 minutes. From contentment to happiness and back again, Eavesdrop gets philosophical. Certainly something to chew over He went on to say that "she had such a charm, even before the camera, she was just like a little sweetheart. She was very confident, she showed up, shook hands with everybody, totally sweet and perky. I said 'WOW!

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With that in mind, they "tried to do the absolute minimum, which would be required to put it into a movie version". There were around crew members from Weta working on the effects for the film.

Venture into the woods to discover a story

Weta was already working on animating the creatures while the film was being shot, and Weta crew members were on-set for all the scenes that involved special effects during the filming. Weta visual effects supervisor Matt Aitken explained that process involved in interpreting the creatures was "split into two steps". The second step was to figure out animation or motion styles that best suited these creatures. Leslie's costumes in the film were designed to look as if the character "might have made some of them herself", and they were updated from those described in the book to reflect what would currently be considered eccentric.

Producer and screenwriter David L.

Twenty remarkable places of historic interest in Washington Heights and Inwood

Paterson is the novel 's author's son, and his name was featured on its dedication page. The story was based on his real-life best friend, Lisa Hill , who was struck by lightning and killed when they were both eight years old. Paterson had difficulty marketing the screenplay, mostly because of Leslie's death; "if you can believe this, I did meet with some companies that asked if I could just 'hurt' Leslie a little bit—put her in a light coma and then bring her out". The most important thing for Paterson was to keep the spirit of the book alive while finding a way to transform it from "a novel that takes place mostly in the characters' heads to a dynamic visual medium".

Paterson knew that the film had to be about friendship and imagination. He credited fellow screenwriter Jeff Stockwell for recreating Terabithia for the film. The film features a musical score by Aaron Zigman , who was hired after Alison Krauss backed out of the job. The promotion and advertising for the film was met with criticism and controversy.

The filmmakers distanced themselves from the advertising campaign for the film, saying that it was deliberately misleading and made the film seem to be about, or occurring in, a fantasy world. Critics commented on the film's misleading advertisement campaign. One critic said the film was actually "grounded in reality far more than in fantasy", [20] while another thought, "far from a computer generated escapist fantasy, this film is an unpretentious and touching tale of preteen companionship and loss". Bridge to Terabithia received positive reviews from film critics.

The site's consensus is, that the film is "a faithful adaptation of a beloved children's novel and a powerful portrayal of love, loss, and imagination through children's eyes. Dynamic visuals and natural performances further enhance the imaginative film". James Berardinelli of ReelViews called Bridge to Terabithia "easily the best family feature of the early year".

Hornaday wrote that although the final five minutes succumbed to "oversweet sentiment", viewers would remember the film's "warmth and respect with which it pays homage to first love". The reviewer praised all the leads for their strong performances, especially Deschanel and Madison. Catsoulis found the film was able to handle adult topics "with nuance and sensitivity", and being consistently smart and "delicate as a spider web", it was the kind of children's movie "rarely seen nowadays".

The dynamic duo of Hutcherson and Robb do not disappoint.

See a Problem?

Not all reviews were as positive, Claudia Puig of USA Today wrote that "for a movie about the power of imagination, Bridge to Terabithia is not as clever as you would hope". Puig called the film a "serviceable translation" of the novel, but thought the adult characters were caricatured. Puig found the real-life portions of the movie were "derivative and simplistic", but found Jess's emotional tumult felt "powerfully authentic, and this is where the film finds its truth and soul".

Morgenstern was disappointed with the performances by the young members of the cast, which he described as "appealing but unpolished". Bridge to Terabithia was nominated for seven awards, of which it won five. Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb, the actors who portrayed Jesse and Leslie, have in fact been good friends in real life ever since the making of this film in This is revealed by their respective IMDB pages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bridge to Terabithia Theatrical release poster. David L. Paterson Lauren Levine Hal Lieberman.

Walt Disney Pictures Walden Media [1]. Buena Vista Pictures Distribution. Aaron Zigman. American Film Institute. Retrieved February 26, Movie Jungle. Archived from the original on April 3, Retrieved April 27, The Numbers. Nash Information Services. Retrieved July 26, Animation World Network. Archived from the original on December 23, Retrieved April 29, Walden Media. Archived from the original on March 26, Retrieved April 25, Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved December 2, Computer Graphics World. Retrieved April 30, The highest point on Manhattan Island was, unsurprisingly, also the site of Fort Washington, a Revolutionary War fort.

Nothing remains of it; the spot, now surrounded by apartment buildings, instead holds Bennett Park today, named for news paper publisher James Gordon Bennett, Sr. A decorative cannon still adorning the park is a stern reminder of the day, November 16, , when the fort fell into British hands. In Mother Frances Cabrini, who founded hospitals and orphanages throughout the United States, bought a remote piece of property on Fort Washington Avenue and founded a high school here. When she died in , her remains were kept in the high school chapel.

But her canonization in required a larger quarters for visitors and she was moved to this newly constructed shrine in July 13, her birthday, would be a special time to visit. Curiously, the name refers to Sir William Tryon — , one of the last governors of the Province of New York, who led British forces to burn and plunder civilian outposts throughout New England during the Revolutionary War.

He was a debonair monster. And yet the name has, by tradition, stuck. The Cloisters is an offshoot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, specializes in medieval European treasures and is filled with spectacular examples of Middle Ages paintings, reliquaries, tapestries, and tombs.


But nearly as amazing as its collection is the actual museum structure itself, its walls, corridors, and apses cobbled together from five European holy sites and cloisters. They were brought over, stone by stone, in an ambitious scavenger hunt that could only have been the pet project of one of the richest New Yorkers who ever lived: John D.

Rockefeller, Jr. Not all of the surviving Colonial-era homes in New York are elegant mansions.

Deep Woods, Wild Waters — University of Minnesota Press

However, it could not be farther from an actual farm today, as it is boxed in by apartment buildings and locked into place by the traffic of Broadway. Two additional features set it apart from the urban reality that surrounds it: 1 It has a backyard, blooming with flowers, and 2 that backyard also has rugged Hessian barracks. The excavated hut—thrillingly rebuilt in , when the home became a museum—predates the house.

As the year unfolds, Hoffmeister will be creating additional works placed throughout the house, creating a dialogue between his studio practice and research in our archives. This extraordinarily peaceful spot also has deep Revolutionary roots but it also has a unique connection to another aspect of Inwood history. Until the early 20th century, mansions of elite New Yorkers dotted this rugged landscape, and it was on this exact spot that banker William Bradley Isham built a summer home.

My Journey Into the Woods: What Stephen Sondheim Taught Me About Conceiving a Child

Believe it or not, the home and many surrounding structures were actually a part of the park when it opened in the s. Parks commissioner Robert Moses had these structures ripped down in the s.

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  • Isham Street and Seaman Avenue. Who knows what ancient secrets lurk along the banks of the Spuyten Duyvil? Nearly years ago, in , next to a tulip tree here, Peter Minuit, the director-general of New Amsterdam, reportedly purchased the island from the Lenape for a grand total of 60 guilders. Today you can find the location of the old tulip tree near a boulder named Shorakkopoch Rock. Payson Avenue and Seaman Avenue.