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Challenges for the treatment of valvular heart disease include the growing need for effective yet less invasive interventions and therapies to treat these progressive conditions. With the development of potential new treatments, it is crucial for cardiac physicians to be well informed on the pathophysiology, assessment, treatment options and their outcomes of valvular diseases.

Cleveland Clinic | Contemporary Management of Valvular Disease: Diagnosis, Imaging and Intervention

Written by a highly experienced and internationally recognized group of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and researchers, Valvular Heart Disease offers insights into the widely varying hemodynamic effects and clinical course of heart valve conditions, as well as the contemporary management of these conditions. Offering a broad perspective on these diseases, Valvular Heart Disease expands on the recent guidelines developed by the major heart societies in the United State and Europe.

This book is geared toward cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and physicians in training involved in the diagnosis and management of valvular heart disease. Both black-and-white and color illustrations include hemodynamic tracings and echocardiographic and pathologic images.

Cardiovascular Health Promotion: Contemporary Approaches to Prevention

This is an easy to read, comprehensive, and up-to-date resource for physicians involved in the management of patients with valvular heart disease. The books reads easily. All aspects of valvular heart disease are covered widely. For everyone involved in caring for valvular heart disease patients this book offers a broad perspective. Help Centre.

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Valvular Heart Disease

Valvular Heart Disease Contemporary Cardiology. Molecular Biology of Valvular Heart Disease. Valvular Heart Disease Cardiovascular Medicine. This program is designed to bring together cardiologists, surgeons and other healthcare providers to review and analyze new research and technical advances and assesses their potential impact on clinical practice.


Register Now. Contemporary Management of Valvular Disease: Diagnosis, Imaging and Intervention Course Description The diagnosis, imaging, and treatment of heart valve disease is constantly evolving, highlighted by innovations in techniques, devices, and imaging.

Understanding Heart Murmurs, Aortic and Mitral Valve Problems

Present the pros and cons of mitral valve repair vs replacement, techniques, and minimally invasive approaches. Describe the decision-making approach to the management of functional mitral valves including whether to repair or replace. Demonstrate knowledge of most recent technologies and techniques for transcatheter repair and replacement of valves.