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Each figure standing at over 2. The polished mirrored profiles constantly alter in appearance as the light and weather changes throughout the day.

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The mirrored surfaces are slightly distorted, this was intentional as Rob wanted to create a more interesting reflection and to invite the viewer to look into this altered image of their surroundings in a new way. In essence the figures stand passively absorbing and reflecting the people and day to day life of the town, capturing and momentarily recording the constant flow of daily life.

His work at the Loch Ard Sculpture Trail was launched in , where a series of eight sculptures represented the links in the natural food chain of the forest.

Van Allen Plexico's SENTINELS

The project was commissioned by Forestry Commission Scotland and has proved hugely popular with visitors to the National Park. In addition to these specifics, Bolivar Trask stated the Sentinels carry the aeronautic capabilities of a Harrier jet, armed with guns that can fire off more than rounds per minute of thermoceramic ammunition.

As Trask Industries advanced the template for the Sentinels over the years from Mark I to Mark IX, the Sentinels became highly weaponized and largely changed in physical design, becoming jet-black in color with huge, heat emitters. They also became, as a result of Trask Industries extrapolating Mystique's mutant ability, able to counter mutant abilities with complementary attacks that would render them powerless. Mystique shoots Trask in revenge for the murders he has committed of mutants while creating the Sentinels, not knowing the future this will create.

A Sentinel briefly appears during a training session in the Danger Room. After Colossus launches Wolverine into the air, he cuts off the head of the Sentinel with his claws. The head falls through the air and lands in front of the X-Men. It is later revealed to have been an interactive hologram.

In a dystopian , the Sentinels hunt down mutants in a war that has also wiped out most of humanity and left only the worst of humanity left to rule the world. These Sentinels have been created using Mystique 's DNA which gives them the ability to adapt to mutant powers and even use some. If you lament that they don't make them like they used to, give Van's world of heroes and villains a try.

They are like nothing in heroic fiction ever done before.

Sentinel (comics)

It captures the essence of comic book adventures Containing books , and with all of Chris Kohler's awesome original full-page illustrations. Battling alongside humans, aliens and androids, she will come to understand just how much is required of someone who wishes to be called a hero New Anniversary Edition Updated Paperback! Order for the Kindle here! But then the giant, adapting robot attacked. And the alien warships landed in his back yard.

And then things got really crazy.


At least he has a beautiful alien warrior woman at his side Novel Volume 3: Apocalypse Rising Menaced by super-powered villains, trans-dimensional warlords, and alien invasion fleets, the Earth cries out for its heroes. But the Sentinels have vanished!

Now Pulsar stands alone, down but not defeated, and determined to rescue her teammates Order the paperback from Amazon. Standing in the way: Ultraa, Pulsar, and a motley collection of heroes-- and villains -- who must overcome their old rivalries and work together, if Earth is to have any chance at all.

Supervillain Origins: The Sentinels and Bolivar Trask