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That the Jews are, and have been, traitors … 3. How the Jews came to be disdained and humbled … 4. How the Jews are persecutors of our Holy Catholic Faith … 5. That those who favour Jews because of the benefit that they receive in return will never come to a good end. Nor will they prosper with them … 6. Why the Jews should not be trusted, nor should any faith be placed in their deeds … 7. Regarding the anxiety with which the Jews await the coming of the Messiah … 8.

How the Jews, wherever they may be, stick together and form a Mystical Body … 9. Why they were called Hebrews, Israelites and Jews and why and how, in ancient times, they came to be called Marranos … How the Jews, in addition to being opposed to our Holy Faith, are our mortal enemies … Regarding the signs by which Divine Providence differentiates the Jews … How the Jews are restless, vainglorious and seditious and ordinarily sow discord wherever they are … Le aziende agrituristiche in Italia , Roma.

The American Journal of Sociology. New York: Schocken Books. An etnographic examination of constructive authenticity in Victoria Falls tourist restaurant experiences.

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International Journal of Hospitality Management. Ecotourism and mass tourism in Southern Thailand: Spatial interdependence, structural connections, and staged authenticity. GeoJournal 61 1 , Land Use Policy. Authenticity as a Concept in Tourism Research. Tourist Studies 2 2 , A typology for defining agritourism. Tourism Management. Reconceputalizing object authenticity. Annals of Tourism Research 33 1 , Rural tourism: a sustainable alternative.

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Applied Energy 88 2 , Authenticity in mature seaside resorts. Annals of Tourism Research. Rural Tourism. A spiritual experience. Authenticity and Sincerity in Tourism.

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Annals of Tourism Research 28 1 , Tourism Management 33 1 , In Onesti, T. Milano: Franco Angeli. Consuming Heritage. Perceived Historical Authenticity. Annals of Tourism Research 27 4 , Seeking the Real Spain? Authenticity and Motivation. Annals of Tourism Research 26 1 , Rethinking authenticity in tourism experience, in Annals of Tourism Research 26 2 , It failed after three performances, and was not seen again for many years.

Roles Role Voice type Interpreter at premiere September 3, Lattanzio Lattrughelli, primo buffo and director of a company of singers basso buffo Carlo Casaccia Aurelia, his wife, prima donna and lead actress soprano Teresa Melas Ortensio Franceschetti, a colonel bass Giuseppe Fioravanti Edoardo, a ca. Filadelfo Mugnos — May 28, was an Italian historian, genealogist, poet and man of letters.

He obtained a doctorate in Law at the University of Catania. Filadelfo Mugnos died in Palermo on 28 May It was a diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. Autenti was a civitas of the Roman province of Byzacena, the ruins of which are situated between Sbeitla and Thyna in modern Tunisia. Hortensius was among the Catholic bishops summoned to Carthage in by Vandal king Huneric. This is a list of the members of the 10th legislature of the Italian Senate that were elected in the general election. The legislature met from 2 July to 22 April This is a list of the members of the 11th legislature of the Italian Senate that were elected on the general election.

The legislature met from 23 April to 14 April Ariano Irpino formerly Ariano di Puglia or simply Ariano is an Italian town and municipality in the province of Avellino, in the Campania region. With a population of 22, ,[3] it is the second-largest town of the Irpinia district and the province, with Avellino itself being the largest. From to it was known as Ariano di Puglia. Irpinia is the name given to the area of the Apennine Mountains around Avellino and Benevento; the name derives from the Oscan word hirpus, meaning w.

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Federico Barocci c. His original name was Federico Fiori, and he was nicknamed Il Baroccio. His work was highly esteemed and influential, and foreshadows the Baroque of Rubens. He was born at Urbino, Duchy of Urbino, and received his earliest apprenticeship with his father, Ambrogio Barocci, a sculptor of some local eminence.

He was then apprenticed with the painter Battista Franco in Urbino. He accompanied his uncle, Bartolomeo Genga to Pesaro, then in to Rome, where he was worked in the pre-eminent studio of the day, that of the Mannerist painters, Taddeo and Federico Zuccari. Mature work in Rome and Urbino After passing four years at Rome, he returned to his native city, where his first work of art was a St.

Margaret executed for the Confraternity of the Holy Sacrament. This is a list of the members of the 12th legislature of the Italian Senate that were elected in the general election. The legislature met from 15 April to 8 May Below is a list of Italian Ministers of University and Research from to From to and since the office has been incorporated with the office of Minister of Public Education into the office of Minister of Education, Universities and Research.

History Under Diocletian, according to the local legend, Christians with their bishop, whose name is unknown, were burned alive in their church.

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  4. Bassianus, the patron of the city of Lodi, was certainly bishop in In Bertucci was in Rome where he received Pope's order to catch and kill Marco Sciarra, the leader of rebels, which he did in April James's Hall, Liverpool, on 15 June It was part of a series of operatic burlesques and other broad comic pieces that Gilbert wrote in the late s near the beginning of his playwriting career. It was modestly successful and introduced some themes and satiric techniques that Gilbert would later employ in his famous Savoy operas. Since the foundation of Forza Italia in , it was the first time that supporters of Christian democracy, which is by far the largest ideological tendency within the party, set up a nationally-organized faction.

    That was the result of the growing influence of liberals some of them gathered in Popular Liberalism and social democrats organized in four groups: We Blue Reformers, Young Italy, Free Foundation and the Circles of Reformist Initiative in party ranks over Christian democrats, who constitute an overwhelmingly although not organized majority.

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    This is a list of the members of the 13th legislature of the Italian Senate that were elected on the general election. The legislature met from 9 May to 29 May Marie de Romieu was a 16th-century French poet from Viviers, France. Although her exact date of birth is unknown, she was most likely born between and , and died around Like her origins, most of her life remains a mystery. She is mostly known for her poetic discourse on the superiority of women, as well as an attributed French translation of a work by Italian author Alessandro Piccolomini, which provided behavioral and societal instructions for young ladies and their mothers.

    Background Besides her place of birth, not much else is known about de Romieu; her occupation, education and background vary according to the source. Some sources place her as a noblewoman who frequented the French court, even naming her as a favorite lover of King Henry III. She had a brother, Jacques de Romieu, also a poet, who was her publisher and mentor. French author and archivist Auguste Le Sourd claims the family was composed o. In that year, the Diocese of Ferentino was united into the Diocese of Veroli-Frosinone; which was the name of the historic Diocese of Veroli from It is immediately subject to the Holy See.

    History Veroli was only fifty-two miles from Rome, and therefore an excellent benefice for a prelate who was employed in the Roman Curia.

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    He is sometimes confused with Johannes Jan or Johan Baethen, a printer active in Leuven and Cologne between and , who was likely his brother. Jacob was active in Leuven, Maastricht and Dusseldorf.

    He is mainly remembered for his publication of the so-called Maastricht songbook of , which is one of only five surviving song books in the Dutch language from the 16th century. He parents were Arnold Bathen and Marie Stroots. He had two brothers named Johan or Jan who was possibly also a. Orlando generoso topic Orlando generoso is the [1] fourth opera of Agostino Steffani to a libretto by Ortensio Mauro after Ariosto's Orlando furioso.

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    After receiving instruction from Johann Kaspar Kerll, in whose charge he lived, Steffani was sent in to study in Rome, where Ercole Bernabei was his master, and among other works he composed six motets, the origi Folders related to Agostino Steffani: Italian Baroque composers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Encyclopaedia Britannica articles with no Henrico Leone topic Title page of the libretto published in Henrico Leone also Enrico Leone is an opera dramma per musica in three acts composed by Agostino Steffani to an Italian libretto by Ortensio Mauro.

    The work's charm and lightness of touch make it at t Folders related to Alessandro opera : Operas set in antiquity Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Operas set in Greece Revolvy Brain revolvybrain operas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Lucrezia Gonzaga topic Lucrezia Gonzaga di Gazzuolo — 11 February was an Italian noblewoman known for her literary talents, and her association with Matteo Bandello.

    Zecchino topic Zecchino may refer to: Zecchino or sequin, an ancient coin Zecchino d'Oro, an Italian music festival Ortensio Zecchino, an Italian historian and politician. Adoxography topic Adoxography is elegant or refined writing that addresses a trivial or base subject.

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    Among the best known and most influential examples Folders related to Adoxography: Rhetoric Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. List of members of the European Parliament for Italy, —84 topic This is a list of the 81 members of the European Parliament for Italy in the to session.